Synopsis of Drama She Was Pretty Episode 14 Part 2 English Subtitle

Drama She Was Pretty Episode 14 Part 2 

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Drama She Was Pretty Episode 14 Part 2

Synopsis of Drama She Was Pretty Episode 14 Part 2 English Subtitle

Joo Young gives the files to be included in the printing of the magazine. Seeing the good results of the articles made by his team made Sung Joon regret that he had taken the wrong path before. Because after telling everyone the truth about The Most, the team immediately worked hard and was able to produce good articles. When the magazine is about to be given to the printing press, Sung Joon appears and says that he will give it himself. In addition, he also invited all the teams to have dinner together. He ordered the others first, while he himself would follow after delivering the magazine to the printer.

They are all really enjoying their company now, they are eating while having fun. Seeing all his team happy and busy dancing, Sung Joon quietly left the place. But Hye Jin saw him and Hye Jin followed him. It turns out that Sung Joon went to The Most room, where he imagined all the teams being together. Yes, Sung Joon felt sad that The Most had to be closed and they all had to separate. Hye Jin approached Sung Joon and comforted him. He let Sung Joon sleep on his lap. Without Hye Jin knowing, Shin Hyuk saw them. Shin Hyuk went to The Most's room because he wanted to pick up the cellphone he left behind. Of course, seeing Hye Jin who cares so much for Sung Joon really makes Shin Hyuk sad, but he tries to let it go. Hye Jin just came out of her room and she saw Ha Ri was feeling dizzy in front of her laptop. Ha, Ri is dizzy because she can't find a job that suits her. Because he had stayed up late, Ha Ri went straight to the room to rest.

Hye Jin then took a paper containing a list of Ha Ri's jobs, from all the list was one job that Ha Ri had not tried. Just then Hye Jin got a call from Shin Hyuk asking to meet up. Because Shin Hyuk called him in a panicked tone, Hye Jin also wanted to see him. What happened to Shin Hyuk? Turns out he just wanted to take Hye Jin out for a walk. They went to fancy restaurants and played in the playground. Even though she can't play the roller coaster, Hye Jin still wants to take Shin Hyuk on a ride. As a result, Hye Jin staggered after playing. They also go to the shop and again Shin Hyuk manages to prank Hye Jin, he scares her with a scary mask. While walking with Shin Hyuk, he admitted that it was a special day, but he didn't want to tell what was special. They then approached the hat seller on the side of the road. Shin Hyuk took one and asked Hye Jin to pay for it.

They are now inside the cafe, it looks like the house of the ahjussi who lives near Hye Jin and Ha Ri's house. While enjoying a hot drink, Shin Hyuk confessed that he took words that didn't want to be friends with Hye Jin. Shin Hyuk wants to be friends with Hye Jin again. Before walking home, Shin Hyuk confessed that he liked Hye Jin as a human being and he also thanked her, because thanks to Hye Jin, Shin Hyuk lived everything happily. Jinseong Magazine's Vice President Inauguration Ceremony is ready to be held. In the printing department, suddenly received orders to postpone the binding. We are then shown to Madam Kim who is already wearing a suit and a short haircut. He mumbled that the time had finally come and walked away with his hat.

Sung Joon is shocked when he finds out that there is news of the discontinuation of the magazine volume. In the midst of his shock, he suddenly received a message from Ten. All of the Editorial Team, except for Shin Hyuk, Sung Joon, and Poong Ho, attended the inauguration ceremony, although they were annoyed. Yes, they look unhappy because the son of the president who doesn't know anything about management will become their vice president. A man enters the Jiseong building and Madam Kim is still in the elevator twirling the pen in her hand. All members of the Most Editor team's eyes widened in shock when they saw their new vice president appear and walk over to his pulpit. We are also shown a person coming down the stairs holding the exact same pen that Madam Kim is holding.

The answer who President Jiseong's son was finally given, looking at the rake he was holding, was Kim Poong Ho. He also introduced himself as Jiseong's vice president. Ms. Kim who was already in the room looked proud of her niece because her appearance was already seen as The Most

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