Tips and Tricks to Add Subscribers and Viewers on Youtube

Tips and Tricks to Add Subscribers and Viewers on Youtube

Tips and Tricks to add Subscribers and Viewers on Youtube

Tips and Tricks to add Subscribers and Viewers on Youtube

Netgenz - Technology Tips | Youtube! The possibility is not foreign to the ears of our citizens, even small children know what is called YouTube. Along with the advancement of technology, YouTube is now giving access to content initiators to appreciate their skills and innovative ideas through YouTube. Also, readHow surveysay to make money online.

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Many YouTubers today are presenting excellent, innovative, and entertaining content. Youtube offers cooperation to several YouTubers who are actively creating innovative and positive content, offered by YouTube to become partners by working together to display video ads on their videos. in return, they or YouTubers get results in the form of money.

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There are even some artists who have become YouTubers. We have 5 Youtubers with the most subscribers, one of them:

  1. Atta Halilintar : 9,853,872 subscribers
  2. Ricis Official: 9,564,322 subscribers
  3. Bachelor Candidate : 7,460,834 subscriber
  4. Raditya Dika : 5,998.027 subscribers
  5. Lightning Gen: 5,351,005 subscribers

Some of these YouTubers currently dominate the most subscribers and viewers in Southeast Asia, and how to quickly get subscribers and views on YouTube easily??? What needs to be done:

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  • Create a youtube account

Creating a youtube account can also match your google account so you don't need to re-create it (for those who have a google account)

  • Plan

Plans or the cool language of plans, something that few people never use or take for granted. So basically, make a well-thought-out plan before you jump into the 2nd YouTuber.

  • Diligently Upload Videos

Diligently uploading videos that are comforting and positive makes it easier for some viewers to find your YouTuber channel.

  • Diligently Watching Other Videos

Why should I watch videos from other YouTubers??? so that we know where the art of being a Youtuber is.

  • Diligently Comment on Other Videos

Support other YouTubers, because of that we will be supported, by giving polite and wise comments. Sharing the videos that you make to social media that YouTube has provided.

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