10 Eco-Friendly Stationery Business Opportunities

10 Eco-Friendly Stationery Business Opportunities

10 Eco-Friendly Stationery Business Opportunities

Netgenz - Business | How many times have you listed "start a new business" in your annual resolution details? How many times has he not done it? Do not despair, as long as you are still thinking about it, of course, one day an idea or opportunity will come. Of course accompanied by effort, yes.

As one of the efforts, try the lyrics of the following line of environmentally friendly notepads, dech. Who knows, maybe your recommendations for starting a business this year.

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Here are 10 Eco-Friendly Stationery Business Opportunities

1. Ceramic pencil holder

In the first position, definitely ceramic. Ceramic material is a bio-degradable clay. So later when it is thrown away because it is destroyed or broken, it will naturally disperse in nature. The perfect alternative for a pencil case made of plastic or metal, here.

The price will definitely increase and fall, but the shape and environmentally friendly character are a plus for your product. Ceramics can be priced from several tens to several hundred thousand rupiahs per fruit.

2. Plantable pencil

Plantable pencils are pencils made of wood without the addition of pigment or paint on the outside. Added seeds or seeds that are placed at the end of the pencil, meaning that the remaining short pencils can be planted as ornamental plants.

Pencils are generally discarded when five centimeters remain. With this idea, there's no trash left from your leftover pencils.

3. Stapler without filling

I hate it when I don't have a stapler when it's an emergency, with this notepad you don't need to buy refills. Know for yourself that the stapler is filled with metal and can be trash that is difficult to decompose in nature. What's more, it can rust and pose a risk to some employees at the landfill.

This stapler is famous for being a Japanese note-taking brand. The way it works is by folding and cutting a piece of the side of the paper that you want to combine.

4. Laptop bag from cork

You can also be inspired to make accessories such as wallets or netbook bags from cork. Cork itself is a kind of cork made from the cork oak tree that thrives in the territory of North America.

Unfortunately, this raw material is difficult to find in Indonesia. In exchange, you can find abundant raw materials in Indonesia. You can get rattan, bamboo, or even mushrooms that have a similar character to synthetic leather.

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5. Notebook made of recycled paper

Another business idea is this kind of recycled paper notebook. Try to find a paper manufacturer that uses recycled materials, dech. Who knows you may find it and become a producer of quality notebooks that are more environmentally friendly and responsible.

After digging deeper, you have the power to produce your own high-quality recycled paper that you can write comfortably on. No one knows the way of life.

6. Water-activated tape

Masking tape is generally made of plastic or has a plastic content even though the top surface is paper, what else is ready to stick. Well, with this kind of water-activated model, masking tape can be made from paper and there is no residue left in the form of glue or plastic waste.

This type of tape is getting more attention from small business players who are starting to look for environmentally friendly packaging materials. Good opportunity to look at.

7. Rock crayons

Crayons are usually packed in plastic containers and are still in a paper-shaped bundle covered with plastic so they don't tear or get wet when gripped. However, actually, the packages can be left alone.

The result is even aesthetic, it can be made into attractive crystal rock shapes or wrapped in this kind of spray color. Some manufacturers are starting to use more environmentally friendly wax materials such as soy.

8. Pencil wallet from leftover cloth

Using the quilt sewing technique, you can make a pencil wallet from patchwork to make it unique like this. Think how much textile waste you can save before they end up in a landfill?

The result is cool, looks artsy even from the remaining fabric or the rest of the good clothes. Prioritize your taste inaccurate color matching.

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9. Laptop stand made of wood

Compared to selling a plastic netbook stand that is vibrant in color and will disappear or get dirty over time, please look at the processed wood material similar to the example above. Color is more charming and of course strong.

Good opportunity to remember many people need a precarious table when in a narrow boarding house. Or they can use it when lazy to get out of bed.

10. Bamboo sharpener

Environmentally friendly notepads can then be realized in the form of a sharpener. Generally, the material used to make a sharpener is plastic or it can also be metal. It is rare to see bamboo, even though it is actually more environmentally friendly.

Unlike the bamboo toothbrush, which is easily moldy due to exposure to water, the sharpener will last longer because it tends to be placed in a dry place.

Hopefully, the recommendations above can be the source of your ideas. Don't have to make similar products appropriate, please modify with the resources you have and your own original ideas. Congratulations on realizing your business resolutions this year.

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