Synopsis of Drama She Was Pretty Episode 12 English Subtitles

Drama Synopsis She Was Pretty Episode 12

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Drama Synopsis She Was Pretty Episode 12

Drama Synopsis She Was Pretty Episode 12

Synopsis of Drama She Was Pretty Episode 12 English Subtitles

Hejin was so sad to leave Hari, he was crying. Hari passed by and saw Hejin as he sat and looked in anticipation of Hari's note. In a confused tone, he called out to Hari, seeing that Hari had not disappeared, and Hejin immediately hugged him. While crying, Hejin asked Hari not to go. After finding out why Hejin went to the airport, Hari said he wasn't going anywhere. He had just gone to the airport to pick up his mother. Hearing this, Hejin felt relieved and continued to hug his best friend. When she saw Hejin's great concern for her, Hari's eyes filled with tears and she said that she would hug him forever and wouldn't go anywhere without him.

They are at home now. Hari told Hejin that he and his mother were better now and understood why his mother left him, but not from a child's point of view, but from a woman's point of view. As for why he hung up and stopped, Hari said he used to think he was childish. He felt that the job he got was the interference of his father. Everything he bought was from his father's money. Therefore, Hari decides to sell everything he received from his father and destroys all of his father's credit cards. In addition, he also decided to stop his job.

While doing all this, Hari discovers that he has mastered everything that was not always his. When he saw Hejin, including what he did to Hejin, Hari always wanted to cry and couldn't say anything to him. After that, Hari apologized to Hejin, and of course, Hejin forgave his best friend. Sung Joon wakes up from his dream with a shock. He fell asleep on the sofa. A man with so many thoughts, what is he doing like that? I was just warned by my boss, so even though it took me a short time to reach Rank 1, The Most were still in second.

Look again at Hejin and Hari who are chatting while drinking. Hejin asked what Hari would do now. Hari replies that he wants to rest and think about what he can do for himself. Even though the hotel wanted him, he decided not to work at the hotel anymore. Hejin has now received a text from Sung Joon saying that he is near Hejin's house. Unable to tell Hari the truth, Hejin decided to go to a convenience store. Hari who was about to take a shower said he wanted to join immediately, but Hejin immediately refused and told Hari to take a shower. Hejin really felt nauseous when he lied like that.

Hejin goes to Sung Joon and asks why he came and why Sung Joon just got home from work. However, Sung Joon did not answer. He asked Hejin to be quiet for 10 seconds, and after 10 seconds Sung Joon said he wanted to leave. Of course, seeing Sung Joon's behavior made Hejin confused and asked why.“I came here to see you, and to see you, I can draw energy,” said Sung Joon. When he heard this, Hejin gave a small smile and Sung Joon looked tired and asked if he was okay. Hye Jin could speculate that Sung Joon worked really hard to get the Most first. Sung Joon replies that this isn't all he thought. He admitted that he was actually assigned to South Korea and not only won first place but was also responsible for all team members.

“The most closed, but there is no doubt that something is good, but there is also something that is affected. People without experience or skills. It's not just about success, it's about responsibility. So I have to be serious. Sung Joon said with a smile to cover his worries. Hejin heard this and said Sung Joon would be in trouble.“If you think I'm in trouble, hug me. Your hug will help a lot." Sung Joon pleaded, but Hejin was still in his place. He still looks uncomfortable with Sung Joon's request. Sung Joon looks disappointed, but tries to understand and decides to go home. Hejin could only watch Sung Joon leave with a sad expression. Wow... Seo-Joon tried to tell me... You love me now... wkwkkwkw...Sung Joon returns to Japan. He looks very tired. Shinhyuk walked next door without noticing and only used a towel. When Sung Joon sat on the sofa, he was immediately shocked and fell to the ground when he saw Shin Hyuk at home and completely undressed. Wow... I'm glad Shinhyuk is back. After the 11th episode yesterday, Shinhyuk is not healthy anymore.

When asked what Shinhyuk was doing at home, Shinhyuk replied that he was injured when he got there, so he decided to take a shower. Just at that moment, I heard the voice of the person who sent it. Sung Joon replies that he didn't order anything right away, but Shin Hyuk corrects that he ordered right away because he was hungry. When Shinhyuk turned and tried to walk, the towel he was wearing came off. With a stern face, he turned to Sung Joon who immediately closed his eyes. Seeing Sung Joon's reaction, Shin Hyuk apologized and laughed. After getting dressed, Shin Hyuk started discussing “The Most” with Sung Joon. Shin-hyuk admits that he has been at home for the past two days, thinking about ideas he can give Sung Joon. After hearing this, Sung Joon asks if Shin Hyuk still wants to be the most, and Shin Hyuk agrees why Sung Joon needs him.

Sung Joon then saw the results of the ideas proposed and modified by Shin Hyuk. For each page, Sung Joon reviewed and corrected them all. Then it turns out that Shinhyuk's idea still needs to be significantly improved, and Sung Joon asks Shinhyuk to ask Punho and Juyoung for help."Who are you really? How do you know everything? Sung Joon knows what New Look is looking for, so ask Shin Hyuk."Why did your mind change?" asked Sung Joon who didn't want to answer Shinhyuk's question. "You said I couldn't count on you.""I don't know, I don't know myself. I definitely like it. Hearing this magazine closed, I was very motivated. Play the game without knowing what your chances of winning are... I really like this material. You know I'm crazy. Instead of giving up before trying, I decided to give it a try. After all, the odds of winning are 50/50. Shinhyuk probably answered and went home. When he goes outside, Shin-hyuk sees Sung Joon's onion and smiles at the shadow of the onion.

On the way back, Shinhyuk called someone and apologized for not being able to do what he asked in English. When asked why Shinhyuk simply replied that something interesting had happened. Hejin rushed to work, yes, because he woke up late. Before Hejin left, Hari checked on him, and after he felt he looked good, he let go first. Before leaving the house, Hejin said he loved Hari, and Hari told him to make a lot of money. Hejin was already on the bus, listening to music on his headphones. Not realizing that Shin-hyuk is next to him, Shin-hyuk rides a motorbike and walks right next to the bus that Hejin is riding in. Hejin was already on the road and was about to cross. He was still wearing his headphones and kept shaking his head. Shinhyuk was standing beside him, but Hejin hadn't noticed. Shin-hyuk also bends his knees and makes fun of him when he sees him focused on listening to music without worrying about his surroundings. Hejin tried to be angry with the person he was interested in, but as soon as he found out that it was Shinhyuk, he shouted with joy.

Hejin was happy that Shinhyuk was back, but Hejin was still guilty of rejecting him. Hejin wasn't the only one who was happy that Shinhyuk was back. All teams feel the same. All the teams will gather and Sung Joon will ask for the results of the 20th edition of the interview. Ju Young replies that she tried to contact Leonard Kim. She is a highly sought-after fashion director and is currently sought after by journalists. Joo-young and the others thought the interview would be tough, but Sung-jun and Shin-hyuk unanimously recommend that they continue to challenge without giving up. The sense of unity between Sung Joon and Shin Hyuk confuses others.

Sung Joon suddenly has a nosebleed, and Pun Ho and Jun Woo try to help him, but their disagreement makes Sung Joon uncomfortable, so he decides to go back to his room. Joo-young offers to find a replacement at the Jeju meeting since it can be concluded that Sung Joon is tired and has a nosebleed. But Sung Joon says he's still fine and can take care of himself. Seeing how Sung Joon worked with a nosebleed, Hejin was naturally worried that he couldn't focus while writing. She even gave Sung Joon burdock tea to prevent Sung Joon from drinking coffee again.

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Han Sul who already knows that Joon Woo is not the son of a president keeps trying to leave Joon Woo. However, Joon Woo, who still thinks Han Sul is his girlfriend, remains focused on Han Sul. Joo Young tells Hye Jin that he is working hard, so he postpones discussing the topic of Hye Jin, Shin Hyuk who hears it immediately says that he can replace Joo Young. Even though she feels uncomfortable being alone with Shin Hyuk, Hye Jin still wants to do it. Shin Hyuk gave Hye Jin full details, explanations, and teachings about the story he wrote. Seeing that Hye Jin could see another side of Shin Hyuk. Even Hye Jin grew up and said that she really loves Shin Hyuk. Hearing Hye Jin says that she loved him so much made Shin Hyuk happy. But it confused Hye Jin because she thought Shin Hyuk misunderstood.

Because Han Sul previously said that he was sick, Joon Woo came to the hospital with a thermometer and some medicine and went straight to him. Just then, Joo Young comes out and asks Joon Woo to leave. Before leaving, Joon Woo asked Han Sul to take his medicine. Of course, having fun like that touches Han Sul's heart, but the fact that Joon Woo is not the son of a president makes him reluctant to come to Joon Woo again. Hye Jin sees Sung Joon sleeping and is so careful that Hye Jin treats all her colleagues so as not to make a fuss at the office just to find the missing person and heal everyone. Not only healing, but Hye Jin also broke the silence of Mrs. Kim who came in and sang this song loudly. After all, is said and done, Hye Jin goes into Sung Joon's room and gives him a blanket. Unbeknownst to Hye Jin, Shin Hyuk saw what he was doing. Yes, of course, it made Shin Hyuk jealous but there was nothing he could do, and chose to leave the building again.

Hye Jin and Shin Hyuk passed by and Shin Hyuk immediately called Hye Jin to go to a restaurant and get her some coffee. At the restaurant, Shin Hyuk says that Hye Jin is his future girlfriend, hearing that Hye Jin often thinks that Shin Hyuk misunderstands, so when they sit down, Hye Jin tries to immediately interpret Hye Jin's statement that she loves Shin. Hyuk. But Shin Hyuk didn't want to hear it, he laughed like Hye Jin laughed. Shin Hyuk then asks if Hye Jin hates him, in fact, Hye Jin says no and that makes Shin Hyuk tell Hye Jin not to hate him, which can only mean words. Shin Hyuk repeated the sentence, "It won't end until it stops." Shin Hyuk then left, leaving Hye Jin alone. When she first heard Shin Hyuk's words, Hye Jin felt guilty. Hye Jin comes home from work and Hye Rin is at home with Ha Ri eating pizza. Hye Jin immediately panicked and panicked when Hye Rin spoke on behalf of Sung Joon. He even filled the pizza with Hye Rin's mouth. But instead of stopping, Hye Rin keeps talking about Sung Joon. Seeing Hye Jin act like this makes Ha Ri realize that Hye Jin doesn't want to hurt herself

When Hye Rin returns home, Ha Ri takes Hye Jin to her room and gives her the new shoes that Ha Ri bought for her.

When Hye Rin returns home, Ha Ri takes Hye Jin to her room and gives her the new shoes that Ha Ri bought for her.

When Hye Rin returns home, Ha Ri takes Hye Jin to her room and gives her the new shoes that Ha Ri bought for her. Seeing how beautiful the shoes are, Hye Jin wants to ask, but Ha Ri still wants Hye Jin to wear them and goes to see Sung Joon. They agree that her heart still hurts for Sung Joon, but promises it's only temporary, so she asks Hye Jin to accept Sung Joon. Unbeknownst to Hye Jin, Sung Joon was already in front of Hye Jin's house. But Sung Joon stayed there without calling Hye Jin. As soon as Sung Joon left, Hye Jin opened her bedroom window. As Sung Joon walks past the store with the dog, he remembers that Hye Jin was so close to the dog that he called her “princess.” He sits next to her and says that waiting is tiring.

Sung Joon came home feeling very tired. Even when he saw the onion he made was Hye Jin's, he couldn't make a happy face. Hye Jin wears the shoes Ha Ri gave her. As he passes the shop, he greets the princess and sees Sung Joon's coat around the princess' neck. Hye Jin took the scarf and replaced it with hers. While waiting for the bus, Ha Ri gets into her car and drives Hye Jin to the office. For Hye Jin, Ha Ri says that this will be the last time he will dump Hye Jin because, after that, he will sell his car. At the office, Hye Jin keeps looking for Sung Joon but can't find him until Sung Joon comes to Jeju on business. Through the conversation between Joo Young and Sung Joon on the phone, Hye Jin heard that Sung Joon would return to Seoul on a four-hour flight and arrive at the office at 6 am. Shin Hyuk wants to teach Hye Jin again, but what he finds is that Hye Jin is asleep because she is tired of looking for Sung Joon. Because Poong Ho asked for the file in Sung Joon's room, Hye Jin got it. While searching for files, Hye Jin sees a painting by Sung Joon.

Hye Jin is at her desk, thinking about Sung Joon. Suddenly, she enters Sung Joon's room, takes a photo of Sung Joon, and immediately leaves the office. It turns out that Hye Jin went to the airport to welcome Sung Joon's arrival. With a happy face, she paints a picture of Sung Joon, so focused on the painting that she doesn't see Sung Joon coming out of the airport. Yes, Hye Jin didn't know that Sung Joon had come home early and Sung Joon himself didn't know that Hye Jin was waiting for him. In front of the exit, Sung Joon was frustrated, suddenly fell, and fell. Hye Jin returns to the office sadly because she hasn't seen Sung Joon yet. When he arrives, he finds out that Joo Young and Sung Joon have died and he is in the hospital now. Unexpectedly, Hye Jin immediately went to the hospital.

When he sees Hye Jin running all day looking for Sung Joon, Shin Hyuk takes Hye Jin to the hospital. Hye Jin asked because she was worried that Shin Hyuk would take her to see Sung Joon. But Shin Hyuk didn't care and immediately told Hye Jin to get into the car. Outside the hospital, Hye Jin sympathized with Shin Hyuk so much that she didn't leave the scene immediately. Seeing this, Shin Hyuk used his coins again and chose to leave Hye Jin or delay Hye Jin's departure for Sung Joon. Shin Hyuk tossed a coin, but without opening the door, Shin Hyuk told Hye Jin to leave immediately. As Hye Jin left, Shin Hyuk opened his arms and saw a picture of the building that Hye Jin ended up choosing. Yes, Shin Hyuk loves Hye Jin so much that he is ready to see Hye Jin happy with the man he loves. Hye Jin entered Sung Joon's room, where Sung Joon was sleeping. Hye Jin stood beside him wanting to press his head. Suddenly, Sung Joon's hand lifted Hye Jin's hand and pulled her to lie down beside him. Sung Joon opens his eyes and asks if Hye Jin came because he was worried. Hye Jin nodded and continued that she came because she wanted to kiss Sung Joon together. Hye Jin immediately hugged Sung Joon. Hye Jin let go of her hug and Sung Joon immediately touched Hye Jin's cheek and kissed her. Continued

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