These 12 Conditions Of Your Computer Turns Out To Be A Sign Of A Hacker Attack!

These 12 Conditions Of Your Computer Turns Out To Be A Sign Of A Hacker Attack!

These 12 Conditions Of Your Computer Turns Out To Be A Sign Of A Hacker Attack!

These 12 Conditions Of Your Computer Turns Out To Be A Sign Of A Hacker Attack!

Netgenz - Technology Computer and Internet | With how often we spend time in front of laptops today to explore the virtual world without limits, there are certainly many unclear things that you can access. Such things run the risk of linking you with hackers who can damage your computer and access a lot of very private things.

Interestingly, we are often not aware if we have been hit by these hacker attacks. The following are signs that your computer has been compromised by a bad person.

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1. Message asking for ransom

This is a sign that you have been exposed to ransomware, malware that locks your data and won't unlock unless you choose to redeem it. If you're lucky, the ransom message will disappear after restarting the computer. But if you don't, be prepared to lose data or lose money.

2. Fake antivirus message

In this day and age, you should have encountered a lot of fake anti-virus messages and tolerated them. What people don't know is that if that message appears, then your computer may have been hacked. There is no point in selecting the "No" option or closing it. The malicious software, which is usually an add-on, has entered your system.

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3. Unwanted browser toolbar

This is a common sign that your computer has been compromised. Your browser has a new toolbar with a name that doesn't seem to help you at all. Unless you know the manufacturer, you should immediately remove the toolbar.

4. Redirected Internet searches

You could say hacker attacks are also because this is actually their game to find out again. By redirecting you to another site, they earn money with every click you make.

5. Random pop-ups that come out periodically

These 12 Conditions Of Your Computer Turns Out To Be A Sign Of Hacker Attacks!

This situation provides information that you have been hacked by a very annoying hacker. When you get a pop-up like this on a site that doesn't normally issue such a thing, it means that your system has been attacked. It's like fighting spam in e-mail, but worse.

6. Your friend accepts social media invitations that you never sent

I feel like we've seen one, two cases like this, either you or your friends get it. Usually, you feel, “why did they invite me again?” or your friend contacts you and asks why invited him again. In essence, hackers have taken control of social media sites and created fake profiles, or you or your friends have deliberately created a second account.

7. Your online password is not working

If you typed your online password correctly but can't access it, it could be a sign that you've been hacked. This could be because the site has technical issues so it's a good idea to try another 10 to 30 minutes.

But if you have waited for that time and you still fail, it means that hackers have entered your account and changed your password. A more severe case is if you are considered to have forgotten the password, but feel it is right to enter it.

8. The presence of unwanted software

This is a big sign that you have been hacked. In the early days of malware, most attack programs were in the form of viruses, which changed the operating system chain of other programs on the computer.

That makes the attacks concealable for now, hack attacks are usually hidden in the form of an official program. Usually, this program is automatically installed legally by other programs, so pay close attention to the agreement.

9. Your mouse pointer moves on its own and selects correctly

A mouse that moves on its own can be a clue if your hardware is experiencing a problem and will move randomly. However, if the mouse pointer moves on its own, but points to a program to choose from, there must be a hacker living on your computer.

10. Anti-malware software, task manager, or registry editor cannot be used and cannot be restarted

This is a clear sign that your computer is infected with malware. If your anti-virus is turned off but you feel like you've never turned it off, it means you've been attacked by them. Especially if your task manager or registry editor doesn't work, repeats itself, or becomes slow.

11. Your online account lost money

Not a little, but a lot. Hackers are not used to stealing small amounts of money. Generally, they will transfer it to a foreign bank. Usually, this happens because you heed a fake account trying to access your bank account. In essence, some bad guys broke into your account, changed the details, and transferred large sums of money to themselves.

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12. You get a call from the store to pay for an item you never ordered

In this case, the hacker managed to get into one of your accounts and make a purchase that had the goods delivered to a place other than your home. Usually, they will make a large purchase at the same time the first time, making the next store think you have enough funds for the purchase, which there really isn't.

Have you ever experienced any of these symptoms? If not, I hope not. You can't imagine what will happen if your data suddenly disappears and turns out to be spread on the internet. Brrrr, that's terrible.

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