10 Business Ideas Single Moms Can Try

10 Business Ideas Single Moms Can Try

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Netgenz - Business | Being a single mom or single mother is not an easy thing to do. This is because being a single mother means having to play a double role as a father for their children, including in terms of earning a living.

However, being a single mom does not mean that a woman will be difficult to be financially independent. Because, there are a lot of efforts that can be done by some single moms to add some coffers.

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Here are some business ideas that provide benefits that single moms deserve to try

1. Social Media Influencers

Today's social media is not just a daily basis for sharing. With changes in technology and the number of users who continue to grow, social media can be a place to bribe a few coffers of rupiah.

One of the most prospective careers coming from social media is social media influencer. Just like celebrities on TV, influencers as figures have influence. Whether on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Youtube once in a while, influencers are really sought after by some of the most important business owners and brands.

Of course, the larger the number of followers on social media, the higher the chance for brands to collaborate, and this can lead to revenue inflows.

Becoming an influencer is also not so difficult. It can be started by presenting daily content such as regarding independence as a single mother or just sharing a guide on the experience of being a single mother.

Surely some of this kind of content has a specific target market. With this, single moms can receive endorsement services by creating advertising content at home while monitoring their favorite fruit.

2. Tutoring

The next most suitable business idea for single moms is to provide tutoring services. A single mom can offer this tutoring service at home in the afternoon or evening, targeting children around the house.

Although there are already several larger agencies or even online, it does not mean that home tutoring business opportunities are not attractive. This is quite promising because parents generally feel more comfortable when people they know teach their favorite fruit, especially if the educator has a teaching degree.

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3. Online Shop

Through an online store that does not require a physical store and large capital, a single mom can provide a variety of customer needs via the internet. The provisions are also not difficult, it is necessary to have a cellphone to promote products marketed on social media or marketplaces.

There are many products that can be marketed online, starting from shoes, bags, clothes, electronic devices, to several beauty or health products.

If you don't have capital, then you can start by becoming a dropshipper. Don't forget to make sure to offer really quality products, competitive prices and service that provides satisfaction in order to sell well.

4. Consultant

If you have a lot of experience and have been a professional woman at first, a single mom might consider opening a counselor service. This counselor's efforts can be carried out at a time that is quite flexible and of course it is still possible to concentrate on keeping your favorite fruit.

However, in order to be successful in this career, of course it must be equated with a teaching background. For example, if you are an alumnus of psychology, then you become a psychiatrist. But of course after getting a practice permit.

Besides that, you can also become a PR counselor, Media Relations and Moment Management, or other sectors such as finance, profession, to marriage.

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5. Selling Homemade Cakes

One of the businesses that is so popular with single mam, whose hobby is making homemade cakes. Starting as a hobby, making cakes is the most prospective business. The production can also be carried out at home, and the results can be tasted with your favorite fruit.

When starting this business, you can offer traditional wet cakes that are marketed in the front window of the house or entrusted to several shops. However, if you want this business to continue to develop, try learning about various modern cakes with toppings that inspire passion, such as tarts or character cupcakes. The more unique the cake ideas that are sold, the more expensive they can be marketed. Don't forget to use social media to sell the cakes made to potential customers. If the business grows, then there is an opportunity to open job vacancies and take employees.

6. Content Writer

A woman who has power in the world of writing cannot be underestimated. Because, writing can generate a few coffers of rupiah.

One of the careers that single moms who like writing are worth trying out is content writing. As the name implies, being a content writer means being able to become a content writer either on an individual website, someone's website or offering some writing services on a freelancer website.

So a content writer does not take all day like being a writer in the media. This can be done at home when the children go to school or are on recess. If you are able to allocate time appropriately and always pay attention to deadlines, writing plans will also not interfere with quality time with your beloved child.

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7. Tailor

Another hobby of being a single mom's income garden is sewing. As long as you are patient and always want to learn, your sewing business will definitely fulfill your family's financial needs. There are many single mothers who offer sewing services and are able to send their favorite fruit to college.

In order to become a successful tailor, it is best to follow a training program and continue to improve your strength. When the business is running, don't forget to concentrate on the sewing services that are sold, such as special Muslim clothes, school uniforms, to receiving various sewing orders.

8. Credit Agent

Another business you can try is to become a credit agent. This is easy for anyone to do. However, once the pulse counter thrives, the business of buying and selling credit never has a word for bankruptcy if it is carried out responsibly.

Being a credit agent, you definitely have to choose a quality distributor. Make sure the distributor provides a variety of credit products to additional products such as PLN tokens, internet data credit, PPOB payments to e-money or e-wallet purposes.

The special reason why the credit business is very easy and can be carried out by anyone is because the initial capital required is very affordable. Some credit distributors accept initial deposits starting with a nominal value of Rp. 100 thousand.

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9. Make-up Artist

If you are interested in a business in the beauty sector but cannot afford to buy some salon equipment, then you can consider pursuing a career as an MUA (Make Up Artist).

Don't forget to always learn how to apply makeup, which can now be done online and for free through various social media such as YouTube. Don't forget to save so you can have your own beauty products and make-up tools in the future.

So MUA is really interesting. This is because a well-known MUA can generally charge tens of millions of rupiah for one make-up.

10. Catering

This business can be called easy for a mother who likes to cultivate. If you are quite optimistic about the results of your cooking, you can consider opening a catering business.

This business itself does not require large capital. You can start with a small ratio and sell it online. In addition, you can also offer a catering business to neighbors or offices near the house.

The key to the success of a catering business is being able to maintain the quality of taste and cleanliness of the product. Besides that, be detailed, for example the concentration of special catering for office employees, special catering for boarding children to healthy catering for diets. Don't forget to use some of the best cooking ingredients so that the quality of the products made are always awakened.

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