Synopsis of Drama She Was Pretty Episode 11 Part 2 English Subtitles

Drama Synopsis She Was Pretty Episode 11 part 2

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Drama Synopsis She Was Pretty Episode 11 part 2

Drama Synopsis She Was Pretty Episode 11 part 2

Synopsis of Drama She Was Pretty Episode 11 Part 2 English Subtitles

Ri and her boyfriend got engaged when Hye Jin came home from work. Worried about Hye Jin's friend, she asks who the man accompanying Ha Ri is. Before he can answer, Ha Ri tells the man to wait for the car, but he mispronounces the man's name. Hearing the mention of the name makes Hye Jin even more nervous because Ha Ri is going out with an unknown man. Hye Jin and Ha Ri are also forced to stay at home. Hye Jin asks Ha Ri to express her true feelings, she will do it when she is angry, she will tell her the reason, Hye Jin doesn't want Ha Ri to hide everything and say that everything is fine. When Ha Ri hears this, she replies that she can't be mad at her friend. Ha, Ri also said that what she did was the same as what Hye Jin did, Hye Jin was hiding everything, and Hye Jin didn't want to be angry with Ha Ri for what Ha Ri did.

Hye Jin then reveals that she is really angry at Ha Ri, but the reason she is angry is not because of Sung Joon, but because of Ha Ri's current behavior which she always avoids. With tears in her eyes, Ha Ri admits that's all she can do. He also said that he was so tired that he wanted to record everything and wanted to leave. When Hye Jin saw this, she immediately said that she would be the one to leave, since she lives with Ha Ri. After saying that Hye Jin immediately gathered her things.

Hye Jin took over everything from her parents. Hye Jin's father announces that he will be alone tonight. Because Hye Jin and Ha Ri are still together, people at Hye Jin's house often ask about Ha Ri. Realizing the question, Hye Jin accidentally answered it lazily speaking. Sung Joon is still at the office and passing by Hye Jin's office he sees Hye Jin's onion. When Sung Joon is seen wearing onions with a broken face, he cuts off his conversation with Hye Jin while they are on the ship. At that time, he said the two would no longer feel sorry for not looking back but looking forward to the future. Sung Joon took out his cell phone and called Hye Jin. Hye Jin Sung Joon's name and phone contacts have been changed to "My Umbrella". Sung Joon calls to ask for a date, but it's not Hye Jin who picks up the phone, but Hye Rin who knows Sung Joon's voice very well.

We then met Sung Joon at Hye Jin's and Hye Jin's house. Yes, Hye Jin's parents know Sung Joon and they are happy to meet Sung Joon again, especially now that Sung Joon's appearance has changed a lot, much more beautiful. Hye Jin who just came back from the air was surprised to see Sung Joon at his house. Including all his family members like Sung Joon, to the point that Hye Rin calls Sung Joon OPPA. Hye Jin finally sat down with them. It turns out that Sung Joon used to live at Hye Jin's house when his father was on a business trip, that's what brought Sung Joon and Hye Jin together. My father then asked if Sung Joon had a girlfriend and when Sung Joon answered no, the father was immediately delighted and asked his wife to take out the alcohol he had made.

Wanting to please Hye Jin's father, Sung Joon drank the wine. Finally, just as Hye Jin thought, Sung Joon died after drinking a small glass of wine. Everyone was scared except for Hye Jin who probably thought this would really happen if Sung Joon drank alcohol. Ha, Ri had just come home from work when she met a woman who later became her mother. The mother asks Ha Ri, asks if Ha Ri has seen her and asks Ha Ri to stay with her, but in all entries, Ha Ri doesn't answer. They Ri leave, but unable to hold back the tears, she turns to look at her mother. Hye Jin couldn't sleep and left the room. Also, Hye Jin will be amazed to see her parents staring at the beautiful Sung Joon. Hye Jin also told her parents to come inside. After her parents, Hye Jin is now looking at Sung Joon's sleeping face. Sung Joon suddenly opens his eyes and asks Hye Jin to talk outside because he came to see Hye Jin.

Sung Joon asks why Hye Jin changed. At first, Sung Joon thought it was Shin Hyuk, but it wasn't. I don't want to make a mistake about Hye Jin, so Sung Joon really wants to know the real reason. Then believe Hye Jin is because of Ha Ri. Because Ha Ri loves Sung Joon so much, and Hye Jin doesn't want to feel Ha Ri. Hearing that, Sung Joon was relieved and stood in front of Hye Jin asking Hye Jin to take a look. But because Hye Jin lowered her head, Sung Joon finally got down on his knees and said that his girlfriend was Hye Jin, even though he didn't know that Hye Jin was his childhood friend, Sung Joon added that he didn't know. doesn't want anything from Hye Jin, and won't force Hye Jin

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Sung Joon and Shin Hyuk are currently at the bar. At first, Sung Joon talked about Shin Hyuk's choice to stay at a hotel, but because Shin Hyuk wasn't sure, Sung Joon immediately changed the subject by asking about Shin Hyuk who would move to New Look. Again, Shin Hyuk answered unintentionally and said yes. and no. Then Sung Joon reveals that he has met with Shin Hyuk, and he asks Shin Hyuk to stay at the Special. Even though he had no interest in Shin Hyuk, he needed Shin Hyuk's skills in The Most. Since Shin Hyuk didn't answer yes, Sung Joon ended up telling him about Future Future if he didn't get 1st place in the 20th-anniversary issue. Of course, Shin Hyuk was surprised, but he also didn't want to decide what to do... This prompts Sung Joon to ask him to reconsider his decision.

Every morning everyone is surprised that Shin Hyuk is not in the office. Everyone regretted Shin Hyuk's decision to leave the Supreme Being. Hye Jin also suffers from Shin Hyuk. From his room, Sung Joon also looks at Sung Joon's empty seat, where he finds that he thinks that Shin Hyuk hasn't accepted his request last night. Hye Jin goes to the ceiling and tries to call Shin Hyuk but he doesn't pick up. Suddenly his cell phone rings, he thinks it's a call from Shin Hyuk but no, it's a call from a hotel employee asking for Ha Ri's whereabouts.

Hye Jin tries to call Ha Ri but doesn't pick up. He was so scared that he was constantly grinding his teeth. The hotel manager then says that Ri has submitted his resignation, and the manager asks Ha Ri to rehire him. Hye Jin immediately went to Ha Ri's house and panicked when she saw Ha Ri's empty house. He finds a piece of paper on Ha Ri's bed, cuts off Ha Ri's words wanting to cut him off and leaves. Hye Jin then asked their neighbors about Ha Ri, and the ahjussi replied that when he saw Ha Ri leave, he thought that Ha Ri was going on vacation. Hye Jin was shocked by the news and immediately looked for the car. I was so scared that even Hye Jin couldn't breathe. Hye Jin arrives at the airport and immediately looks for Ha Ri.


Hye Jin drives a young man. They work very hard because the road they take is a mountain road. Hye Jin is found with a broken leg, and without looking at her tired friend, she tells Ha Ri to let her call her mother. But Ha Ri doesn't want to, she doesn't want to leave Hye Jin alone. Let's go back to Hye Jin this time, who can't see Ha Ri."Min Ha Ri, why are you leaving like this? If you leave... if you leave me like this... what will I do, Ha Ri-a?" Hye Jin shouted. Hye Jin cried while bowing. "They Ri left me."

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