5 Mysteries of the Ocean that Science is Trying to Solve

5 Mysteries of the Ocean that Science is Trying to Solve

5 Mysteries of the Ocean that Science is Trying to Solve

Netgenz - Science | The oceans or oceans on Earth are the areas that cover the majority of our earth's surface. Yep, about 71% of all the Earth's surface is divided into water and oceans. Because the zone is so wide and deep, some experts agree that exploiting Earth's waters is more difficult than exploring into space.

Nach, did you know that the ocean is the most mysterious place on Earth? In fact, there is some mystique there that science cannot unravel. However, some researchers attempt to explain the mystique of the ocean. Are you curious about some of those things? Yok, read the following explanation.

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Here are 5 Mysteries of the Ocean that Science is Trying to Solve

1. Life in the deepest sea

Life in the deepest sea

Illustration of Earth's deepest trench exploration

Until now, the Mariana Trench is still seen as the bottom of the deepest ocean on Earth. According to the United States Department of Oceanography, the average depth of the world's oceans is 12,000 feet or 3,600 meters. Nach, antique, there is one of the deepest sides on Earth called the Challenger Deep and is under the Pacific Ocean. The zone is right at the bottom end of the Mariana Trench with a depth of 11,000 meters.

Well, human technology still says that the trench is the deepest ocean zone. The question is, what kind of complex life was there? Only a few can be obtained, such as snailfish, amphipods, and ancient sea cucumbers. The bottom of the Mariana Trench is believed to be a zone that should be able to open natural history records regarding the Earth in the past billions of years.

2. Anomalies in the Baltic Sea

Anomalies in the Baltic Sea

Illustration of waves in the middle of the sea

Quoted by How Stuff Works, several researchers, and geologists from the Stokholm Campus made a thesis saying that all mysterious objects under the Baltic Sea were ordinary natural events. They explain that some of the objects at the bottom of the ocean are rocks created in glacial basins whose antiques are similar to those made by humans.

Nach, oddly enough, does not entirely agree with that opinion. Some say it is a Nazi military base, some say that the building scheme is a UFO that was lost on Earth in ancient times. Some mystery irregularities often occur there, where there are witnesses who say if there is an electromagnetic problem on their ship.

Researchers seem to still agree that similar man-made rocks are ancient rocks that were actually created that way. Unfortunately, this confession also cannot explain the number of mystery irregularities that exist in the Baltic Sea.

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3. Japanese Atlantis

Japanese Atlantis

City Buildings under the Sea of Japan

A researcher and marine expert from Japan named Masaaki Kimura once explained that what was found under the East China Sea was a legacy from an ancient city. Yes, he explained that this special building in the sea is strong evidence of Japanese civilization that was immersed 2 thousand years ago, as quoted by National Geographic.

Nach, in fact, Kimura's confession has invited pros and cons to Western historians in general. Robert Schoch, a professor of science from the Boston Campus, says the opposite. For him, the city or monument that is in the waters of Yonaguni is a natural rock structure that was created in such a way since ancient times.

Now, the special scheme is named the Yonaguni Monument because it is on the sea off Yonaguni in the Ryukyu Islands, Japan. Until now, there are still two major opinions that are mutually contradictory. Some researchers say that the Yonaguni Monument is an ancient city, some explain that the event was nothing more than an ordinary natural event.

4. The life of giant organisms in the ocean

The life of giant organisms in the ocean

Illustration of the ancestors of the shark

There are so many dogmas and legends of the ruler of the ocean that have been told since hundreds of years ago. The problem is, there is not a single valid evidence that can verify the truth of the narrative. However, science has an answer for all of that. Yes, some large organisms in the oceans did exist and they could have been very massive in prehistoric times.

Megalodon which is seen as the ancestor of sharks is predicted to have disappeared. Then, some squid has a size of 13 meters. indeed been found. Currently, the largest animals that are often found in the ocean are whale mammals, for example, the blue whale with a length of 30 meters. and weighs 200 tons. Besides that, no other sea "monster" has ever been found with the same massive size.

Some ancient species such as jellyfish, nautilus, coelacanth fish, and pygmy whales are still in the ocean. But, sadly, some of these species are on the verge of extinction. Nach, are you sure about the presence of ancient giant organisms in the ocean?

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5. The Bermuda Triangle Debate

The Bermuda Triangle Debate

Illustration of big waves in the ocean

Talking about the mystical oceans on Earth certainly cannot be separated from the pros and cons of the Bermuda Triangle. That said, there are some strange deviations that science cannot explain. The disappearance of several ships and planes since time immemorial seems to be true evidence that the zone in the Atlantic Ocean is scary and mysterious.

As it turns out, science has an answer that could explain the strange deviation there. What is clear, the Bermuda Triangle is not a secret military base and also opens an alien nest. According to science, the Bermuda Triangle area is actually the same as other ocean zones. There was a storm that was capable of generating a tremendous tsunami in the middle of the ocean. Then, there are also risky cloud groups that can disrupt flights.

The number and triggers of ship accidents in the Bermuda Triangle tend to be exaggerated by the media. In fact, the majority of the events have been exposed clearly. Antique, until this moment, the Bermuda Triangle has always been the subject of discussion by those who like a conspiracy or mystical theories on Earth.

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