These 6 Ways to Protect Your Computer from Dangerous Viruses

These 6 Ways to Protect Your Computer from Dangerous Viruses

These 6 Ways to Protect Your Computer from Dangerous Viruses

These 6 Ways to Protect Your Computer from Dangerous Viruses

Netgenz - Technology Computer and Internet | Viruses are a threat to users of gadgets, especially computers. Especially, if you like surfing the internet. If you're not careful, all your data could be damaged or even stolen by hackers. Therefore, users should be aware of the threat of this virus.

Because prevention is better than cure, the 6 ways below will work to prevent viruses from entering your computer.

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1. Install antivirus and update regularly

Antivirus is one of the applications that must be installed for computer users. This antivirus contains lists of dangerous viruses and eradicates them at the same time. So, your computer can be safe from malicious viruses.

You can choose one of several well-known antiviruses. One of them is Antivirus from Indonesia, Smadav. You can also choose other antiviruses such as Avira, Eset Nod 32, Kaspersky, and many more

2. Periodic scan with antivirus

After you have installed the antivirus, perform periodic scans of your computer. Scan with a period of once a week or at least once a month.

This periodic scan is for viruses on your computer. If detected, the virus will be immediately quarantined and removed by your antivirus.

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3. Be careful when browsing the Internet

The internet is a hotbed of viruses. Therefore, you should be careful while browsing the internet.

Not infrequently, advertising on the internet is a virus. Do not let you install a virus that can later damage your computer. Make sure you don't just click on ads.

4. Do not use open networks

The open network in question is a Wi-Fi network without a password or password. You should be suspicious if the Wi-Fi network does not use a password. It could be that the Wi-Fi network was intentionally installed by hackers to spread the virus to your computer.

If you are at a cafe, airport, or another public place, make sure the Wi-Fi network in that place is safe

5. Be careful when using USB

Now, USB has become a practical data storage device. Unfortunately, this causes the USB to be susceptible to viruses. You have to be careful when using a USB Because your computer could be infected with a virus from a USB.

If your friend is moving using a USB, you have to be careful because the USB could be infected with a virus. You have to make sure the USB that goes into your computer is free of all viruses. So, don't just plug it in.

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6. Be careful when opening e-mail attachments from unknown senders

Often, you receive emails with attachments or attachments in the body of the email. You have to be careful when opening the attachment because it could be that the email attachment is a virus.

Make sure you know who sent the email and are waiting for the attachment. So, if you don't know who sent the email, don't open the email attachment and delete the email.

That's 6 ways to keep your computer safe from viruses. Stay alert and stay safe.

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