5 Social Media Marketing Tips for MSME Actors

5 Social Media Marketing Tips for MSME Actors

5 Social Media Marketing Tips for MSME Actors

Netgenz - Business | With the current COVID-19 outbreak, various diseases that afflict negative impacts are felt. Like the economic sector in Indonesia which is getting worse.

But in reviving the archipelago's economy, there is a role for MSMEs that have influence as an important pillar in the economic field. Even Kominfo also provides support through MSMEs Go Online.

For MSME actors who move to digital, of course, it takes time to adjust and choose the best steps to promote their MSME products. You can use social media as one of the media for product promotion. But, you certainly need guidance when doing social media so that it doesn't happen in nature.

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Here are 5 Social Media Marketing Tips for MSME Actors

1. Define business goals clearly

Before starting social media marketing more deeply, you need to understand and know the direction of the business you are going through clearly and in detail.

For example, you need to conduct a social media campaign that aims to increase brand awareness of the products you sell to the public. In addition, determine the direction of the market for the product you are selling and the strength of how many products will be sold to how big the lovers of the product will be.

2. Determine the target market of the product you are selling

In deepening social media marketing, you need to determine the right target market and according to the target. Because every effort achieved by MSME actors or business actors must have a certain and different target market.

You can collect information in determining your target markets, such as location, gender, age, and others. This information is really useful for creating content so that potential consumers are interested in the products you sell.

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3. Choose the appropriate platform

There are various types of social media bases that you can get on the internet to sell. But you have to choose the same base accordingly so as not to waste time.

You can choose based on the target market you have set initially. For example, if your target market is young people, then you can choose social media such as Twitter or Instagram. If your target market is parents, then it's more appropriate to choose Facebook.

4. Create attractive advertisements for consumers

after knowing the direction, target market, and determination of social media; You need to create prospective ads for your potential customers. Strive for ads that are made to display visuals that increase impact for multiple audiences.

You can do research beforehand on many things that are trendy or modern so that you can choose which ones through your products and placed them in the content to create ads.

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5. Use hashtags to make it easier for consumers to search for goods

Nach, one of the most important aspects of social media marketing is the use of hashtags or hashtags. Generally, social media such as Instagram or Twitter provide features using hashtags to make it easier to meet potential customers who are looking for the expected goods.

You can also create a unique hashtag so that it becomes the uniqueness of your brand so that customers increase more than your product.

If you are just moving to digital, you need to write all the guidelines that have been mentioned, then apply them on the social media that you specify. That way, the activity promo will run more smoothly and you won't know what you're doing.

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