5 Print on Demand Business Facts

5 Print on Demand Business Facts

5 Print on Demand Business Facts

Netgenz - Business | We can earn dollars every day. You don't have to go abroad, you can also work with flexible working hours, wherever you want, and you can earn a side income at the same time. You do this by doing Print on Demand business on foreign sites.

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Here are 5 Print on Demand Business Facts

1. What is Print on Demand like?

What is Print on Demand like?

Online Shopping Illustration

In the Print on Demand business, we work together with product suppliers to produce the same goods according to our own designs. We work to create product designs and market them on various bases. And the supplier will handle the mechanism of production, packaging, and transportation.

As the name implies, each item will be made after there is an order. So, each item is actually a pre-order character. It is not strange that the transportation of goods also generally takes longer than mass-produced goods. However, Print on Demand products is generally not marketed. Therefore, every year the number of product purchases is increasing.

To start a Print on Demand business, we can join an e-commerce base such as Amazon or eBay. Also can be incorporated with Print on Demand bases like Redbubble, Spring, Zazzle, and many others. Or we can also create our own bases such as web, social media, and our own marketing channels.

2. Examples of Print on Demand products

Examples of Print on Demand products

Illustration of Print on Demand Product Example - Plain T-shirt

Indeed, what products can be made Print on Demand? Today there are many options that various sites provide. Starting from well-known types of products such as t-shirts, jackets, hats, to products such as wall clocks, mugs, or sticky stickers.

With only one design, we can implement it on several dozen types of products. In fact, many platforms have provided various color options very easily to consumers. For fashion products, the size options are also very diverse. It can be thought that there are so many product variations that exist with just one design.

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3. Advantages of doing business Print on Demand

Advantages of doing business Print on Demand

Illustration weighing options

Print on Request is an efficient solution for those of us who are just starting out in this kind of business. There are some advantages:

Little risk. We don't need initial investments such as stocking goods, renting space, and attracting employees. Production and storage costs can also be kept to a minimum.

Get a side income. We need to make an effort to make the initial design and this design can be marketed later without any restrictions. As long as there are orders and the base is still running, each seller can earn revenue from each product that sells.

Could be a sideline. Because there are no demanding hours and workplaces, Print on Demand is a great source of additional income.

4. Disadvantages of doing business Print on Demand

Disadvantages of doing business Print on Demand

Illustration of a discussion in front of a laptop

However, there are definitely many drawbacks that are important to pay attention to before we start Printing on Request.

Profit margins are relatively thin. Production costs are definitely more expensive than mass production. Meanwhile, the price cannot be too high through other similar products.

Cannot manage product quality. Because production is fully assigned to the supplier, we cannot control the production process and system. In fact, it can be so that we never see the product in the end.

Business continuity and operations depend on outside factions. Because many factors such as production and marketing sites are given to outsiders. Often we are the ones who need to adjust each time the rules change from the 3rd faction.

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5. Many choices of platforms to build a Print on Demand business

Many choices of platforms to build a Print on Demand business

Illustration of choosing online options

Now there is more Print on Demand sites that can provide marketing and transportation services to many countries. Each site has its own advantages and disadvantages. Starting from the quality of the product, the variety prepared, the control from the brand owner, and many other comparisons.

Merch by Amazon has become a favorite base because of the large number of visitors on the Amazon website every day. Product design is also relatively easy because we focus on making product designs and prices only. But to join, we need a special invitation. Should not be discouraged if it is not accepted, because there are many other such alternatives. For example Redbubble, Spring, Zazzle, and others.

There are bases like Printful and Printify where we can take a bigger role. For example, such as choosing a supplier for each product, selling it on e-commerce options, and handling customer service.

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