5 Louis Vuitton Bag Models - The World's Favorite Celebrity Bag

Netgenz - Fashion | Hello friends, on this occasion we will discuss Bag continuously about So Want, These are 10 Best Bag Brands - Bags Are Famous for Their Luxury, namely about 5 Louis Vuitton Bag Models - The World's Favorite Celebrity Bag. When talking about exclusive brands that are often used by celebrities, of course, brands like Hermes, Kanal, Christian Louboutin, Christian Dior, Fendi, YSL, Versace, and not to mention this one classic brand, Louis Vuitton, certainly have several. artist in his collection of luxury bags.

The Louis Vuitton model house was first built in the 1800s, she equates to some fashion items from clothes, shoes, bags, to accessories you dream of -especially the monogrammed bag.

Louis Vuitton has made quite some truly durable bags, fashions that don't fade with time. For example, the Speedy bag type from Louis Vuitton that we often see today was actually first issued in the 1960s. It was artist Audrey Hepburn who popularized the Speedy Bag from Louis Vuitton, and it is still an iconic bag to this day.

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Here are 5 Louis Vuitton Bag Models

1. The Montsouris Backpack

Louis Vuitton The Montsouris Backpack

The Montsouris Backpack

Louis Vuitton has released its fashion backpack, called The Montsouris Backpack. The fashion is classic and feminine, often hanging on the shoulders of famous actresses. One of them, Mariah Carey, is seen wearing a backpack fashion from Louis Vuitton in 1999. The sale price is in the range of IDR 20 - 30 million. When paired with a Korean-style hijab style, it is the same as that used by a Korean actress whose name is Ayana Moon. Bear in mind that your performance is more fashionable.

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2. The Never Full Tote

Louis Vuitton The Never Full Tote

The Never Full Tote

Louis Vuitton's Never Full Tote type is a favorite of artist Reese Witherspoon (2014). Just like its name, "Never Full", this bag is a favorite because of its free size. Can store anything in this bag, and never feel full. "Like all your life can be put here," said Reese Witherspoon. This bag, when combined with modern clothing styles, is guaranteed to be excellent.

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3. The Multi Pochette Accessories

Louis Vuitton The Multi Pochette Accessories

The Multi Pochette Accessories

Minimalist with front pocket and slingback strap. This mini sling bag is easy to carry anywhere. Including the new release of Louis Vuitton, which is a favorite in celebrity groups, such as Hailey Bieber. This bag has completeness such as Box, Dustbag, and Paperbag. This bag is priced at IDR 1,200,000. This bag is also suitable for use when you go to a friend's wedding or to an event to a place of recreation.

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4. The Petite Malle

Louis Vuitton The Petite Malle

The Petite Malle

Jennifer Aniston is one of the lovers and collectors of Louis Vuitton. In a Louis Vuitton clothing show, Jennifer was seen holding an exclusive and unique Louis Vuitton mini bag. This small bag was launched on the market in 2014, designed by designer Nicolas Ghesquiere for the Louis Vuitton model house. This is the artist's flagship small bag to attend the party. The price is more expensive than the Louis Vuitton fashion The Speedy bag. This cute bag is priced at IDR 80 million.

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5. The Pochette

Louis Vuitton The Pochette

The Pochette

The Pochette, a minimalist Louis Vuitton handbag, is perfect for a dinner date with him. Often become the artist's favorite accessories from year to year. One of them became Sarah Jessica Parker's favorite collection. In 2000, she wore this bag for evening outings. This bag has dimensions of 15.5 x 10.5 x 4.0 cm and is made of Monogram coated canvas. When paired with a couple fashion style with your partner, your performance will be more attractive and attractive. This bag is priced at IDR 5,450,000, this is the price in Indonesia. In other countries, it may be more than five million.

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