Synopsis of Drama She Was Pretty Episode 13 English Subtitles

Drama Synopsis She Was Pretty Episode 13

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Drama Synopsis She Was Pretty Episode 13

Drama Synopsis She Was Pretty Episode 13

Synopsis of Drama She Was Pretty Episode 13 English Subtitles

Hye Jin visits Sung Joon who is lying in the hospital hugging him. Knowing Hye Jin is ready to welcome him, Sung Joon is very happy and kisses Hye Jin gently. When they hugged again, suddenly Madame Kim's voice was heard and of course, they immediately let go of the hug. When Ms. Kim entered Sung Joon's room, Hye Jin wasn't there. Where's Hye Jin? it was hidden in the cupboard. Luckily, Mrs. Kim didn't stay there long, as she was going to a meeting.

After Mrs. Kim left, Sung Joon opened the cupboard and saw Hye Jin was nervous because Mrs. Kim was about to open the cupboard door. The two looked at each other and Sung Joon wanted to bring his face closer to Hye Jin but when he saw Hye Jin Sung Joon's eyes were closed he abandoned his intention to kiss and night fell. bead kiss. Being accused of such a direct incident was strongly denied by Hye Jin. Between Hye Jin apologizing, Sung Joon suddenly kissed Hye Jin's lips, forehead, and cheeks. This of course made Hye Jin smile. Hye Jin goes to work, as usual, she meets and shares an elevator with Shin Hyuk. They both stood behind. Suddenly Shin Hyuk used his mouth to make a sound like someone blowing air. Everyone in the elevator looks at them as soon as Shin Shin says that it was Hye Jin who blew the whistle. In fact, this embarrassed Hye Jin and made Shin Shinuk angry.

When he saw Hye Jin getting angry and annoyed, Shin Hyuk immediately said that it was the Jackson he knew. He also asked Hye Jin not to feel comfortable around him anymore, because he didn't want a brother like Jackson to die. Before he leaves, Shin Hyuk orders Hye Jin to tell him that Sung Joon has wronged him. Sung Joon was about to lift the elevator but he turned around because he entered the wrong elevator, the elevator door he was about to enter did not open, then he knocked on the elevator and the elevator collapsed. Realizing that he fell to the ground like this, Sung Joon can't help but laugh but realizes that he's saying this because he's focused on his taboo. Without Sung Joon's presence without knowing the reason, Eun Young looks very confused and confused. Sung Joon enters Most's office and pretends to be surprised when he sees Hye Jin on the roof. When he sees Sung Joon starting work, Joo Young also asks if Sung Joon is in good health. With a smile on his face, Sung Joon moved his body and said he was fine.

When he saw Sung Joon's character who kept smiling, Han Sul said there was something surprising about him. Eun Young adds what she saw earlier. Poong Ho thinks that Sung Joon's smile must be because he's dating someone. Hearing what Poong Ho said, Shin Hyuk immediately looked at Hye Jin who explained that Ah Reum was immediately attracted to the woman Sung Joon was dating. Hye Jin loses the dress she was wearing when she heard the news of Ah Reum's affair with Sung Joon's boyfriend. The all-knowing Shin Hyuk smiled at him. Hye Jin walks into Sung Joon's room and asks him not to pretend to love her and date them. Before leaving the house, Hye Jin asked Sung Joon to reduce coffee and 3 cups every day and not to open the window so that others can't see Sung Joon smiling to himself. Sung Joon smiled and laughed when he saw Hye Jin coming out at that time. he said that Hye Jin is very beautiful when she is scared. Sung Joon pours coffee on his desk, while he still has a chance to drink coffee.

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Most meet. In the session, Hye Jin continued to see Sung Joon who was different from Sung Joon when he was a child. The idea of ​​Sung Joon being little Sung Joon made Hye Jin smile. Until he shouted "He-hee."Upon hearing Hye Jin's call, everyone immediately looked at her, and Sung Joon scolded her and asked her to focus on this meeting. The meeting ends with the individual leaving, after passing Hye Jin, they also hate Hye Jin who deserves to be loved. Of course, Hye Jin couldn't control who was happy. She continues to sing as she works, not caring about anyone watching her until Poong Ho approaches her and scolds her. Sung Joon finds her in the room, he finds Hye Jin who can't control herself, but she taught him something.

Hye Jin and Sung Joon graduated. Hye Jin insults Sung Joon for insulting her earlier in the meeting, but disappointment comes to Hye Jin as soon as Sung Joon says he didn't do anything but he really wanted to reprimand Hye Jin so she didn't pay attention. But when Hye Jin left, Sung Joon immediately smiled and smiled and Hye Jin was very beautiful when she was angry. Also, the editorial team that reviewed "Ten" on Poong Ho revealed that the author named Ten is from Korea because the basis for his new book is in Korea. Just when everyone was wondering who was ten, Mrs. Kim appeared and said that the meaning of the name Ten is not in English, which means 10, but ten in Korean, which means. There's something here. After expressing her views, Madam Kim left. Joo Young thinks Mrs. Kim is smart and Shin Hyuk is also annoyed as if he was wondering. Han Sul surprised Mrs. Kim who wanted to meet her nephew at 5pm. Curious to know who President Jisung was, Han Sul had set up a cafe at the entrance to see who Madame Kim's brother was. But before Madame Kim's expected niece arrives, Ah Reum shows up and orders Han Han to get back to work. Not only did Han Sul not see who Madame Kim's sister really was, he didn't show us the person right away, but we were only seen wearing clothes.

Sung Joon took Hye Jin to her parent's house because that night there was a dinner celebrating Hye Jin's parents. When Sung Joon was about to return to the office, Hye Rin saw him and immediately called Sung Joon home. In the end, Hye Jin's entire family knew that Hye Jin and Sung Joon were in charge. Hye Jin is happy to have a good boyfriend like Sung Joon, Hye Jin's father, mother, and sister who welcome Sung Joon so much that after they eat, the three of them bring food for Sung. Joon until Sung Joon's bowl is full. Hye Jin herself felt uncomfortable and shouted at them to stop their behavior like this, but the three people didn't care and thought Hye Jin would be jealous. After dinner, they all posed for photos. For Sung Joon to return to the office, Hye Jin calls. When Hye Jin enters the house and when Sung Joon is about to leave, he meets Ha Ri. Since something was still unresolved between them, the two spoke together.

Ha, Ri apologizes for what she did and Sung Joon doesn't seem to mind it anymore. At the end of their conversation, Sung Joon asked Ha Ri to be his friend, Ha Ri accepted the invitation. Ha, Ri is now at Hye Jin's house and Hye Jin is cooking. Wanting to hide anything, Ha Ri tells Hye Jin that she first met Sung Joon. Hye Jin is relieved that Ha Ri and Sung Joon have finally solved their problem. Hye Jin was already at home receiving a call from Sung Joon when she received her toothpaste. Since Sung Joon doesn't want to turn off the phone instead of changing his teeth, the two call when they receive the toothpaste. That night, Hye Jin is alone at home because Ha Ri lives with her parents. Suddenly, Sung Joon came to Hye Jin's house to bring Hye Jin bungeoppang because for the first time, while watching TV and watching commercials, Hye Jin shouted that she wanted to eat bungeoppang.

Hye Jin and Sung Joon are in the car now eating together.

Hye Jin and Sung Joon are in the car now eating together.

Hye Jin and Sung Joon are in the car now eating together. After eating, Hye Jin and Sung Joon listened to their favorite music until they both fell asleep and woke up in the sun. Hye Jin who woke up early immediately woke Sung Joon up and got out of Sung Joon's car to get ready to go to work. Sung Joon immediately left his car. Hye Jin came to the office and soon Sung Joon also came. They smiled when they saw each other. In the afternoon, Hye Jin goes to work. Only Bi who doesn't like Hye Jin is now bragging about Hye Jin because Hye Jin's name is in the newspapers. Manager Boo then reminds Hye Jin that in three weeks, Hye Jin will be back home, hearing that Hye Jin isn't ready to leave most of the editorial staff yet.

Inside the editorial staff, everyone is still talking about Ten and Joon Woo proudly says he saw ten confirmations that he is Korean. Suddenly, a stranger appears looking for Sung Joon. It turns out that the person is the central agent who reminds Sung Joon of the near future. After leaving the guest, Sung Joon returns face to face without registering. He will still say what happened to everyone, even if they ask what happened. He is furious when Joo Young says they won't be able to successfully interview Leonard Kim. Before entering his room, he said he would contact Leonard Kim directly.

Shin Hyuk goes to Sung Joon's house and gives him a USB cable with a short film directed by Leonard Kim while he was at school. Shin Hyuk thought he could get close to Leonard Kim in the movie. Joon Woo tells everyone in the group that the group will close a few weeks later. He heard from headquarters. When he heard this, everyone was terrified. Joo Young, who was actually an elder there, immediately met Sung Joon in his room and asked the truth. Sung Joon could no longer hide the truth. Knowing that Sung Joon has put a big problem and everything in his hands, Joo Young is annoyed that he just came back. The rest followed Joo Young's action until Hye Jin and Shin Hyuk were left in the room.

Sung Joon was alone in his room, Hye Jin came to cheer and cheer him on, but that night Sung Joon wanted to be alone, he didn't want to disturb him. The next day, Sung Joon teamed up with Shin Hyuk and Hye Jin to complete the 20th issue of The Ultimate. But it's not easy, because Joo Young and her friends really need their help. Mrs. Kim calls Sung Joon to his room, reminding Sung Joon that the way he's been using all this time is not right. All Sung Joon needs to do is tell everyone and trust his teammates. Because when Sung Joon didn't tell the truth, they all thought Sung Joon didn't believe them as a group. Sung Joon is alone now in Most's room, in the dark, pondering all the things that people have said about him and how he works.

On his way home, Sung Joon meets Hye Jin who is waiting for him at the bus stop. Hye Jin takes Sung Joon's car keys and wants to take them home. Hye Jin couldn't stand seeing Sung Joon in this situation because she was driving her own car, afraid that Sung Joon would leave again. When he saw Hye Jin's great concern, Sung Joon immediately hugged her. As she hugs Sung Joon, Hye Jin pushes Sung Joon away and calls him to fight. The next day, Hye Jin and Shin Hyuk went to work with gentle faces. But that beautiful face disappeared as soon as she saw the full editorial team in the room. Excited, Hye Jin immediately kissed Joo Young. Wow... This movie really touched me...This time, Sung Joon shows up and reminds everyone that they have a meeting in 20 minutes. Yes, it looks like Sung Joon is known for their return, and it seems Sung Joon was the one who convinced them to come back.

Everyone was already in the hall when Sung Joon called. As it turned out, it was a call from Leonard Kim informing him that he had agreed to be interviewed, and everyone immediately heard the message. But to our surprise, Shin Hyuk, excited, suddenly fell silent as he thought. All the editorial team literally ate without Sung Joon. They all praised Sung Joon's hard work who managed to get support from Leonard Kim. They also told about Sung Joon who came to meet them one by one and asked them to return to Kachasi. Hye Jin is more proud than Sung Joon who wants to approach them one by one. They all started to celebrate their success having the support of Leonard Kim. Sung Joon goes into his room and is surprised to see a box of food on his table. When he realized that the food was still hot, he immediately ran to look for o

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