3 Types of Online Advertising Can Make Business Money Faster

3 Types of Online Advertising Can Make Business Money Faster

3 Types of Online Advertising Can Make Business Money Faster

Netgenz - Business | Along with the development of social media, the media for placing advertisements is also increasing. Businesses are now placed on some options to place ads.

Previously, they could only place advertisements on conservative media such as TV, newspapers, and billboards, now they can place advertisements on social media.

Advertisements placed on social media can be referred to as online advertisements. Online advertising has the meaning of an online promo by displaying videos or images containing information about a product in a certain direction, such as brand awareness, marketing, and others.

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Here are 3 Types of Online Advertising Can Make Business Money Faster

1. Paid search

The first type of online advertising is paid search. Paid search really relies on the presence of a crawler or search engine like Google. The presence of paid search as one type of online advertising cannot be separated from Google data which shows, around 84% of customers do product searches on Google before buying.

This opportunity, of course, is difficult to pass for business people and Google provides a paid search service via Google Ads. Google Ads offers you and other businesses a promotion system through search results, display ads, YouTube ads, and ads on mobile programs.

Keywords are special things that are important for you to look at before installing paid search. The best keywords are those that are most sought after by customers for the goods or services you sell. When looking for a keyword related to a particular product, therefore, potential customers can find search results with an ad stamp. Nach, the search results with the ad stamp are hereinafter referred to as paid search.

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2. Paid social

When on paid search online advertisements are shown on crawler engines because it is different from paid social. You can place this type of online advertisement on several social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Online advertising on social media or paid social can allow you to determine your potential customers or loyal customers based on your level of education, age, location, interests, hobbies, gender, and income.

Some of the popular social media that you can use are Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, and Twitter Ads. In the meantime, there are the same ads on Facebook and Instagram. They are photo ads, video ads, and carousel ads. For ad patterns that only exist on Facebook are collection ads, slideshow ads, lead ads, and messenger ads. While the only ad pattern on Instagram is Instagram Stories Ads.

Although not as famous as the first two social media, Twitter has quite a lot of active users in Indonesia, namely 40%. This makes Twitter one of the prospective social media for promotion.

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3. Email marketing

The third type of online advertising is e-mail marketing. E-mail marketing itself is concluded as the transportation of commercial messages such as newsletters and promotions via e-mail. Compared to several types of advertising previously mentioned, e-mail marketing is the cheapest with a high level of effectiveness.

Data from McKinsey and Company shows that e-mail marketing is 40 times more efficient than social media like Facebook and Twitter. Therefore, the use of e-mail marketing as one of the online advertising is highly recommended.

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