Tips on How to Quickly Create a Table in Microsoft Word

Tips on How to Quickly Create a Table in Microsoft Word

Tips on How to Quickly Create a Table in Microsoft Word

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Netgenz - Technology Computer and InternetMicrosoft Word or MS Word as an alternative digital typewriter. This word processing service is equipped with various features, one of which is Table. Steps to create a table in Microsoft Word are very easy. Using it is not as difficult as you think. The table feature in Microsoft Word is like the table role in Excel. With the contribution of the role of the table, your needs will be facilitated, especially in summarizing the data so that the data presented is clear and neat.

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1. Steps to Create a Microsoft Word Table with the Insert Feature

How to quickly create a table in Microsoft Word is through the Insert tab menu

How to quickly create a table in Microsoft Word is through the Insert tab menu

  1. Open MS Word
  2. Click the Insert tab menu
  3. Then define Table
  4. There will be several options starting from Insert Table, Draw Table, Convert Text to Table, Excel Spreadsheet, and Quick Table.
  5. Select the Insert Table option and enter the same number of columns and rows as needed. Or you can move the cursor and highlight the number of columns and rows in the Table Size menu.

Furthermore, if you have a text message that you want to create a table, you can quickly convert it to a table. The trick is to specify Insert and then specify the Table and then specify Alteration Text to the Table. In the steps to create a table in MS Word, you also need to know how to position the table on the page so that the workpiece looks neater.

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2. Steps to Clear Tables in Microsoft Word

When creating a table in Word, sometimes the results can't be immediately organized and neat. You need to control it so that the table and inside are not messy. Here are the steps to set up a table in a messy Word.

  1. Right-click on the mouse on the table you have created
  2. In the Context Menu, select the Table Properties option
  3. Furthermore, to tidy up the contents of the table you can select the layout Left, Center, or Right. Equalize the status so that the appearance looks neat and aesthetic

To switch the table from a single entity with text on the worksheet in Table Properties, you can select Move with Text and Allow Overlap which is on the bottom side. Uncheck the box so you can freely switch tables.

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3. Add or Remove Tables in MS Word

When entering data in a table, often the number of columns and rows is less or more. Microsoft by default allows you to be able to add or delete tables. Here are the steps:

  • In the table section right-click
  • Then select the Delete option to delete columns and rows or Insert to add columns and rows to the table.

4. Giving Design to MS Word Table

You can also change the table design in Microsoft Word so that it is not stiff and monotonous. In the 'Design' ribbon, there are various options available to style the table as desired.

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Starting from the feature border or dividing line to change the style of the dividing line in the created table. Furthermore, the feature thickens the border to emphasize the table line. To control it, the box block in the table you want to edit. Next, arrange and equate with needs. Those are the steps to create a table in Microsoft Word that you can try. Hope it helps.

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