Tips and Tricks for Safe Digital Transactions

Tips and Tricks for Safe Digital Transactions

Tips and Tricks for Safe Digital Transactions

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Netgenz - Business Tips | Today's digital technology changes increasingly accelerated along with the spread of the Covid-19 virus outbreak. Various digital services are no longer new for residents, starting from online shopping to banking. The increase in digital business transactions has made citizens more trusting in digital payment trends, to the point of forgetting what dangers they want to target behind all lightening.

The meaning of digital transactions themselves are payments that have been made non-cash, or without using physical money (cashless). Some digital business transaction media today such as Mobile Banking, link only, funds, Gopay, Ovo, shop eBay, and other media that provide payment services simply by using a program that is connected to the internet. Also, read How surveysay to make money online.

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As for what has resulted in the increasing number of electronic or digital business transactions, the government itself is very supportive of this digital business transaction. President Joko Widodo said that there are 5 ways to accelerate the transfer of digital forms, one of which is to prepare a roadmap for digital transformation in several vital sectors, one of which is trade and industry.

In addition, with digital business transactions, residents are spoiled with many simple waivers, such as no need to carry cash which definitely provides physical security, the number of promotions given, fast business transactions, and some products sold are more complete.

But behind the convenience and leniency given, of course, many loopholes can be used by criminal actors to cheat some users of electronic business transactions.

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Dealing with digital business security issues, here are tricks and tips that you can try

1. Keep the account confidential

Each program or media for digital business transactions requires the user to create an account that consists of a username and password that is required when logging in.

You are not allowed to give this account username and password to anyone and do not write your username and password anywhere. This can be used by digital crime actors, to break into accounts and take advantage of the information contained in them so that it can cause losses for users.

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2. Not allowed to give OTP code to anyone

OTP (On Time Password) code is a code that has a temporary nature, where generally this code will be given when logging in to the program. Some criminal actors use this OTP code to deceive users, by telephone or to win lottery prizes asking to provide an OTP code.

Therefore, if there is an OTP code that enters via SMS or other programs without being asked, it must be suspected if someone wants to break into their account.

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3. Change your PIN or password periodically and use a strong password

Every account used for digital business, of course, has a password and pin, this password must be changed periodically. This is intended to make it difficult for strikers or criminal actors to guess the password used.

By exchanging passwords periodically, it makes the account more secure. In addition, when creating a password, use a strong password. The trick is to use a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters and use symbols or punctuation marks. This is intended so that the password created has a high level of security and is not easily guessed by a striker.

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4. Be careful when installing the program

It is not allowed to install programs that are outside of a legitimate developer such as the Playstore for Android or the Appstore for iPhone. Many unauthorized programs are continued using illegal media.

Generally, this kind of program has been entered or planted a program that can retrieve personal data that is on the cellphone. In addition, when surfing the internet, you should not go to some risky sites because generally on those websites many risky programs can take personal data.

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5. Enable transaction notifications

This is used to know that there are business transactions that have been carried out without the user's knowledge. Generally, every program used to conduct digital business transactions has a notification feature that informs the user if a business transaction has been carried out. If you encounter a notification that is troubling, you should immediately change to a strong password to protect your account.

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6. Can't be easily convinced and always give a bad feeling with disturbing information

The many phishing links that are often spread by friends or family, make the sense of confidence disappear. What's more that shares those links are the most trusted and recognizable people. However, don't just click on the shared link, it could be the link used by the striker to retrieve account business transaction data.

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