Synopsis of Drama She Was Pretty Episode 16 [END] English Subtitles

Drama She Was Pretty Episode 16 [END]

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Drama She Was Pretty Episode 16 [END]

Drama She Was Pretty Episode 16 [END]

Synopsis of Drama She Was Pretty Episode 16 [END] English Subtitles

At the beginning of Episode 16, we look back at Hejin, a teenage girl who talks in front of her class about her dream of becoming a fairy tale writer. But unfortunately, these ideals are lost every day if no one asks again. And fortunately, just as he was about to forget his dream, there was someone who reminded him of his childhood dream. Hejin mentioned writer Lee, who offered to be a fairy tale writer with him. He wanted to accept an offer from the writer, Hae Jin Lee, so he decided to stop working on the management team. After that, Hejin just met Sung Joon and introduced him. Then he said goodbye to Hari. At his new workplace, the Children's Fairy Tale Writer's Association, Hejin is popular with everyone. When we write stories, we always talk together.

Hejin and Sung Joon always communicated rudely and told everything they did because of their great distance. Unknowingly, in February 2016, Hejin returned with curly hair and red cheeks. He just went to the bank and happily saved 80 million won. Just then, Sung Joon called him and he sounded like he was coughing. When he heard that Sung Joon was sick, Hejin was obviously worried and asked him to put the food and fruit in the fridge so he wouldn't be late for a meal. Hejin also complains that if Sung Joon is sick, he can't be by Sung Joon's side. After Sung Joon left, Hejin's cell phone rang again, and after receiving the call, Hejin immediately rode his bicycle with a happy face and went somewhere. When he meets Lee, a writer who asks him where to go, he just says he'll be back as soon as someone comes. What really came was Hari who was in college. The study day was very active because he wanted to get a scholarship. At that moment, Hari's cell phone rang, and Hari got angry and picked it up, and heard from the other side of the man, "I love you, Nena ...". Hearing this statement, Hari became increasingly angry and threatened the man. Please don't call him again.

Hejin who heard that his best friend had arrogant fans, joked while singing. Hari and Hejin were currently at the restaurant. Hari sees Hejin's curly hair back and says Hejin let it be if he doesn't want to change his hair again. He sees a very calm and happy Hejin where he is now and says Hejin should have worked there from the start. But Hejin denied it. Because if he hadn't worked on The Most, he wouldn't have been able to meet writer Lee and work at his current location. Hejin was trying to eat pickled radish, and when he saw the pickled radish, he thought of Shinhyuk. It turned out to be the night when Shinhyuk met and hugged her, and Shinhyuk whispered, "I can't do it every day because Wapimu Red is angry, but if you come across pickled radishes, think about me."Hejin smiled because he remembered Shinhyuk so well when he saw the pickled radish. He also told Hari that he suddenly remembered Shinhyuk. The two of them wondered where he was now, but Shinhyuk believed it was fine no matter where he was.

After meeting with Hari, Hejin tries to call Sung Joon, but his cell phone disappears. Hejin was obviously worried when he found out Sung Joon's phone was turned off, especially before hearing that Sung Joon was sick. Hejin can't concentrate on his work because he can't reach Sung Joon, but he still looks at his cell phone. Hejin went to the art department because writer Lee told him. After leaving the art room, Hejin looked at his cell phone and was the first to contact Sung Joon, so he kept wondering what happened to Sung Joon. Hejin's heart thought something had happened to Sung Joon, but he tried to brush it off and kept thinking positive. After that, Hejin tried to call Sung Joon again, but this time it was connected. Hejin was obviously happy and he was even happier that Sung Joon was already in front of him. Hejin was so happy that he didn't care about the rain anymore. She immediately rushed to Sung Joon and jumped up to hug him.

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Sung Joon confessed that the reason he called was that he missed He Jin so much. He also lives in Korea. Hearing this, He Jin panicked and asked about Sung Joon's work. Sung Joon replies that He Jin should wear it. Hearing this, Jin immediately grabbed his cell phone and calculated the cost if it was added to Sang Joon. Seeing what Jin did, Sung Joon smiled and said he was only joking because now he has found a new home and a new job. No response from Sung, we were sent to Ms. Kim introduced the new editor of The Most as editor-in-chief... Ji Sung Joon. Of course, everyone welcomes Sung Joon at the place of his return. But they wondered what Ms. Kim if Sung Joon replaces him if Sung Joon is given the job. Because Ms. Kim didn't want to answer himself, it was Pong Ho who told them that his aunt was getting married. Who is the man who married Mrs. Kim? She is an Italian model. Pong Ho explained that this man was 15 years younger than his aunt and that Ms. Kim is crazy because according to him there is no more beautiful woman in this world than Ms. Kim.

After hearing the news of Miss Kim's marriage, Han Seoul ventured to ask Jun Woo if they would continue their relationship.

After hearing the news of Miss Kim's marriage, Han Seoul ventured to ask Jun Woo if they would continue their relationship.

After hearing the news of Miss Kim's marriage, Han Seoul ventured to ask Jun Woo if they would continue their relationship. Joon Woo replies with a happy face that he will marry Han Seoul too, but Han Seoul is happy and immediately tilts his head at Joon Woo. Everyone's a couple now, what about Ray? My guess was wrong, I thought Ha Rey would later be paired with Shin Hyuk but apparently not… it turns out that Ray is clearly bald because bald people always pay a lot of attention to Ha Rey, huh. ...Still, Ray was embarrassed to be treated like that. While Rey was studying at a cafe, Ray Glatz's fan suddenly came and gave him a drink. Before leaving, he said again, “I love you… Miss.” Of course, Rey was ashamed of herself for the man to say that. In front of many people's eyes.

Jane Jane packed her things because she wanted to go to her parents' house today. Hee-Jin confessed to writer Lee that today was a special day, the day he kept his promise, so he decided to go home and spend some quality time with his family. As soon as she got home, Jane's eyes immediately widened when she saw Sung Joon who had just returned from bathing with his father. He Jin finally finds out that the house that Sung Joon will get is the house of He Jin's parents. Of course, as Sung Joon told him, this irritated Hee Hyun, but Hee Hyun's parents and sister defended Sung Joon by saying that they were the ones who asked Sung Joon not to say anything. Because Hee-Jin always protests when Sung Joon is at his house.

Hee Jin's face at Sung Joon immediately turned into a smile as Sung Joon looked at her worriedly. Hahaha... Actually, they were happy to finally be in the same house. Jane then gave her account book to her father to buy a new printing press. His father initially refuses because the money can be used as a commission for Hee Jin's wedding, but Hee-Jin still wants to give it to him because the purpose of his job is to completely replace his father's printing press. Sung Joon approached Ha Jin who was washing the dishes. He kissed Jane's forehead and of course, it made Jane happy. Sung Joon intends to help He Jin cook, but He Jin refuses, but Sung Joon still wants to help. Then she whispers something to Hee-Jin when she finds out that Hee-Jin is shy and so embarrassed that she even forced Sung Joon to send Sung Joon. wkwkkwkw... only two

It was bedtime, so she couldn't sleep and immediately checked on her sister to see if she was home. After confirming that Hee Rin is asleep, Hee-Jin slowly opens the door to her room, and Hee-Jin is surprised that Sung Joon is waiting for her. Sung Joon approached the door to get closer to Hee-Jin. Sung Joon reached out and grabbed Jin Ono. They looked at each other now and held hands. Wow, that's so funny..... Joon Hee Jin's song starts to work. In the car, Jane finds her parents' diaries and workbooks. It turns out that Hee Jin's parents are also constantly raising money to buy a nice blanket in case Hee-Jin gets married. Haye Jane's eyes filled with tears when she saw the form of her parents' love. When Sung Joon saw the excitement in Hee Jin's family, of course, he was grateful to be a part of them now.

Sung Joon enters the office and sees his tongue, forcing him into the room. He always goes to his old room, which is now occupied by Jo Yang. Yes, Jo Yang has now replaced Sung Joon. Ah, Raum's chair shatters and Han Sool grabs Pong Ho's plate, which she believes was used as a hammer by the Vice President. Pong Ho is angry, but unfortunately, no one wants to listen to him. New student Jun Woo Deh's question. Ask about character ten. When Pong Hu heard this, he said, “Is this cool or not? And all the old editors laughed. Yes, they all know that Tin's character is very different from his magazine photos. However, they all lacked Shin Hyuk's character. Joe Young, who also feels that he is missing Shin Hyuk, immediately informs everyone that he has a meeting in 10 minutes.

Where is Shinhyuk? Turns out he was in the hostel. His roommate is white and asks where Shin Hyuk is. Shin Hyuk also replied that there was no use here and there. Shin Hyuk was still wearing the hat he was trying to buy for He Jin, and it looked like he had purposely let He Jin buy it as a souvenir. The white man identified Shin Hyuk as lead, but when the white man asked for a photo and autograph, Shin Hyuk told Gokil that he was not yet ten years old. Fortunately, the white man thought it wasn't ten o'clock yet. Hey, Jane looked at the bookshelf which was already full of books. A man appears and names him writer Kim, but Hee-Jin doesn't look, instead of looking at the pile of books on the shelf until a taller man names him, then Hee-Jin looks. The man asks Hey Jin to tell another secretary to come to his office. As he says goodbye, the man calls Hee Hee-Jin again as Kim's secretary and Hee Hee screams with joy when she hears the call.

We went to Ray, who was being interviewed at a hotel. One of the interviewed men seems to work at the Ara Hotel and is convinced that Ha Ri works at the Ara Hotel. But Hae Ray didn't write it down in his work experience. Ha Ripon couldn't deny that he worked there, but also added that he felt that working there was not his hard work. The author brought me a collection of the legendary books they produced. Everyone was happy that the legendary book they had been working on for a year was finally finished. Hee-Jin picks up a book called The Story of a Peeping Girl. The legend seems to be inspired by Sung Joon's riddle. Hey, Jane was so happy she almost cried when she saw her fantasy book finally published. As soon as we entered the editorial office, they were shocked and in disbelief when they received a wedding invitation from Sung Joon and Hee-Jin.

Hae Ray calls Hee-Jin and asks her to meet him. He wants to invite Hee-Jin to have fun before Hee Hee marries Sung Joon, and he also wants to celebrate his success in finding a new job. It turned out that Harry was accepted at the hotel I proposed. Ha Rey even made bouquets and garlands for Hee-Jin. Then they took a photo together. Sung Joon and Hee-Jin got married, but we didn't attend their wedding, only we saw two people in their wedding dresses. Hey, Jin is writing and Sung Joon comes to complain about feeling lonely. At first, Hee-Jin wanted to continue typing because the deadline was up, but she couldn't bear to leave her alone, so she turned off her laptop and Sung Joon pulled Hee Jin's chair forward. "Hey Jin works as a receptionist at a hotel and, as usual, is a very skilled employee who even repairs guest luggage wheels," before the guest asked. Then we see a large billboard saying that ten new books called "Ten" will be published. When he took a serious picture of himself, he found that the picture was not good.

"To my best friend Jackson," Hee Jane was reading Ton's newest book. While reading this sentence, Ha Jane smiled happily and remembered Shin Hyuk's words when they were at the cafe. At that time, Shin Hyuk said he wanted to be Hae Jin's friend. Shin Hyuk was now standing on the side of the road he was passing. Shin Hyuk gets up and recalls his memories with Hee-Jin. Hee-Jin prepares food for a picnic with Sung Joon. They have fun together. They went to a very beautiful place. Finally, Hee-Jin falls asleep with a romantic scene on her lap and Sung Joon kisses her."First, impossible mutual love and finally fulfillment or childhood dreams come true. Such miracles can happen."At the end of the episode, we see Sung Joon walking with a small child while carrying an umbrella because it was raining that day. He seems to be the son of Sung Joon and Hee-Jin. He has Hee Jin's hair and cheeks and has a habit similar to Hee Jin's, describing the green light as "Oh, he's gone."Sung Joon heard

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