Types of Computer Hardware Components and Their Functions

Types of Computer Hardware Components and Their Functions

Types of Computer Hardware Components and Their Functions

Types of Computer Hardware Components and Their Functions

Netgenz - Technology Computer and Internet | Types of Computer Hardware Components and Their Functions – Many people are certainly used to dealing with computers, either for work or for entertainment. Even though they often interact, many people are still confused when asked about the types of hardware devices and their functions.

Hardware is the physical device that makes a computer user. Actually, the computer consists of many hardware devices, but the group can be divided into a few important devices.

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The following are the types of computer hardware components and their functions

1. Power Supply

This hardware functions to manage electrical energy to be distributed to all other devices in the computer. Without this hardware, the computer is just a piece of junk because it won't turn on. Power supplies usually have different specifications depending on the amount of power needed to power the computer.

2. Motherboards

This hardware device is the core function of the computer. If likened to, the power supply is the heart and the motherboard is the nervous system. All computer devices must be connected to the motherboard to work properly. The motherboard itself is attached with hardware devices that can be classified by themselves. These devices are CPU, GPU, and Storage.

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3. CPU / Processor

This CPU is also often called a processor. If the motherboard is the nerve, the CPU is the brain. The motherboard only sends a signal to the CPU so that it can be processed. All data and computer functions work with the computing capabilities of this hardware.

4. GPU / VGA Card

If the CPU is the main brain, the GPU is a spare brain that specifically performs computing for graphics and displays. This hardware is responsible for making the computer look smooth when running. Many programs can only work with high graphics processing capabilities.

The ability to process graphics on old computers may still be strong by the CPU, but now the use of the GPU is practically mandatory to run heavy programs.

5. Storage

Storage here is hardware that serves as a data recorder. Data processed by computers can be stored for short-term or long-term use. For the short term, the hardware in charge is RAM, while for long term storage the running hardware is the hard disk.

This RAM is in charge of remembering instant things. The memory here is more useful for running programs. Just imagine if when you type in Notepad or Word and every letter has to go through the process of saving permanently to the hard disk. This is of course inconvenient and more time-consuming. Fortunately, RAM will save the appearance of the letters in this program temporarily, until you decide to save them.

The downside of RAM is that it always clears its memory when it's not needed. So if you type and forget to save on the hard drive, you can be sure your typing results are lost when you turn off the program.

The next storage is the hard disk. This hardware is in charge of storing data for a long time. You can call the files that are stored here because they are permanent until the time they are deleted.

Types of Computer Hardware and Their Functions


Input is hardware that is used to provide information from outside to the computer. This is arguably a control tool for computers. Things that are included in this input, for example:

  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • Game Controllers
  • Microphone
  • Drawing Tablets
  • WebCam

Actually, this input tool is much more. As long as the hardware gives a command to the computer to read, the hardware is included in the input.

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This computer hardware in charge of issuing the results of the process in the computer to you. 

  • Monitor
  • headset
  • Speaker
  • Printer
  • Projector

You could say the hardware included in this output is a tool that you use to see the response of the input you give to the computer.

Hopefully, the explanation of the Types of Computer Hardware Components and Their Functions above makes you understand more about computer hardware.

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