The Most Complete Types of Computer and HP Processors

The Most Complete Types of Computer and HP Processors

The Most Complete Types of Computer and HP Processors

The Most Complete Types of Computer and HP Processors

Netgenz - Technology Computer and Internet | CPU which stands for Central Processing Unit is another name for the processor. Processors with various types basically have a task as a central management unit that will process various types of instructions or incoming information. In addition, the processor (processor) also performs estimates and processes the rate of information through the system installed on the computer.

In simple terms, the processor or CPU is a piece of hardware in charge of understanding and executing various types of commands given by the user. Commands or information that enters the processor is received from the operating system installed on the computer.

After receiving a command or information from the user, the processor will distribute tasks to each component associated with the command, so that each component will perform the tasks set by the processor to complete the commands from the computer user. Therefore, the processor is sometimes also referred to as the brain of a computer that will manage every component contained in the computer.

Based on the explanation of the role of the processor above, then of course every computer definitely needs a processor. The existence of a CPU or processor on a computer is an absolute and mandatory thing. A computer that does not have a processor will not be able to process information, eventually, the computer will be unusable.

Generally, every computer certainly has one type of processor installed in the motherboard socket. Many types of processors can be installed on a computer, this depends on the suitability of the socket available on the computer's motherboard. Each type of processor, of course, has different capabilities and functionality.

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Types of Computer and HP Processors

Various types of Laptop and HP output are made differently to meet every diverse need, one of which is in terms of processors. There are so many types of Laptops Desktop PCs and HPs circulating with different processors.

This difference is of course based on functionality and user convenience. The types of processor brands circulating on computers are very diverse, including the following.

1. Intel Processor

Intel processors are one type of processor that very much adorns laptop components in the world. Products from this type of processor are the most famous in Indonesia, especially for computer technology users who are definitely familiar with this brand. Although very popular, Intel still has the toughest competitor in terms of products, namely AMD.

Intel processors are products made by a company called Intel Corporation. Intel Corporation itself has been established and graced the technology market since 1968. The center of development and production of Intel processor products occurs in the United States.

Some examples of Intel processor products that are widely circulated and installed on laptops include Intel Atom, Intel Celeron, Intel Core i3, Intel Core i5, Intel Core i7, and many other types of Intel processors.

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2. AMD Processor (Advanced Micro Processor)

AMD (Advanced Micro Processor) is the second-largest processor manufacturer and supplier after Intel. As previously stated, AMD is the toughest competitor of Intel's products on the market.

AMD products have been widely produced and continue to experience excellent development. Generally, AMD processors are preferred by gamers, the reason being that this product is accompanied by a Graphics Card.

The AMD company has been around and has graced the world of processors since 1969. The development and production of AMD processor products are based in Sunnyvale, California. In general, the ability of AMD processors can be said to be more favored by users who work as Gamers or Graphic Designers.

Some examples of AMD processor products that you can find in the market include AMD E2, AMD A4, AMD A9, and many other types.

3. ARM processor

ARM processors are processor products developed and manufactured by ARM Limited. ARM Processor is a product in which there is a 32-bit processor architecture. This type of processor is used as a processor on mobile phones, so don't be surprised if this hardware is very widely listed on various kinds of Smartphones.

The center for the development of ARM processor products is in Cambridge, England. The company that produces ARM processors has been around since 1990 under the name Advanced RISC Machines. ARM processors are specifically designed to focus on the mobile market, and not on computers like Intel and AMD.

Some examples of processors that are part of the ARM processor family include Qualcomm Snapdragon, Texas Instrument OMAP, Nvidia Tegra, and others.

4. Cyrix Processor

CyrixCyrix is ​​a company that develops microprocessor components on computers. The company was founded and started production in 1988. From its inception until now, this processor product was developed and manufactured with a center located in Texas.

In terms of speed, this type of processor has quite optimal capabilities. However, when viewed in terms of quality and popularity for computer processors, this processor product is still below Intel and AMD.

Some examples of Cyrix processors are Cyrix FasMath, Cyrix 486SLC, Cyrix 486DLC, Cyrix 5×86, etc.

5. Transmeta Processor

Transmeta Corporation is a company that manufactures Transmeta-type processors. However, unfortunately at this time, you will not find its products on the market anymore, because this company has stopped production

Before this company stopped, Transmeta processors were also tough competitors for Intel and AMD, because these processors were able to operate on computers and only needed a little electricity. In addition, this type of processor also does not heat up quickly when used for a long time and has fairly cheap selling power.

Examples of processors that have been launched by Transmeta are Crusoe and Efficeon.

6. VIA Processor

VIA processor is a processor product which is a product manufactured by VIA Technology. This company is part of Formica Plastics Group which is located in Taiwan.

That is, the VIA is a processor that is different from the others because it is not manufactured in America or Europe. The company that produces VIA processors has been around since 1987 and is developing processors and memory chipsets.

Some examples of VIA processor products include the VIA C3, VIA Envy, etc.

7. Apple Processor

This company was originally known as Apple Computer Inc., but recently the processor company under Apple's license is referred to as Apple Inc. This name change was made after the launch of the new iPhone product.

This multinational company produces a variety of processors and focuses on designing, sourcing, and selling computer software electronic products. Apple's processor development and production center is located in Silicon Valley, Cupertino, California.

Some examples of Apple processor products include Apple I, Apple II, Apple DOS, Macintosh, and others.

8. IBM Processors

IBM stands for International Business Machines Corporation and is a company that manufactures and sells a variety of computer hardware (hardware) and software (software). The IBM company was founded on June 16, 1911, and has been operating since 1888.

Examples of IBM processor products include Pentium Classic, Pentium Pro, IBM Power 4, and others.

9. IDT Processor

The IDT company is an abbreviation of the name Integrated Device Technology. Processor products produced by IDT are cheap when compared to processor products from other brands.

IDT processor product development and production center is located in San Jose, California, United States. This company has been established in 1980, then in 1997 for the first time, IDT launched the Winship processor.

Some examples of processor products from IDT are Winchip C6, Winchip 2, Winchip 2A, etc.

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Those are the types of computer and cellphone processors, one of which is definitely on the computer or cellphone that you are using. For each type of processor that is still being produced today, it is certain to be updated from time to time. Therefore, the level or version of each type of processor will be found.

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