Synopsis of Drama She Was Pretty Episode 10 Part 1 English Subtitles

Drama Synopsis She Was Pretty Episode 10 part 1

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Drama Synopsis She Was Pretty Episode 10 part 1

Drama Synopsis She Was Pretty Episode 10 part 1

Synopsis of Drama She Was Pretty Episode 10 Part 1 English Subtitles

Hye Jin later found out that the car she was using was producing a lot of smoke, and instead of a smoked car, the car suddenly stopped and Hye Jin had better stop. car before stopping. Hye Jin got out of the car quickly, and it started to rain. Curious to know what the problem was with the car, Hye Jin opened the car engine but unfortunately knew nothing about the engine. He thought of calling someone, but he didn't know where he was.

Hye Jin decides to go with her umbrella, she walks over to ask for help. Suddenly, she sees Sung Joon angry at the police. Hye Jin came and called him. When Hye Jin, Sung Joon approached her and immediately hugged her. That's when Shin Hyuk arrived, he found Sung Joon hugging Hye Jin. Sung Joon let go of his arms and angrily asked, how could Hye Jin do such a thing, how could Hye Jin have the wrong car. Instead of answering Sung Joon, Hye Jin asked about Sung Joon's condition. Because he knows Sung Joon can't drive when it's raining. After hearing this question, Sung Joon realized that he was sailing safely.

“I don't know… how I got here… I don't know myself.” Sung Joon replied. Seeing that Hye Jin is doing well and because of her nanny, Shin Hyuk decides to leave. As he left, we saw blood flowing from Shin Hyuk. What happened? it turns out that Shin Hyuk fell in his car. Euuuum... Shin Hyuk.....Hye Jin gets into Sung Joon's car and calls Joo Young to let him know she's okay. About the subject of the interview, the author wrote repeatedly.

As she hangs up, Hye Jin feels uncomfortable with Sung Joon. Besides, Sung Joon is so pretty that he rents Hye Jin's blanket to warm Hye Jin. On the way home, the atmosphere between them is still not comfortable. No one dared to speak. Stay calm. Unable to withstand the wind, Hye Jin turned on the radio to keep the air moist. But changing the boundary, the shame between them increases because the two songs played are for people who are in a relationship, the first song is for people who want to stay and the second song is for people who want to. hug him. loved ones. Wkwkwkwk...

Sung Joon leads Hye Jin down the road to her house. Just as Hye Jin was about to get out of the car, Sung Joon called her. He seemed to want to tell Hye Jin something but he meant the sentence: "sleep well and see you tomorrow. Hye Jin quickly pulled Sung Joon's car. On their way home, Hye Jin and Sung Joon continued their journey. Hye Jin wanted to tell Sung Joon the truth, but unfortunately, when she turned around, Sung Joon had already started the car. Not wanting to miss this opportunity again, Hye Jin needed a car urgently.

Sung Joon has arrived in front of his house and Hye Jin has just arrived. Hye Jin sees Sung Joon going down the hall, but she doesn't call him. Suddenly, something unexpected happened that completely shocked Hye Jin. Hye Jin loves Sung Joon when he calls Ha Ri Hye Jin. Hye Jin finally finds out what Ha Ri has been hiding all this time. In Ha Ri, Sung Joon immediately apologizes for not being able to keep his promise. Ha, Ri asks why, but Sung Joon apologizes and asks Ha Ri to give him a break. Since Sung Joon had said this before, Ha Ri was left speechless, as soon as she told Sung Joon to rest and leave. Yes, today they do not eat the truth.

"From now on, I can really hurt you." I won't do this… promise not to worry anymore… Sung Joon said in his heart as he watched Ha Ri leave. Hye Jin walks with stupid thoughts and feelings. He uses the words Joon Woo and Sung Joon has a beautiful girlfriend. It was also when Ha Ri asked about her business trip with Sung Joon. He also sees Ha Ri quickly hang up the phone as he beats up their girlfriend, Ha Ri.

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I don't agree with Hye Jin crossing the road. He got a lot of competition from passing cars, but Hye Jin was still sitting in the middle of the road. Hye Jin is already on the bus. With little attention to what he was doing, Hye Jin arrived at the bus stop. As soon as she got off the bus, Hye Jin received a call from Shin Hyuk. After hearing what happened to Hye Jin, Shin Hyuk who was being treated at the hospital immediately went to see Hye Jin. He bought Hye Jin a red luxury car.

Hye Jin sat alone and stared at her leather jacket. To-Shin Hyuk, Hye Jin asked why this happened. Shin Hyuk's hand still hurt, but in front of Hye Jin, Shin Hyuk still didn't feel pain. Shin Hyuk asks what Hye Jin will do with Ha Ri. She will ask Ha Ri why she did all this or she will tell Sung Joon everything. Hye Jin replies that she won't do that. Hye Jin wants to wait for Ha Ri to express herself because that's Ha Ri's request. Hye Jin is sure that Ha Ri has a reason to bring it up, as well as the reason why Hye Jin lied to Sung Joon.

Hearing this, Shin Hyuk said that Ha Ri was lucky to have a friend like Hye Jin. He brought Hye Jin home. " that a credit card?" That's expensive. Hye Jin asked when she saw Shin Hyuk driving a red car. Since Shin Hyuk doesn't want Hye Jin to know who he is, Shin Hyuk believes it's a credit car. He borrowed it from a friend. Hye Jin asks about Shin Hyuk's motorcycle, but Shin Hyuk says he doesn't know.

Shin Hyuk had brought Hye Jin home safely. Before entering the house, Hye Jin thanked Shin Hyuk for being the opener."Hey Jackson... when things get back to normal, will you go back to the vice-president?" Shin Hyuk asks and makes sure Hye Jin says yes because she loves Sung Joon and she thinks Sung Joon has the same feelings. Hye Jin walks into the room and sees Ha Ri repairing Hye Jin's old shoes. Unable to fix her shoes, Ha Ri says she will buy Hye Jin's shoes and asks Hye Jin not to ask this time.

"Okay, They Eat... I'll do it." Hye Jin replied that Ha Ri was happy with Hye Jin's response, whereas Hye Jin often refused to buy new shoes.“You are a number. Please do that. Hye Jin says that Ha Ri continues to be happy because she thinks Hye Jin is talking about shoes, even though Hye Jin is trying to tell Ha Ri's story. I'll be waiting," added Hye Jin.“Will you wait? What if I don't give it to you?" They asked and Hye Jin looked at him sadly.

Sung Joon saw a photo of himself and his mother.

Sung Joon saw a photo of himself and his mother.

Sung Joon saw a photo of himself and his mother. He told his mother that this was the first time he recalled an accident while sailing in the water. On her bed, Hye Jin stares at Sung Joon's complicated cut. The next day, Hye Jin meets Sung Joon in front of the restaurant. When she saw Sung Joon, Hye Jin took the opportunity as soon as Sung Joon hugged her last night. In the midst of his fear and confusion, Sung Joon approaches him and asks Hye Jin for coffee.

The drinks they ordered were ready, and Sung Joon immediately brought them to the table. Towards the same table as Sung Joon, plus Hye Jin. When she heard that Sung Joon couldn't sleep because he thought about what happened yesterday, Hye Jin died immediately. Only then did Hye Jin see Shin Hyuk walking past the cafe. He immediately asked permission to start by making an excuse that he wanted to say something to Shin Hyuk. To-Shin Hyuk, Hye Jin also told the situation. He asks Shin Hyuk to help him get out of Sung Joon. Of course, Shin Hyuk wanted to be happy to help Hye Jin.

Ha, Ri uses a number of connections run by hotel staff. Where did Ha Ri get all these links? He turned to take her to a stranger whose ropes were lined. The man was so happy for Ha Ri's help that he took the ribbon and left. It turned out that the man who lived in the house in 2009 was an American businessman. Hye Jin wanted to enter the auditorium but stopped immediately after Sung Joon was in the room to see for himself. Just then, another group of editors rushed into the hall, and Hye Jin stepped among them all. Seeing Hye Jin so scared and calling out to Sung Joon made Shin Hyuk laugh and whimper.

Joo Young explains but Sung Joon's appearance doesn't leave Hye Jin. And that made Hye Jin better. After Joo Young's explanation, Sung Joon closed the meeting. When he was about to leave the room, Sung Joon asked Hye Jin to give a meeting report, after he finished reading it. After sighing, Hye Jin goes into Sung Joon's room, where she sees Sung Joon Hye Jin remembering the incident when Sung Joon hugged her so many times that Hye Jin shook her head. Sung Joon sees Hye Jin shaking her head and asks why. But Hye Jin didn't answer, she immediately told him to come back and wanted to leave.

Hejin's steps stopped when Sung Joon called him and told him to wait while Sung Joon read the meeting report written by Hejin. Hejin took a stool and sat across from Sung Joon. Hehehehe... The stool that Hye Jin took wasn't lifted and Sung Joon wasn't comfortable seeing it. So Sung Joon walked over to Hejin and helped him lift the stool. After lifting Hejin's chair, Sung Joon looked a little strange. Does your heart skip a beat when you're around Yum, Hejin? I don't know... because he immediately leaned his back on the chair in his usual position. It turns out that the sitting position is not the same anymore because Sung Joon took Hejin's chair too long to lift. Hejin felt increasingly uncomfortable in this position.

Sung Joon wanted to start talking about last night's incident, but just when Sung Joon said "About yesterday...", Hejin immediately jumped from his chair and left with an apology that Shinhyuk told him. ... I was asked to find it. article. Hejin was so nervous that he couldn't open Sung Joon's bedroom door. When Sung Joon approaches and opens the door, hehehe... It seems like only one door can be opened. Sung Joon immediately closed the door and sighed after Hejin left. He seemed to have suppressed Hejin's tension. Suddenly someone pushed the door open and entered. That person is Mrs. Kim who came to Sung Joon to wear a suit. While attending a dinner with Valley representatives at the Ala Hotel at 7 p.m., he orders Sung Joon to put on a suit. With Mrs. Kim gone, her cell phone rings, just as Sung Joon is sitting on the chair, and it's Herin's call.

Ah, Reum immediately warned his friends when he saw Ten update his status on social media. Under those circumstances, Ten said he would release his novel under the title "Memory" within three weeks. With Shin Hyuk appearing and the title "Memory," Ten said he should have written a novel with USB as the main character. However, no one liked Shinhyuk's jokes.

Eun Young later said she was asked for an interview when Ten's novel was released. After hearing this, Jun-woo suggests that Shin-hyuk be nominated. But unlike others, Shinhyuk tweeted that he didn't like Ten. When he heard the tweet, Lee Kyung asked why. Shinhyuk replied that Ten's fame bothered him the most. Judging a novel by a famous writer is no fun. I want to make the talent of a new writer known to the public. Shin-hyuk and Joo-young say they seem to agree with her opinion."I'm having fun again." Say, Ah Reum.

"But who is Ten?" Joo-young asks, referring to the news everyone has heard about Ten, and Jun-woo once again replies that Ten lived in South Korea at the age of 40 in Ajumma. At that time, Mrs. Kim appeared while calling someone and using a foreign language. When I heard this, everyone wondered what language Madam Kim spoke. “Wow, our editor-in-chief is so cool!” said Jun-woo while giving a thumbs up."Aigo, he's praising his aunt. It's obvious, but why don't you know? Han Sul said in his heart when he heard Jun Wu praising Madam Kim...

The conversation immediately changed from Ten to Mrs. Kim. Mrs. Kim seems to have a lot of language skills behind her eccentric appearance, so I wonder who they really are. Lunch had arrived and everyone was getting ready to go to the cafeteria together. Since Shinhyuk wasn't there, Hejin called Shinhyuk first and said he would follow him. When Hejin called, a nurse picked him up and informed him that Shinhyuk was being cleaned. Hejin was clearly shocked to hear that Shinhyuk was hospitalized and injured. Hejin went to Shinhyuk and asked about his injury. But Shin Hyuk didn't want to talk about it, he just took Hejin for lunch. Sung Joon himself now meets Herin at an expensive restaurant, where Herin orders all the food he wants to eat. Sung Joon laughed at Herrin while ordering food.

When they ate, Sung Joon said that when he was a kid, Herin looked a lot like Hejin. When he heard that she looked a lot like Hezin, he quickly said that he was unhappy and not the same as Hezin because she was prettier than Hein. "Kim Hye Jin is not beautiful at all. I just won by force... But... even though Kim Hye Jin is a good person. She doesn't look good, but she has a good personality," said Herrin. , and Sung Joon said he was a good person. Later, Herin wanted to ask about her brother at work, but Sung Joon didn't hear it clearly because he was called. Here also told Sung Joon to talk on the phone and eat by himself. Demand

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