5 Interior Design Inspirations with Corkboard

5 Interior Design Inspirations with Corkboard

5 Interior Design Inspirations with Corkboard

Netgenz - Netizen buzz Education | According to Merriam-Webster, the corkboard is a heat separator from a compressed granular cork. This also makes the corkboard an environmentally friendly decoration material that can be renewed and recycled.

Not only that, but the appearance is also neutral so it looks beautiful when applied in various design styles. You can see some design ideas with corkboards that became ideas in the favorite room below.

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Here are 5 Interior Design Inspirations with Corkboard

1. DIY a map from a corkboard

You and your loved ones can think about what exploration to do when the plague is over. Yes, planning a trip will be fun if you are equipped with a variety of DIY equipment such as a corkboard map.

Yok, make a vacation map with a corkboard and some photos of recreational sports in the country you want to visit. Eit, apart from being a map, apparently this DIY point is interesting as a display, right?

2. Furniture from the corkboard

Furniture, such as sofas, chairs, and even table surfaces can use a corkboard, you know. This surface with a natural structure with a warm color can create an uplifting situation for the wearer.

You can't be afraid that this material will be destroyed, you know. Although made of cork, corkboard is a material that is strong against shocks or scratches. Soft material can also make pets feel at home playing on it, you know.

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3. Home appliances from the corkboard

Tool designers also like to use corkboards because the material is considered economical, durable, and non-toxic. Utensils, such as coasters, vases, and pots can use this material.

A unique and natural surface with a warm color will definitely bring a happy impression to its users. Nach, do you already have household utensils from the corkboard?

4. Eco-friendly children's room design

Corkboard is the ideal material for a child's room because of its softness and strength to resist injury to the little one. You can apply this eco-friendly material to information boards and photo frames.

Save the picture or painting created by the child in the photo frame. Don't forget to add a few bright color pillow points so the child will feel more at home.

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5. Beautiful wall protector

Appearing different in a light appearance can make you not bored at home. One of them is by lining the walls of the room with a corkboard. Because it is made of cork, corkboard is considered a water-resistant material.

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Then you can use it as a bathroom wall protection. Don't forget to add mirrors and greenery to make the space even more beautiful. Apparently, the corkboard can be used as a variety of room interior decorations, yes. Nach, what ideas do you have for this starting room?

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