Synopsis of Drama She Was Pretty Episode 15 English Subtitles

Drama She Was Pretty Episode 15 

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Drama She Was Pretty Episode 15 

Synopsis of Drama She Was Pretty Episode 15 English Subtitles

At the beginning of this 15th episode, we are shown to Shin Hyuk who is tidying himself up. He shaved his beard and put on a neat suit. Yes, he changed his appearance because he would appear as Ten in front of Sung Joon. To Sung Joon, he gave an mp3 recording, where he had recorded his story as Ten there. He asked Sung Joon to write his article and also take a picture of him. But Sung Joon didn't want to, he didn't want to sacrifice Shin Hyuk who had hidden for years to raise the rank of The Most. But Shin Hyuk still insists that Sung Joon do it so that The Most are in the first place and no one is crying. Before leaving Shin Hyuk said that in the recording, it was as if he was talking to Hye Jin, because at first he wanted to ask Hye Jin to write the article, but since he knew Hye Jin so well, surely he wouldn't be able to, so Shin Hyuk decided to ask. Sung Joon himself wrote the article.

All of The Most's Editorial Team went into their rooms. They all still can't believe that Poong Ho is the President's son. They also expressed their annoyance that Poong Ho didn't tell him who he really was, not wanting to be blamed. Poong Ho casually replied that it was all their own fault for not wanting to ask. Ah, Reum then asks Poong Ho to help The Most not be closed. Poong Ho said he couldn't because it was the decision of The Most center. Hye Jin calls Sung Joon and tells him the news that Poong Ho is the son of the President who is now the vice president. Sung Joon mutters that today many surprising things happened, but he doesn't tell Hye Jin that Shin Hyuk is Ten. At home, Sung Joon listens to a recording from Shin Hyuk which contains Shin Hyuk's confession as Ten to Hye Jin. After hearing the recording, Sung Joon called the printer and informed him that there was no delay in printing so that printing could continue as scheduled.

In the morning, Hye Jin rushes out of the room when she hears Ha Ri's screams. What makes Ha Ri scream, it's all because Ha Ri took the intelligence test and the results showed that Ha Ri was suitable to work in the hospitality sector. Hye Jin then convinces Ha Ri that in fact she really likes the job of being a hotelier and is suitable to pursue this field. Sung Joon was immediately shocked when he saw the article about Ten in the newly-printed The Most magazine. As expected, the 20th issue of The Most magazine was immediately attacked by buyers when they saw that there was an article about Ten in it. The printing company said that the person who added the article was Shin Hyuk. With a worried face, Sung Joon tries to contact Shin Hyuk. It's not just Sung Joon who is shocked, the entire editorial team is also shocked when they see the article about Ten, especially since the person they've been talking about all this time is among them. Hye Jin was no less shocked, she finally understood why that day Shin Hyuk took her for a walk, all because Shin Hyuk decided to leave after admitting everything.

Because Shin Hyuk didn't pick up the phone from him, Sung Joon immediately went to the hotel where Shin Hyuk was staying, but unfortunately, the receptionist said that Shin Hyuk had left. When he was about to get into the car, Sung Joon received a text from Shin Hyuk which contained: "Are you okay? You must be surprised right? Sorry... see? I should have said earlier, you made me intervene myself. Don't look for me at the hotel, I wasn't there. I said goodbye... bye!"Madam Kim, Poong Ho, and Ha Ri also read articles about Shin Hyuk. Ha, Ri immediately contacted Hye Jin to confirm the truth. Ha, Ri then tells Hye Jin that Shin Hyuk is the guest in room 22044 that she always talks about. Hye Jin is about to go out to meet Shin Hyuk at the hotel where Ha Ri used to work. But in front of the lobby door, he runs into Sung Joon and Sung Joon tells Hye Jin that Shin Hyuk is no longer at the hotel. Seeing Hye Jin's panic, Sung Joon also gave Shin Hyuk's mp3 recording to Hye Jin.

Hye Jin returned to her desk and listened to Shin Hyuk's recorded voice using earphones. In the recording, Shin Hyuk confessed that he had the pen name "Ten". In addition, he also has an American name, David Joseph. He was adopted when he was 12 years old. Shin Hyuk is very loved by his adoptive parents, they even often make video calls to continue to maintain the relationship. Shin Hyuk's story can become the famous Ten as it is now, starting from high school he who idly posted his writings on the internet, until one day there was a publisher who intended to publish his writings into a book, of course, Shin Hyuk did not refuse the offer. As for the reason, Shin Hyuk entered the Most part, it was all because he felt he would

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Jun-woo complains that Shin-hyuk still leaves without saying goodbye, goes to Shin-hyuk's desk and accidentally touches Shin-hyuk's laptop. Suddenly the electricity came on and Shinhyuk's video footage was shown on the big screen. Shinhyuk said goodbye to the whole team except Hejin. Of course, this made Hejin sad. Despite winning first place, all the editorial staff was not too satisfied because they lost Shinhyuk and Haejin who returned to the management team. At that time, Poon Ho shows up and complains that he is bored with his current room, so he decides to go back to the editorial department again. He even took out his credit card to pay for Hejin's farewell dinner. Of course, everyone welcomed the treat.

After lunch with the team, Sung Joon took Hejin home. However, Sung Joon didn't want Hejin to go home right away, so he asked Hejin to talk at the playground first. Sung Joon went out for a while and bought a hot drink. When he returned to the playground, he couldn't find Hejin. Suddenly someone bent down and slipped off the slide. Then I found out that Hejin said, "The moon is very bright." www... Hejin reminds Sung Joon of what he did in the past. In Hejin's case, Sung Joon claimed to be getting a promotion from the center in an effort to put The Most in the first place. But Sung Joon wasn't proud of that. Not because of his efforts to raise The Most, but because Shin Hyuk admitted it.

Sung Joon then talks about Hejin's introduction, but what's happening now isn't what he wants, and he still has a lot to worry about in America. Then he asked Hejin to stay with him until everything was over, Sung Joon asked Hejin to take him to the United States. Hejin accepts an invitation to stay by Sung Joon. Sung Joon told Hejin that tonight wasn't a suggestion, so he would make an official suggestion someday, and Hejin would have to wait for him, so don't get me wrong. Hejin ended up leaving the writing team and unfortunately, everyone let him go. And everyone is happy to welcome him because management knows he is a reliable person. Especially Bon Manager. Hejin was so passionate about the work that he asked what he could do right away, but Bonn's manager said no because it was time to go home at 6 o'clock.

Upon returning home, Hejin touched Shinhyuk and said goodbye.

Upon returning home, Hejin touched Shinhyuk and said goodbye

Upon returning home, Hejin touched Shinhyuk and said goodbye. Shinhyuk also whispered something to Hejin and immediately made him smile. After whispering, Shinhyuk let go of his embrace and left. He watched Shinhyuk leave and reminded Hejin of his memories and Shinhyuk's jokes. Hari told Hejin that he intended to get a master's degree in hospitality. Hari decided to concentrate on this area. Hye Jin received a call from writer Lee to thank Hye Jin for writing such a good article. When he heard writer Lee Seung-you call him a reporter, he immediately corrected that he was not a reporter, but an employee of the management team hired by the writing team. Writer Lee Hee then invites Jin Jin to play at his place of work. Sung Joon happened to call Hejin on his way to writer Lee's workplace. Hejin refuses to give birth, so Sung Joon invites her to eat with him after he meets writer, Lee. The writer, Lee, introduced Hejin to his entire writing team. There are many fairy tale writers who discuss the possibility of creating a fairy tale book. Hejin bid farewell and accompanied writer Lee in front of the building. Hejin said he was very jealous of the reunion and knew he dreamed of becoming a fairy tale writer, so the writer offered Lee to join him. However, Hejin was planning to go to America and get married, so he couldn't say yes yet.

Hejin is with Sung Joon. Over dinner, He continued to talk about his relationship with the enthusiasm of the fairy tale writers. When he saw the excited Hejin, Sung Joon asked him if he didn't want to do what the writer did. When he asked the question, Hejin was a little confused and said he had to go with Sung Joon. Hejin then changed the subject by discussing English lessons later. Sung Joon then gave him some documents and asked Hejin to choose one of them. At home, He saw Jin Ha Li who was very passionate about pursuing his mastery. Hejin saw Hari doing what he wanted to do and found Hari looking very beautiful. Hejin then looked at her face in the mirror and didn't see the happy expression on her face that didn't make her beautiful. Hejin seems to be confused between accepting Sung Joon's offer to America or becoming a fairy tale writer. At that moment, she receives a text message from Sung Joon asking her to eat.

At Sung Joon's house, he has already prepared some rings, euuum… looks like he wants to introduce Hejin. As Sung Joon opened the door, Hejin walked in. Without further effort, Hejin suddenly asks Sung Joon to marry him, and of course, Sung Joon is surprised to hear that. Hejin persuaded Sung Joon to marry Sung Joon, but not anymore. Sung Joon said he wanted to wait another year before he said how long he would do it. Hejin was surprised that Sung Joon knew what he was saying. Sung Joon also confessed that he knew he couldn't ignore his offer to become a fairy tale writer. This could all be seen by Hejin, who was so excited to tell him about it yesterday. Sung Joon said that he actually prepared Hejin's proposal, but unfortunately, Hejin was ahead of him. However, Hejin is still interested in how to introduce Sung Joon and forces Sung Joon to show him. Sung Joon finally took out the ring box and said what he wanted to say earlier. 'Before I met you, I didn't know that I could live happily in this world. I want you to be happy for the rest of your life, he. Jin... Will you marry me in a year? Sung Joon said that he put a ring on Hejin's ring finger so that both of them would wear two rings each.

Only two Hejins at Sung Joon's house looked nervous and chose to hurry home with the excuse that they were wearing very dirty clothes at home. He even decided to take a taxi instead of waiting for Sung Joon to receive the car keys. Sung Joon is home now and looks happy to see the two cute rings on his finger. Suddenly the doorbell rang and Hejin who was out of breath and came back. Hejin stuttered and said he had no clothes to wash at home. Sung Joon, who seemed to understand Hejin's point, immediately took him home and pressed him against the wall to kiss him. Hejin and Hari cried because they had to leave the house. Hejin needed to move to a new place of work, and of course, there was room for writers. After packing Hejin's luggage, the two had a farewell party, enjoying drinking and dancing. Sung Joon takes Hejin to his new workplace. He asked Hejin not to come to the airport tomorrow. She divorced Hejin there and wanted to see him again a year later. Sung Joon hugged Hejin and asked Hejin not to lose communication. They have to keep calling and emailing. Hejin's eyes filled with tears and accepted Sung Joon's request. Sung Joon let go of Hejin's hand and left. Just before Hejin entered his new office, Sung Joon suddenly rushed over to him and grabbed his hand. Sung Joon said he liked Hejin, and Hejin responded kindly. Sung Joon kissed Hejin's forehead. On a sunny morning, I could see Hejin happily riding his bicycle. You can see Hejin's curly hair and red cheeks again. When he meets writer Lee asking where he is going, Hejin replies that someone is coming and soon. Who's coming Wait for the answer in episode 16.

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