How to Buy Dogecoin, Easy and Fast

How to Buy Dogecoin, Easy and Fast



Netgenz - Stock | Dogecoin is one of the cryptocurrency assets or cryptocurrencies that is predicted to continue to experience a price increase. Here are the steps to buy Dogecoin. Dogecoin (Doge) is one of the well-known cryptocurrency assets or cryptocurrencies in the scope of digital currency. Not wanting to lose to its rivals, on 28 to 29 February 2021, the price of Dogecoin skyrocketed. Year-to-date the price soared 1.100% to the level of US$ 0.058 or equal to Rp. 830 per chip.

Some Dogecoin investors are optimistic that the price of this digital currency will continue to increase. Therefore, it must be a great opportunity for potential investors who want to try their luck investing in this cryptocurrency asset. So how do you buy Dogecoin?

Like purchases of other cryptocurrency assets, to get and start investing in digital currency Doge can be started by registering first on a crypto exchange. This company acts as a mediator for cryptocurrency business transactions. In Indonesia, there are at least 13 crypto exchanges that have been registered with the Commodity Futures Trading Supervisory Body (CoFTRA), such as Tokocrypto, Account, and Indodax.

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Steps to Register Indodax

Indodax is one of the most famous brokers in Indonesia. Here's how to register an Indodax account:

  1. Download the Indodax program first on the PlayStore.
  2. Open the program.
  3. Specify "Login/Register" to create a new account.
  4. Define "Current List".
  5. Complete the requested personal data.
  6. Check and select "I Agree". Next, click "Current List".
  7. After there is a statement and the registration that you did was successful, click "OK".
  8. Do the verification via an e-mail that has been sent and click on account activation.
  9. Make sure the telephone number you registered is correct.
  10. Log in using the registered e-mail and password.
  11. New PIN suggestions for your account security.
  12. Next, you will be directed to the Terrace menu,
  13. Go to the "Account" menu, then specify "Profile".
  14. Specify account clarification.
  15. Fill in the required data.
  16. Please upload a photo of your ID/SIM.
  17. Upload a photo of yourself according to the specified tutorial.
  18. Next, please wait for your account clarification process no later than 1 x 24 hours.

To buy Dogecoin on Indodax, enter the "Marketplace" menu to see a list of what crypto assets are being traded. Next, search for and specify Dogecoin from the drop-down menu and complete the purchase system. In the "Order Type" section you can select "Market Instance" or "Limit". If you select "Instance Market", you will buy Doge at the lowest price at that time and be charged a purchase fee of 0.3%.

If you select "Limit", you can enter the desired Dogecoin price. Purchases will be processed if the price of Dogecoin matches the price you entered. Because of this, "Limit" purchases tend to take longer than Instance Markets. After selecting "Instance Market" or "Limit", click "Buy Dogecoin". Next, press the "Place Order" button to verify your Doge purchase on Indodax.

Apart from the brokers above, you can also buy Dogecoin through international standard online brokers, such as Capital and eToro. This international standard broker definitely has certain advantages, such as a fast and precise business transaction process, in addition to buying crypto assets, through Capital or eToro, you can buy shares of technology companies, such as Facebook, Amazon, Tesla, and Microsoft.

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Steps to Buy Dogecoin in Capital

This broker that was founded in 2016 provides assets in the form of CFDs, crypto, stocks, commodities, forex, and indices. Capital's storage system is by using an e-wallet or digital wallet. The minimum deposit for Capital is US$ 100 with a deposit mechanism via bank cards, bank transfers, virtual accounts, and others. To connect to Capital, you need a Virtual Private Network (VPN) network service.

Before buying Dogecoin at Capital, you must first register:

  1. Activate the VPN first.
  2. Next, go to the site.
  3. Click "Trade now".
  4. Suggest e-mail and password, then click continue.
  5. Complete the required profile and data.
  6. Clarification of your e-mail.

After the registration process is successful, make a deposit by selecting the "Account" menu, then specify the deposit of funds, then click the system you expect. Continue the deposit process until it is finished. Then, you can start buying Dogecoin. Below are some steps to buy Dogecoin in Capital:

  1. Log in to the Capital site/program.
  2. Specify the trading menu, then specify the cryptocurrency submenu.
  3. Please specify and buy Dogecoin.

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Steps to Buy Dogecoin on eToro

To be able to do Doge business on eToro, there are three ways that you need to do, namely registering, depositing, and purchasing Doge. The following is the process of registering at eToro:

  1. Download the eToro program on PlayStore or Appstore.
  2. Open the program, and specify Sign up.
  3. Fill in your username, e-mail, and password to connect to eToro.
  4. Check the info related to user rules and click create an account.
  5. Do e-mail clarification.
  6. Click the clarification link sent to your e-mail. Next, you will be directed to the eToro program page.
  7. Specify the settings menu to complete your account profile data.
  8. Complete the data in the profile submenu.
  9. Upload some of the requested documents, such as ID cards, utility bills, and NPWP.
  10. Account clarification will be processed during one to 3 working days.

After the account clarification process is successful, all you have to do is make the initial deposit or deposit into your eToro account by logging into the program and specifying "Deposit Funds". Then, fill in the nominal or deposit amount, and specify the payment system you expect. After the deposit contains, you can make a Dogecoin purchase. Here's a tutorial on buying Dogecoin on eToro:

  1. Log in to the eToro program.
  2. Select the "Trade Markets" menu.
  3. Next, click filter > Crypto > Coins.
  4. Please specify Dogecoin crypto.

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