Tips for Buying a Used Laptop with the Best Quality

Tips for Buying a Used Laptop with the Best Quality

Tips for Buying a Used Laptop with the Best Quality

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Netgenz - Computer and Internet - Hello readers, for those of you who want to buy a used laptop. I suggest paying attention to things like the following article. so that we avoid some cases. such as the case of buying a laptop at a low price, but instead makes a loss because we have to spend more money for service costs and replacement of damaged components. 

Well, maybe many of you guys are planning to buy a used laptop to use for our daily needs later. So that we don't lose, we have to make sure we get a good laptop. without further ado, let's get straight to the point.

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The Important Point of Buying a Used Laptop

1. Check Physical Section

When buying a used laptop, make sure that the laptop you want to buy is in good condition. Why is that ? because the most obvious thing when buying a used laptop is the physical part, a good physical condition indicates that the previous owner can take good care of the laptop. But not necessarily if the outside is good the inside is also promising, but at least it has got a good impression in our eyes. you can compare it with a laptop that has a bad physique, of course you prefer one that has a good physique.

2. Check Warranty

Used laptops that still have a warranty period, whether it's a shop warranty or an official distributor warranty, deserve more points for us to buy. Because of what? because the warranty that is still valid will make it easier and certainly profitable for us too if in the future we encounter problems or damage to the laptop we buy. This is also beneficial for the seller, because it can increase the price on the laptop, so that it can sell it at a slightly higher price

3. Check Function and Performance

Furthermore, what we also need to pay attention to is checking the functions of the components or peripherals of the used laptop that we are going to buy. For example, we check the USB port section whether all ports are still functioning, then also check the DVD – ROM, keyboard, webcam, and also the condition of the speakers. and don't forget the ram is old or not because if it's been a long time we have to replace it at a later date. and the condition of the mouse too, because usually the component that breaks quickly is the laptop mouse.

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4. Make sure the battery and charger are in good condition

because usually a computer that is used while charging is not very good for battery performance. It is quite difficult to determine whether the laptop battery is still in good condition or not. One way that can be used to determine the condition is in the following way, look at the battery indicator first at what level, then try to use the laptop to open a lot of applications that are quite heavy for about 5-10 minutes and see if the battery is experiencing a normal decline or is experiencing extreme decline. If the battery is experiencing an extreme decline, I suggest you don't have to buy it and choose something else because you will feel the impact later. The charger must also be in good condition too, make sure there are no peeling cables or the charger often turns on and off when in use.

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5. Check LCD Screen

This is important because the LCD price of a laptop is quite expensive, we better make sure it is in good condition before buying it, and also make sure there are no dot pixels on the laptop's LCD screen. The easy way is to replace the wallpaper with plain black then notice if there is anything other than black there, then replace it with plain white and then notice if there is anything other than white there. if it is believed not to exist then you can see some other points

6. Check Market Price

Be a wise buyer, we must first know what the market price of the type of laptop we are going to buy is. So that we can also get a suitable price. The price of a used laptop decreases by around 20% – 40% depending on the condition of the item and the length of use, if you find a price that is too high from the market price you can lose if you buy it. because this is a very important point so you have to think about it. why is it important? because this must be in accordance with the costs you spend. you certainly do not want to pay in installments when paying for it.

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7. Don't easily believe

This is also an important point because it can prevent us from being scammed or insolent sellers, the main thing is not to easily trust laptop sellers, who usually sell their laptops illegally.

    So many of my tips on buying a laptop to get a good laptop. and don't forget to also read some articles from our website. That is all and thank you

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