Synopsis of Drama She Was Pretty Episode 14 Part 1 English Subtitles

Drama She Was Pretty Episode 14 Part 1 

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Drama She Was Pretty Episode 14 Part 1

 Drama She Was Pretty Episode 14 Part 1 

Synopsis of Drama She Was Pretty Episode 14 Part 1 English Subtitles

Sung Joon will help introduce Hejin if he manages to save The Most. Of course, Hejin didn't refuse. Sung Jun Soen Hae Jin and Saggy. Then contact Shin and Shin Hyuk to contact Leonard Kim. I don't know what the news meant, but Shinhyuk was immediately shocked and worried when he heard it. Sung Joon was immediately shocked when he received an SMS from Leonard Kim's manager asking for more confirmation. Sung Joon calls him, but with the same result, no interview with Leonard Kim. Can't get it. Shin-hyuk returns the news that Shin gave him while he was in the car and driving the car. He said rumors spread that Leonardo Kim used marijuana. It turns out that Shin Hyuk meets Sung Joon in his office and finds out how Leonard Kim is. Sing June if she hasn't been interviewed yet, and news of the interview failure will be announced next week. Shinhyuk was confused when he heard this and wondered if this was his last chance. Surprised Sung Joon couldn't answer anymore.

Every day, everyone is confused about finding an alternative to Leonard Kim who can interview to fill the 12 pages of his magazine. Poon Ho, who has the tenth volume entitled "Memory", suggests interviewing him immediately. But Tien is always an option, so I'm not sure anyone can interview Tien. Sung Joon then participates and accepts Poon Ho's idea, but still has to prioritize his privacy by not showing his photo. Everyone agreed and started looking for connections to connect with Ten. Mrs. Kim didn't notice and looked at everyone from above. Sung Joon goes to book publisher Tan and asks to meet, but the publisher says they don't know themselves, they only communicate via email. Sung Joon doesn't want to be discouraged, so he asks the editor to convey his wish to interview Ten. The editor said "yes", but Ten agreed that he made no promises.

Hejin and Sungjun met while Hejin was staring at him in the hallway, so Sungjun could see him clearly and was more excited. Hye Jin also agreed that the 20th issue of The Most would be published because Hye Jin's first article was there. Sung Joon smiled and happily took Hejin's hand. Joon Woo asks directly why Han Sul always avoids him and doesn't want to answer his calls anymore. Not wanting to give the real reason, Han Sul ordered Jun Wu to re-explain their relationship. Hari came home and saw his father waiting for him in front of the house. Hari's relationship with his family is improving, as evidenced by the father's open statement to his wife that he is with Hari. In his father's case, Hari said he wanted to be independent and didn't want to spend any more money on his father. If something goes wrong, I want my dad to step in and not help him.

Hari was confused after his father left. I always tell everyone that I want to be independent, but until now I didn't know what I wanted to do. All the editorial staff was overjoyed at the news that Jinson's son would soon become Vice President. He thought the president's son was a new kid who didn't know anything and he would become vice president. Looking for the president's son, Han Sul quickly realized the anxiety as he tried to seduce him before going public. Between Punho and Shinhyuk, Hansel prefers Shinhyuk, who is said to be the president's son. Han Sul chases after Shin Hyuk and asks him to eat with him, but Shin Hyuk refuses. Sung Joon calls the publisher again, but they haven't heard about Ten. Even so, Sung Joon is optimistic that the interview with Ten will take place. Then he saw his team confused outside. They were confused when the art team asked for the interview's main page design and the advertising team also asked about the announcement of the 20th edition.

I didn't want to offend everyone, so Sung Joon came out and told everyone to go home, but the arts and promotion team did it for themselves. Everyone worries about Sung Joon's attempts to take the lead first, knowing that failure will have many consequences. Shin-hyuk sighs when he hears that he's sad. Shin Hyuk left the room and walked over to Haejin, saying, “It's over for the first time,” and he said he didn't have to worry about what he liked. Hejin got a boost from what Shinhyuk said, but when he was so worried about Most closing, he couldn't lie to himself. Jun-woo wants to convince Hansel and asks Hansell if he should go on the blind date offered to him. Hansel allowed Jun-woo to attend the event without thinking. Hearing Han Sul says without sadness, Jun Wu naturally made him feel even sadder, and he decided to leave immediately.

When he was alone, Han Sul was with him when he was Jun Wu

When he was alone, Han Sul was with him when he was Jun Wu

When he was alone, Han Sul was with him when he was Jun Wu. Han Sul remembers everything, so I don't feel like losing to Jun Woo. Han Sul immediately chased Jun Woo who was already on the bus without thinking. When Jun Wu Han Sul chased after him, he asked the bus driver to stop, but the driver couldn't. He would just stop the bus at the next stop. The bus will stop and Han Sul will come. He ran from his previous stop. Han Sul asked Jun Wu not to go on blind dates and not to leave him. Of course, Joon Woo immediately agreed. Han Sul confesses his feelings if he really likes Joo Won, and Joo Won also confesses his feelings. Han Sul then asked Jun Wu to kiss him, and Jun Wu happily did.

Sung Joon was flowing through the Han River when he received a call from Hejin. When he arrived at the basketball court, suddenly Hejin's voice asked him to play basketball. The loser had to buy a drink, so Hejin was also advised to place a bet. Then they played basketball together, Hejin said. Sung Joon also took the opportunity to make fun of Hejin, pretending to meet Mrs. Kim, and as soon as Hejin was quiet, he kissed Hejin's forehead and grabbed the ball. Hejin blushed at first because he was kissing, but when he realized that Sung Joon had the ball, he immediately screamed in frustration.

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Not wanting to be angry with his girlfriend, Sung Joon put Hejin on his shoulder to make it easier for him to put the ball into the ring. Sung Joon dropped Hejin on his back, and suddenly Hejin kissed Sung Joon's cheek. Of course, if you suddenly kiss, Sung Joon will be happy. The two are now on a park bench, and Sung Joon gives Hejin the drink he bought. After that, Hejin pulled out Sung Joon's and his nails. Hejin knows everything, Sung Joon is not because of his nails because he is left-handed. Sung Joon seemed pleased with Hejin's attention.

The editorial team meets again, and Sung Joon finally decides to publish The Most No. 20 without the interview page. Similarly, he asked all the teams to put together the articles they wanted to write. Everyone agrees, but I'm also worried about the ratings I'll get if I just trust my writing. When she heard of the riot, Madam Kim came and cheered them on. He agrees with Sung Joon's idea. He couldn't possibly show up later, because no one knew. All team members have started writing their own articles. Suddenly, a courier for food delivery appeared. I discovered that it was an order from Sung Joon for everyone who worked hard tonight. While eating, Jun-woo and Hansel saw their intimacy and scolded Poonho for being too obvious. Far away, Sung Joon and Hae Jin can only see each other without being able to do what Jun Woo and Han Sul did. Shin-hyuk naturally saddens him when he sees them staring at each other.

After that, all teams will publish the images published in the magazine. Juyoung is called Haejin. He had just read the article written by Hejin. Juyoung's question was the same as before, asking if Hejin liked what he wrote, he said he's really good now. Juyoung emphasized that the part Haejin corrected might not be a perfect article, but it might be a new and unique article and said it was really good. Joo Young praises Hye Jin for improving her writing. Of course, Hye Jin was happy to receive the compliment. Hye Jin's article will change slightly before appearing in the magazine. Shin Hyuk who was praised by Hejin was also happy with a smile. Demand

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