5 Benefits of Google Ads for Your Business

5 Benefits of Google Ads for Your Business

5 Benefits of Google Ads for Your Business

Netgenz - Business | Currently one of the most efficient online advertising systems using Google Ads. Advertising through Google Ads is the choice of many online business people when doing their promotions online. To place ads through Google Ads, several online businesses can work together with Jakarta digital agents to optimize their online advertising results.

Google ads help businesses show their ads to loyal consumers who are looking for specific keywords that match searches on google maps. With ads using google ads, we will only pay for a few clicks that we get or known as Pay Per Click (PPC). By using this google ads campaign, digital marketing agents can manage monthly budgets and the expected target audience.

Google ads can be separated into 5 (five) types of campaigns namely Search Network Campaigns, Display Network Campaigns, Shopping Campaigns, Video Campaigns, and Program campaigns. Each of these campaign types is tailored to the digital needs of agents and advertisers needs.

Important Reasons to Use Google Ads

Google ads have been proven to bring good results in digital marketing that has been done by several digital agents. Here are some reasons why using Google Ads is good for changing online businesses.

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Here are 5 Benefits of Google Ads for Your Business

1. Increase Awareness

One of the best ways to make prospective buyers aware of our products is by using Google Ads. With good benchmarks and according to the products we market, Google Ads can bring some interested people through similar products to our website or landing page.

2. Can be used by various types of the business scale

Placing ads using Google Ads can be used by various types of businesses, ranging from small ratios to those that are already big business. Ad placement can be carried out flexibly and can be started and stopped at any time as the digital agent wishes. Google Ads is suitable for various types of software so that we can find ads that can be found in several online media.

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3. Get a Specific Target Audience

Google Ads is a promotional tool that can set to whom our ads will appear. Google ads have a benchmark that can set the group of people who see our ad, where the ad will be located, and various other benchmarks. With these parameters, digital agents can set in detail who wants to see their ads.

Having detailed advertising goals can increase the variation from people who click on the ad to the level of buying the advertised product.

4. Faster Than SEO

So the top in the crawler engine is the will of many online business people because it is on the first page and the top side of the crawler engine page so that our website can be easily found by potential consumers. Reaching the first page in a natural way or maybe with SEO techniques will take a long time. But by using google ads, our ads will easily be on the first page according to the keywords we expect.

With the right keywords, ads placed by digital agents can immediately get a lot of clicks to the web or landing page and increase marketing as expected by digital agents.

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5. More Controlled Advertising Costs

One of the advantages of Google Ads is that digital agents can set a budget according to the prepared budget. Google ads as ads that use a pay-per-click (PPC) mechanism. With this mechanism, digital agents will only pay according to the clicks received, so the campaigns that are driven will be more effective with a budget that we can manage.

With this mechanism, we can find out which campaigns were successful and which campaigns were less successful. By doing this analysis, we can give more budget to the campaigns that give better results.

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