Synopsis of Drama She Was Pretty Episode 11 Part 1 English Subtitles

Drama Synopsis She Was Pretty Episode 11 part 1

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Drama Synopsis She Was Pretty Episode 11 part 1

Drama Synopsis She Was Pretty Episode 11 part 1

Synopsis of Drama She Was Pretty Episode 11 Part 1 English Subtitles

Sung Joon calls Ha Ri and asks where she is. They Ri replies that she still has work to do but when it's over, she'll go to Sung Joon right away. When he hung up, Sung Joon stayed where he was. He seems to be sticking to his vision. What did Sung Joon see? It turns out to be a promotional billboard for Ha Ri who is the best employee. On the board, it was clearly stated that her name was Min Ha Ri, not Kim Hye Jin.

Sung Joon calls Ha Ri by name, Ha Ri who doesn't know her name is Sung Joon, turns around and says yes."Sung Joon-a." Said Ha Ri surprised. Sung Joon goes to Ha Ri and asks who Ha Ri really is. "Why? How are you Kim Hye Jin? What have you been doing all this time? “I will explain everything, Sung Joon. Accepting this treatment makes Ri Ri even more shocked, and she doesn't want to talk about it."Answer me... who are you?""Friend...Enyi Hye Jin. She asked for my help. I will only see you once. But when we arrived at the hotel, things got complicated. I wanted to meet to explain this and apologize."Very nice Kim Hye Jin... What is it? Who do I think I am? Sung Joon asked. Because of course, Sung Joon told Hye Jin that Ha Ri.

Ha, Ri agrees and wants to explain but Sung Joon doesn't want to hear it. Sung Joon immediately went to find Hye Jin. It made Ha Ri cry. In his car, Sung Joon can't stop remembering Hye Jin showing her resemblance to his friend Hye Jin. From her hair, Hye Jin's expression when she was drunk, Hye Jin's words when she saw the green light, Hye Jin's help when the rain bothered her, the umbrella with a small photo that Sung Joon provided when Hye Jin laughed when she saw Sung Joon split peas in his food, at that time Hye Jin laughs at Sung Joon and says he remembers one. Sung Joon also remembers what Hye Jin said when he was a kid about complicated games: "But viewers are confused. If you're not careful, you won't know she's there.

We approach Shin Hyuk who says he will use his last wish. Shin Hyuk kisses Hye Jin and says if Hye Jin is skeptical and can't go to Sung Joon, then Hye Jin can come to Shin Hyuk. Shin Hyuk wants Hye Jin to give him a chance. Hearing Shin Hyuk's plea leaves Hye Jin confused and when she tries to answer her phone rings, it's Sung Joon's call. At first, Hye Jin wasn't sure whether to pick up the phone or not, with Shin Hyuk in front of her. But because Shin Hyuk asked her to take it, Hye Jin got a call from Sung Joon.

On the phone, Sung Joon says that Hye Jin is hungry because they haven't seen each other for a long time. Hearing that Hye Jin was confused why Sung Joon said that because the two of them met at the event location."It's been a long time. He had known since Hye Jin called Sung Joon. Hye Jin didn't call him Wapered, but Sung Joon-a.Sung Joon asks Hye Jin to meet him. Wanting to leave Hye Jin, Shin Hyuk asks Hye Jin not to go, but Hye Jin can't fulfill Shin Hyuk's request because she needs Sung Joon.

Sung Joon and Hye Jin chat on the phone to find out where each other is. As Hye Jin was walking down the street, someone immediately grabbed her hand and made her turn around. Yes, that person is Sung Joon. they are all in tears. Sung Joon says he finally found Hye Jin, a statement that brought Hye Jin to tears. Sung Joon then asks why Hye Jin is hiding, but before Hye Jin can answer, Sung Joon corrects her by saying that it was her fault in the first place. He considered himself a fool for not being able to recognize Hye Jin, even though Hye Jin was by his side.

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Then Sung Joon grabbed Hye Jin's face and looked at Hye Jin's face carefully. Sung Joon then stated that the person in front of him was actually Hye Jin, his childhood friend. Then we saw them small again. Little Sung Joon grabbed little Hye Jin's hand and crossed the street. Seconds later, Sung Joon and Hye Jin became elders along the Han River. We are shown walking around and listening to Hye Jin's voice recounting their first meeting.

Hye Jin said that that day she came to see Sung Joon but unfortunately Sung Joon didn't recognize her and passed her even though they were both talking on the phone. Hye Jin admitted that at that time it felt like a big effort because she was still unemployed and her appearance was different from the Kim Hye Jin that Sung Joon knew. Sung Joon replies that if it shines, that's actually the cause, otherwise. Hye Jin stops him and says it was his fault, it was his fault that he was scared and chose to hide.

Hye Jin screamed loudly when she saw a large ship crossing the Han River. Seeing Hye Jin interested in the boat, Sung Joon invites Hye Jin onboard. Then Sung Joon asks if he appeared in front of the ugly Hye Jin, Hye Jin doesn't want to see him. Hye Jin replied by shaking her head. Sung Joon then said that no matter how Hye Jin was when she first met, there would be no problem with this statement which made Hye Jin regret that she chose to hide.

Sung Hoon asks them not to regret what happened by not looking back and then looking forward. Hye Jin agrees. Then Hye Jin talks about Ha Ri, she thinks Sung Joon knows them all. But Sung Joon says no, he knows the truth and asks Ha Ri for confirmation. Of course, Hye Jin is shocked and immediately worried for Ha Ri, when she finds out that Sung Joon hasn't heard any details from Ha Ri. Hye Jin races home to meet Ha Ri, but Ha Ri prepares to go about her day. When Hye Jin asked why Ha Ri didn't explain everything to Sung Joon, Ha Ri replied that everything was fine. It was clear from Ha Ri's face that she was trying to do something nice, but inside her heart, she was crying. They eat and leave.

As Ha Ri leaves, Hye Jin hears Ha Ri's phone ringing in her room. Hye Jin picks him up and says he was friends with Ha Ri that night. As she was about to leave Ha Ri's room, Hye Jin saw a freshly torn piece of paper in the trash. Confused, Hye Jin picked it up and pulled it back. It's a letter that says that They Ri has been erased from Sung Joon's heart and wants to give it to Sung Joon. After reading the letter, Hye Jin can understand her friend's feelings, and she immediately wants to know where Ha Ri is. He sees Ha Ri crying, but there's nothing he can do. He could see Ha Ri from a distance crying and couldn't comfort him. In the morning, Hya Jin meets Ha Ri, who has just returned from jogging. Despite her best efforts, Ha Ri is unable to hide her plight. Until he said he was going to drink, he went to the room instead. Seeing Ha Ri like that, of course, made Hye Jin worried.

Unlike Hye Jin who is worried about Ha Ri, Sung Joon is ready to face-to-face. He even learned to greet Hye Jin in the mirror. As for Shin Hyuk, he was still lying on his bed. He still doesn't seem to be able to accept Hye Jin's decision to reject him and choose Sung Joon. Apparently, Sung Joon and Hye Jin met when they were about to cross the street. As Sung Joon continues to focus on his taboo, Hye Jin tells him not to do it, so Sung Joon doesn't keep getting caught up in things. Sung Joon immediately followed Hye Jin's advice. When he was about to cross the street, Sung Joon wanted to catch Hye Jin but Hye Jin refused, and Hye Jin refused when Sung Joon asked her to lunch. Seeing all these entries, Sung Joon is also saddened by Hye Jin's change of heart towards him, very different from Hye Jin last night.

In the elevator, Sung Joon sees Hye Jin talking for the two of them, from Hye Jin's quote it's all clear that Hye Jin wants them to be the only classmates that meet again, nothing more.

In the elevator, Sung Joon sees Hye Jin talking for the two of them, from Hye Jin's quote it's all clear that Hye Jin wants them to be the only classmates that meet again, nothing more.

In the elevator, Sung Joon sees Hye Jin talking for the two of them, from Hye Jin's quote it's all clear that Hye Jin wants them to be the only classmates that meet again, nothing more. . When Hye Jin was about to leave, Sung Joon immediately stopped her. He took Hye Jin to the 20th floor. On the 20th floor, Sung Joon immediately asked why Hye Jin's behavior changed drastically. Hye Jin's attitude has changed drastically since last night. Last night, Sung Joon was well aware that Hye Jin's feelings were more than just friends. Hye Jin wants to say it's because Ha Ri loves Sung Joon so much, but she can say this in her heart, she can't tell Sung Joon everything. Since Hye Jin doesn't want to tell the truth, Sung Joon gets angry and leaves.

When he was about to enter the office, Hye Jin met Shin Hyuk. Hye Jin wanted to talk about last night, but Shin Hyuk didn't want to. Shin Hyuk's attitude towards Hye Jin had changed 180 degrees, Shin Hyuk looked sluggish. Hye Jin then handed over an envelope containing 50,000 winnings which she said was to replace Shin Hyuk's handkerchief. In fact, Shin Hyuk turned down the offer and left right away. Poong Ho and Shin Hyuk pass by and ask what happened to him, whereas Shin Hyuk's words are not the same. Shin Hyuk is sure he is in trouble and says everything is fine. Before leaving, he tells Poong Ho that he will be leaving after the interview. Seeing Shin Hyuk's words like this and knowing that Shin Hyuk just talked to Hye Jin, Poong Ho thinks that Shin Hyuk and Hye Jin have a problem.

Poong Ho then approaches Hye Jin in his office. He asked about the relationship between Hye Jin and Shin Hyuk. Even though Hye Jin tries to explain that there is no relationship between them, Poong Ho still feels that Hye Jin and Shin Hyuk are dating and living alone. When Poong Ho makes Hye Jin laugh, Sung Joon doesn't say anything, he leaves. Joon Woo and his father are on the phone and Han Sul surprises him. Han Sul is overjoyed to hear Joon Woo call his father head of state. But his excitement changes when Joon Woo says his father is the head of the soccer team and owns a business in the Gangnam area. Wkwkwk... Han Sul then found out that he was wrong. Yes, the son of the first president of Ji Sung newspaper just got out of a luxury car. In the car, there was also a man who immediately looked up and said he would call Sung Joon again. Sung Joon said no and left immediately.

In his room, Sung Joon thinks Shin Hyuk and Hye Jin are nearby. He also acknowledged Shin Hyuk's statement about his feelings for Hye Jin. Let Hye Jin in and hand over the meeting report. Where Hye Jin wants to have a relationship like friends and not, Sung Joon takes care of her. He asked Hye Jin to enter the minutes of this meeting, no need to give them one by one. Sung Joon writes off 10,000 winnings for the transfer fee, but Hye Jin refuses. Hearing this, Sung Joon looks at Hye Jin carefully and says that it's all about work, so it's not true that Hye Jin used her own money. After all, that's what Hye Jin said, that she didn't bring anything to work. Not wanting to bother him, Hye Jin immediately took the money and left.

“I can't Hye Jin-a…” Sung Joon said Hye Jin followed in his footsteps. Sung Joon reveals that he might just be Hye Jin's classmate. Nor does he want to separate the verb from the personal word. Hye Jin turned around and wanted to say something, but before she could open her mouth, Joo Young walked in to ask Sung Joon for the script. Hye Jin took this opportunity to leave Sung Joon's room. Sung Joon sadly continues to watch Hye Jin as he looks at Bombay as he introduces himself.

Shin Hyuk had just finished interviewing someone but the person was not happy that Shin Hyuk was no longer working. It's tiring and Shin Hyuk makes it worse. In order to make the man happy, Shin Hyuk remained silent and became the stupid Shin Hyuk. Seeing Shin Hyuk return to normal, the man was happy. Shin Hyuk then borrowed that it would make their interview story more interesting. Shin Hyuk went there and called someone in English. To this person, Shin Hyuk said that he wanted to take a photo. Equal... Hyuk want to go? Don't… this movie is no joke without Shin Hyuk. "Maybe it's time for me to go." Shin Hyuk laughed as he hung up the phone. Continued

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