10 Best Bag Brands - Bags Are Famous for Their Luxury

Netgenz - Fashion | Hello my friends, on this occasion we will discuss the Bag topic, which is about 10 Best Bag Brands - Bags Are Famous for Their Luxury. Every woman definitely craves to have a bag from world-class famous brands. Yes, currently collecting bags from various world-class popular brands is becoming a trend in sociality or celebrity groups. However, because of the sky-high prices, not all women are lucky enough to have bags from these popular brands.

In the following, we will discuss 10 popular bag brands in the world whose prices can reach several hundred million rupiahs. Even because the price of bags from these brands is considered too expensive, therefore there are lots of imitations or imitations of the famous brand's bags which are sold at lower prices.

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These are the 10 best famous bag brands

1. Chanel Brand Bag

Chanel Brand Bag

Chanel Brand Bag

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Some collectors of branded bags certainly do not pass this popular bag brand in the world. It is Chanel who enters the group of the most expensive bags with the best designers in the world. Chanel, a brand that not only covers bags but also clothes and cosmetics. Kanal's pronunciation is /ʃəˈnɛl/ and its French pronunciation [ʃanɛl].

Coco Kanal launched its brand in 1909. And since then until now, Kanal's products have indeed gone international. Kanal raised a design that tends to be classic and slightly feminine for its bag products. Chanel bags are priced at 20-120 million.

  • Year Founded: 1909
  • Founders: Alain Wertheimer and Gérard Wertheimer, grandson of Pierre Wertheimer who was called the initial business partner of the couturière Coco Chanel
  • Country of Origin: France
  • Product Variation: Apparel, luxury products, accessories, and perfumes.

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2. Louis Vuitton Brand Bag

Louis Vuitton Brand Bag

Louis Vuitton Brand Bag

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Another popular bag brand in the world whose replicas are spread in online stores, wholesale centers, and modern malls. Yes, Louis Vuitton Malletier is a bag brand as a favorite for men or women. The shape is classic, but still shows a charming impression that is second to none. The price of the original LV bag can reach 120 million and how to read it in French voice: [lwi vɥitɔ̃].

More than two eras, this French brand has succeeded in becoming a symbol of quality elegance for fashion lovers. Louis Vuitton bags always look attractive no matter what the fashion is. Today, Louis Vuitton produces not only handbags but also backpacks. This brand shows that it's not just handbags that can make you look trendy.

  • Year Founded: 1854
  • Founder: Louis Vuitton
  • Country of Origin: France
  • Product Variation: Luggage, ready-made leather goods, shoes, watches, jewelry, accessories, sunglasses, and books.

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3. Hermes Brand Bags

Hermes Brand Bags

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Hermes is one of the most popular brands of handbags being imitated. This is because a Hermes bag can be priced at several hundred million rupiahs, more precisely starting from $40,000-$500,000. The Hermes Birkin is the most popular variety of bags from this Parisian brand. The problem is the Hermes Birkin is made from real crocodile skin. In fact, there are many variations of the Hermes Birkin which are decorated with real diamonds on the buckles.

Hermes is a must-bag brand for any socialite. Some Indonesian celebrities often collect original Hermes bags, for example, Syahrini or Angel Lelga.

  • Year Founded: 1837
  • Founder: Thierry Herms
  • Country of Origin: France
  • Product Variation: Leather, scarves, ties, clothes, perfumes, watches, stationery, footwear, gloves, enamels, decorative arts, tableware, and jewelry

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4. Gucci Brand Bags

Gucci Brand Bags

Gucci Brand Bags

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Gucci, (/ˈɡuːtʃi/, GOO-chee; Italian pronunciation: [ˈɡuttʃi]), is an original bag brand that has not faded with time. Gucci handbags are always favored from period to period. The shape that looks feminine and charming is a special magnet for Gucci bags. The price is also not so high when compared to other exclusive bags, which are around 11-60 million.

Gucci itself is a brand that was initiated by Guccio Gucci and was founded in 1921 in Italy. Until now, Gucci already has several hundred collections of women's bags with the most unique designs. Apart from bags, this brand also includes clothing, accessories, and shoes.

  • Year Founded: 1921
  • Founder: Guccio Gucci
  • Country of Origin: Tuscany, Italy
  • Product Variation: Bags, shoes, belts, etc.

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5. Prada Brand Bags

Prada Brand Bags

Prada Brand Bags

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It's nothing new to review Prada in this detail. Yes, Prada is the most go-international bag brand. Prada bags always carry an attractive and unique design. It is not strange that a Prada bag can be seen as up to millions of rupiahs, more precisely around 8-50 million rupiahs.

In terms of design, this Prada bag is more suitable for career women or women with a simple style but still want to look classy. However, Prada provides a collection of bags for women who want to look casual and dynamic. Although there are not many replicas, the Prada bag that has the most copies made is the Prada Saffiano.

  • Year Founded: 1913
  • Founder: Mario Prada
  • Country of Origin: Milan, Italy
  • Product Variation: Ready-to-wear, bags, shoes, accessories

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6. Dolce & Gabbana Brand Bag

Dolce & Gabbana Brand Bag

Dolce & Gabbana Brand Bag

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Who doesn't know Dolce & Gabbana (D&G)? This bag brand has successfully attracted the attention of brand bag lovers around the world. D&G often produces bags that are equated with the seasons. So, you can match the bag with D&G clothes that look in sync.

This popular bag brand in the world gives phenomenal prices for all of its bag products. In addition to producing bags and clothes, D&G produces shoes. You can combine some of these D&G fashion products to look more stylish. More or less the same as Prada, the market price of D & G bags is 8-50 million.

  • Year Founded: 1985
  • Founders: Stefano Gabbana, Domenico Dolce
  • Country of Origin: Milan, Italy
  • Product Variation: Bags, shoes, cosmetics, perfumes, etc.

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7. Christian Dior Brand Bag

Christian Dior Brand Bag

Christian Dior Brand Bag

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You must have heard of this brand. More closely called Dior, this exclusive brand has an iconic bag. Her name is 'Lady Dior'. However, previously, the bag was launched named 'Chouchou' which means 'favorite'.

This trendy handbag planned by Dior was given to Lady Diana, Princess of Wales, as a gift during one of the princess's visits to Paris. Lady Diana fell in love with the Chouchou bag and was often seen wearing it. In the end, the name of this bag is more recognizable as Lady Dior. And for the price range of other Dior bags, it is Rp. 14-40 million.

  • Year Founded: December 16, 1946
  • Founder: Christian Dior
  • Country of Origin: Avenue Montaigne, Paris, France
  • Product Variation: Bags, Clothing, Shoes, Cosmetics, Perfumes, and more

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8. Fendi Brand Bags

Fendi Brand Bags

Fendi Brand Bags

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When it comes to world-famous bag brands, the Fendi brand can't be missed. Fendi, Italian Voice: [ˈfɛndi], was built in Italy in 1925. Since then the Fendi brand has always been popular with its bags that are simple and still have a charming impression.

One of the most popular and best-selling variations of Fendi bags is the Fendi 2 Jours and 3 Jours. In addition to handbags, Fendi issued a small bag named Baguette. Today, Fendi produces clothes, accessories, and much more. Fendi bag price range is 36 million. This bag when combined with the Korean-style hijab style, is guaranteed to fit and also make your appearance more stylish.

  • Year Founded: 1925
  • Founders: Adele and Edoardo Fendi
  • Country of Origin: Rome
  • Product Variation: Fur, leather goods, shoes, perfume, glasses, watches, and accessories

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9. Judith Leiber Brand Bag

Judith Leiber Brand Bag

Judith Leiber Brand Bag

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Judith Leiber's several thousand difficult handbag designs show there's nothing she can't make. Bags made of Swarovski crystals, rhinestones, and semi-precious stones were made over the decades of her career.

Antiques, Judith Leiber bags have an unusual shape. Cats, dogs, geese, penguins, slices of red watermelon, roses, rainbow, lips, cupcakes, and all made of a ruby! Think how amazing Judith Leiber bags are.

More than fashion, some of his works are art, often at auction for up to $6000, and the Clothing Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art has 80 creations in their collection. There is a romantic story from the maker of this bag. Leiber died on April 28 at the age of 97, just 72 hours after her husband died. Really alive and dead, huh? The predicted price for Leiber bags is 16-100 million.

  • Year Founded: 1963
  • Founder: Judith Leiber
  • Country of Origin: America
  • Product Variations: Handbags, clutches, glasses

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10. Bottega Veneta Brand Bag

Bottega Veneta Brand Bag

Bottega Veneta Brand Bag

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Bottega Veneta pronounced [botˈteːɡa vɛːneta], is an exclusive and high-end fashion brand. Built-in 1966 in Vicenza, Italy. However, in 2001, Bottega Veneta was bought by the Gucci Group and is currently part of the French conglomerate Dry. The signature of Bottega Veneta is the handcrafted woven character. That's what makes Bottega Veneta bags and clutches known around the world. The bag price range is 41 million.

  • Year Founded: 1966
  • Founders: Michele Taddei and Renzo Zengiaro
  • Country of Origin: Italy
  • Product Variation: Handbags, sling bags, clothing, shoes, and accessories

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