Tips for Overcoming Google Drive Limit Easily

Tips for Overcoming Google Drive Limit Easily

Tips for Overcoming Google Drive Limit Easily

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Netgenz - Technology Computer and Internet | Google Drive (GDrive) developed by Google is really useful as a storage space for documents, photo files, or videos. For Gmail users, GDrive access will automatically exist with an optimal storage capacity of 15 GB. If it has been used past the limit, then the new file cannot be saved to Google Drive. The steps to deal with the Google Drive limit are quite quick and easy. However, first, identify the trigger.

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Google Drive Trigger Full

Many triggers often make the storage space in Google Drive over the limit, one of them:

  1. Mostly save files that bypass the default capabilities
  2. Even if the files on GDrive are few, there's a good chance that you have some special files of fairly large size taking up storage
  3. Another trigger can be caused by an addition to an e-mail that is too large

Steps to Handle Google Drive Limit

To deal with the Google Drive limit, you can choose the following options and the trick can be done through various devices such as mobile phones or PCs.

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1. Delete unimportant data

GDrive storage space that is full usually contains large amounts of files, videos, photos. You can sort files or some data that are not likely to be reused and delete them. In addition to being deleted from GDrive, you can try to grab the file and transfer it to another storage such as a pen drive or hard drive. By deleting some unimportant data, the GDrive storage space can be returned.

2. Storage upgrade

The way to handle the Google Drive limit can be by adding the capacity to 100 GB, 1 TB (Terabyte) for a fee. It must be understood that the attribute capabilities of the free Google Drive are only 15 GB. The amount of storage can be less if you have a lot of files.

Especially if you don't want to delete the files initially, because it's really recommended to upgrade the storage. The purchase price for additional storage varies. Starting from IDR 26 thousand / month for 100 GB or IDR 135 thousand / month with 1 TB capacity.

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3. Create a new Google account

Another, more instant way to deal with the Google Drive limit is to open a new Gmail account as additional storage space. This option is a way out so that you have a special e-mail to save important files.

Later you do not need to take one by one the files you want to move. Just attach it to a new Gmail sender address, then drop it into that GDrive. Old files on GDrive can initially be deleted to make more storage space for other archives.

Steps to Hold Google Drive Limit

Before it's too late, the storage on Google Drive is full, you should take into account the following simple guidelines:

  1. Organize fewer major files on GDrive for deletion
  2. Periodically check the trash on G-Drive and clean it so it doesn't hoard
  3. Delete additional e-mails that have large files. If the file is important, it can be downloaded and put the data separately but not in Google Drive

That's the trigger and steps to deal with the Google Drive limit as well as a guide to avoiding it so that you can still save enough files.

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