Synopsis of Drama She Was Pretty Episode 10 Part 2 English Subtitles

Drama Synopsis She Was Pretty Episode 10 part 2

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Drama Synopsis She Was Pretty Episode 10 part 2

Drama Synopsis She Was Pretty Episode 10 part 2

Synopsis of Drama She Was Pretty Episode 10 Part 2 English Subtitles

Hye Jin as well as Shin Hyuk had located at the noodle restaurant. Because Hye Jin already knew she was injured, so Shin Hyuk used it as an alibi to feed Hye Jin. Of course, Hye Jin wanted to do it. While feeding Hye Jin kept asking why Shin Hyuk got hurt, but Shin Hyuk didn't want to answer. Shin Hyuk chokes and Hye Jin gets him a drink. As Hye Jin departed, Shin Hyuk quickly ate the noodles with his right hand. wkwkkwkw.... in fact, Shin Hyuk lied, his right hand really hurts but actually it can still be used to feed itself.

Hye Jin returns to deliver water and Shin Hyuk again begs to be fed with the alibi of not being able to eat alone. He begged Hye Jin to feed him pickled radish. After eating they went back to the office. On the expedition back to the office Hye Jin kept asking about the trigger for Shin Hyuk to get hurt. In conclusion, Shin Hyuk admitted that he fell from the motorbike. Hearing that, Hye Jin immediately begged for Shin Hyuk's motorbike key, so that Shin Hyuk wouldn't ride a motorbike again. Shin Hyuk doesn't want to give it up but Hye Jin keeps pushing until finally, Shin Hyuk asks if Hye Jin wants his girlfriend. Hearing this, Hye Jin immediately fell silent.

"Otherwise, don't be like this... you make me flutter without an alibi," said Shin Hyuk and left. Hye Jin, who really didn't want to accept Shin Hyuk's feelings, continued to say that if Shin Hyuk was joking about saying all that, he didn't want to be sure even though Shin Hyuk said it wasn't a joke. Sung Joon and Hye Rin have also finished eating. Before returning, Hye Rin begged Sung Joon not to meet them at Hye Jin and of course, Sung Joon agreed.

Ha, Ri finds praise from her boss for helping their guest this morning. The guest that Ha Ri is looking for changes his tie. Thanks to Ha Ri, the meeting that the guest was trying out went smoothly too. Moreover, very happy with their hotel service, the guest changed the training they were about to try in Hong Kong to their hotel. Because he tries to please the guest, the boss also promises to give an award to Ha Ri. Madam Kim immediately panicked when she found the suit she shared with Sung Joon was still in her room. Sung Joon doesn't remember bringing it with him. Because the suit must be worn tomorrow and not be worn by Sung Joon, Madam Kim also asks who can bring the suit to Sung Joon's house. But none of the three employees in the room dared to answer yes. Yes, they were all worried about the grumpy Sung Joon.

Just then Hye Jin appeared with her onions and Madam Kim immediately called her. He ordered Hye Jin to bring the suit to Sung Joon's house. Like it or not, Hye Jin is also obliged to do it. Arriving at the lobby of Sung Joon's apartment, Hye Jin immediately distributed the suit to the guard. He ordered the guard to tell Sung Joon that the person who delivered the suit was Han Sul. Suddenly Sung Joon's voice asked if Hye Jin had changed her name. Hye Jin flipped over and immediately distributed the suit directly to Sung Joon. Sung Joon responds that he knew about the suit from Madam Kim. Because she had distributed the coat, Hye Jin also said goodbye, but Sung Joon invited her into his house for tea first.

Sung Joon poured the tea into Hye Jin's cup and Hye Jin quickly drank it. www... Hye Jin is hot because the tea is still hot. Hye Jin hastily drank so she could get her lightning back. Hye Jin is about to leave but Sung Joon has to hold her back again with an alibi if he has something to say. Sung Joon pours more tea into Hye Jin's cup and begs Hye Jin not to drink it again like drinking cold water.

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Sung Joon wanted to discuss what happened yesterday, but only yesterday's speech appeared, Hye Jin immediately said that she knows why Sung Joon, everyone should care about other people.. the victim is Hye Jin. Sung Joon also expressed his feelings for Hye Jin. Sung Joon's statement really makes Hye Jin taller and gives her goosebumps when she wants you to drink tea. So shocked, Hye Jin spilled tea on her clothes. Seeing Hye Jin's wet clothes, Sung Joon went straight to his room and got a winter jacket for Hye Jin to wear. Of course, Hye Jin refused the dress, but because Sung Joon insisted, Hye Jin changed her dress.

Shin Hyuk returns to the office and asks where Hye Jin is. Sun-Min replies that it looks like Hye Jin is still at Sung Joon. Hearing this, Shin Hyuk again asks why Hye Jin went there and Eung Young replies because Mrs. Kim asked him to hand over something. Knowing that Hye Jin is in Sung Joon, Shin Hyuk contemplates what would happen if Hye Jin were in Sung Joon. Hye Jin has changed clothes but doesn't know how to get out of the bathroom until Sung Joon calls her. In front of Sung Joon, Hye Jin had a very good feeling.

Sung Joon took Hye Jin's hand and wrapped it around his big shirt and said that he didn't reveal everything because he wanted to show it to Hye Jin. The reason was simple, he wanted to express his feelings. Sung Joon also admitted that Hye Jin was someone he had known for a long time."I tell myself the truth when I meet someone who can tell me who I am without realizing it. Meet someone who makes me want to tell you about myself." I'm Sung Joon because I keep bowing to Hye Jin again. Hye Jin's eyes filled with tears and Sung Joon's expression was speechless.

Hye Jin apologizes but Sung Joon cuts her off because he wants to bring Hye Jin home. When Sung Joon goes to get the car keys, Hye Jin rushes out of Sung Joon's house. Sung Joon only found Hye Jin's clothes in the bathroom. The doorbell rings and Sung Joon opens the door, he thinks Hye Jin is back. Sung Joon's face immediately brightened when he saw Shin Hyuk who came. Shin Hyuk manages to enter and retrieves the beer he kept in Sung Joon's fridge. He said he came because he was thirsty, and he wanted a beer.

Sung Joon gets angry and asks if Shin Hyuk is Hye Jin's bodyguard who always accompanies him wherever he goes. Shin Hyuk believes he cares for Hye Jin because of their relationship as brother and sister. Shik Hyuk then asked about Sung Joon himself, what his relationship with Hye Jin was. He meets Sung Joon who thinks he has become Hye Jin's hero. Wanting to perish, Sung Joon responds by saying that he is not a joker. Shin Hyuk sighed and chose to say goodbye.

Han Sul and Joon Woo eat spicy noodles at a restaurant. Because Han Sul doesn't seem to like spicy food, Joon Woo keeps harassing him by telling him to eat there.

Han Sul and Joon Woo eat spicy noodles at a restaurant. Because Han Sul doesn't seem to like spicy food, Joon Woo keeps harassing him by telling him to eat there.

Han Sul and Joon Woo eat spicy noodles at a restaurant. Because Han Sul doesn't seem to like spicy food, Joon Woo keeps harassing him by telling him to eat there. When he sees Han Sul can't eat spicy food, Joon Woo says he and others will eat it next time. When he heard that Han Sul outright banned him, he said that he was interested in junk food, but couldn't believe Joon Woo's words because Han Sul used a lot of meat to clear his runny nose while eating.

Joon Woo eats, and before they leave, Joon Woo throws away the cover Han Sul used. Seeing that Han Sul was annoyed that his handkerchief was dirty and Joon Woo threw it away with his own hands. Then Joon Woo makes an amazing statement, saying that he has nothing to do with the big dress Han Sul made for him.

Hearing this, Han Sul fired Joon Woo who immediately left the shop. Han Sul asked what Joon Woo meant. But Joon Woo doesn't want to tell him right away, so Han Sul asks if they're friends now, and Joon Woo nods and answers. Not wanting to be intimidated, Han Sul asks Joon Woo to kiss him. Not surprisingly, Joon Woo did as Han Sul asked. Han Sul asks for more evidence, asking Joon Woo to hold his hand. Joon Woo took Han Sul's hand and took him for a walk. Han Han is very happy to have Joon Woo's heart.

They Ri approached Shin Hyuk who was in front of the beauty shop. Not wanting the problem to continue indefinitely, Shin Hyuk also tells Ha Ri that Hye Jin already knows everything and that Hye Jin purposely said it completely because she wanted Ha Ri to say it herself. When they hear that Hye Jin already knows everything, Ha Ri is afraid to go inside the house. But he entered every house, into the house he saw Hye Jin unbuttoned her shoes."Hye Jin... I'll be down tomorrow." Wait until tomorrow…just one day…then I'll come down. They Ri said tearfully and thanked Hye Jin for waiting for her to confess.

Hye Jin just finished interviewing Lee Yi Eun. He is a children's novelist. In Yi Eun, Hye Jin also claimed to have dreamed of becoming a children's book writer. Hearing this, Yi Eun asked Hye Jin to keep on realizing her dream because she herself started it after giving birth to her first child. As an encouragement, Yi Eun donated a children's newspaper. Of course, Hye Jin happily accepted. Hye Jin opened the first page of the book and received a message from Yi Eun, "As you dream." Hye Jin read the book to the end. He was reading while standing on a bench overgrown with grass. Wow... really good for photography. Good family. On the way back, Hye Ji sees a sticker that is being made to make her want to see a cartoon show. He stood in front of Renoir's portrait and watched the girl follow. Unbeknownst to him, Sung Joon appears and stands beside him. When they realized they both greeted each other.

Sung Joon asks for Hye Jin's first interview and Hye Jin is confused about it but it would be a good story. They met a group of kindergartners. One of the kids saw the scarf Sung Joon was wearing and said that Sung Joon must have a cold, so he wore a scarf like them. Hearing the boy's words, Sung Joon felt embarrassed and left immediately. Hye Jin then defended Sung Joon by saying that the cover Sung Joon used was for fashion. Because Hye Jin defends Sung Joon, the boy teases Hye Jin by saying that Hye Jin must love Sung Joon. Hearing the joke, Hye Jin was confused and thought she immediately kicked the kids away. Hye Jin and Sung Joon work together. Hye Jin laughed at Sung Joon who was still wearing this kind of makeup, Sung Joon teased him to take it off but Hye Jin quickly said he was joking

Suddenly, a visitor asked Hye Jin for help to take a picture. They photographed the front of the renovation along with the photo in this photo. After the photo was taken, the guest promised to take photos of Hye Jin and Sung Joon. Hye Jin refuses, but Sung Joon immediately gives his cellphone to the visitor and asks him to take a picture.

Sung Joon and Hye Jin were currently in front of the building. Sung Joon wants to take Hye Jin away because their goals are the same, but Hye Jin refuses to say that she doesn't want to go to the library just yet and deletes the results of the interview. Sung Joon understood and immediately said goodbye by saying Monday. Hye Jin calls Sung Joon and says see you tomorrow. Sung Joon is confused because Hye Jin said tomorrow even though tomorrow is Sunday they won't meet at the office. But Hye Jin still said tomorrow with a smile. Although still confused, Sung Joon tries to figure it out and leaves immediately.

Sung Joon is already in the car and Ha Ri invites him to meet her. But Sung Joon can't because he has time with clients. He looks forward to another day to meet Ha Ri, but he quickly points out that tonight they should meet even at night because he has something to say to Ha Ri. Sung Joon and Mrs. Kim and Mr. Bally sat at a table. They see cooperation as valuable. Thanks a lot, this Bally collection is everywhere. Hye Jin is already at the office. He had seen Shin Hyuk enter by elevator but Shin Hyuk didn't hear when he called.

At the editorial team's office, Hye Jin meets a tired Poong Ho who just returned from a business trip. When he hears that Hye Jin is doing research for the first time, Poong Ho remembers that the first one wasn't. As a result, Poong Ho also said that that night Shin Hyuk immediately went to pick up Hye Jin because he was worried. When they heard Poong Ho's story, Hye Jin and Shin Hyuk came to see the car and when asked about Shin Hyuk's motorbike, he didn't answer. Hye Jin bursts into tears when Shin Hyuk announces that he was injured by falling from a motorcycle. if Shin Hyuk was hurt by it, Hye Jin ran away immediately. Hye Jin still had a chance to meet Shin Hyuk who had just arrived at the camp. Hye Jin immediately asked for confirmation from Shin Hyuk, Shin Hyuk could be silent when he realized Hye Jin already knew everything.

Sung Joon had dinner with Mr. Bally and Mrs. Kim. He immediately calls Ha Ri and asks where she is. They replied that he still had work to do and when it was done he would leave immediately. When she hangs up on Sung Joon, Ha Ri is found. Shin Hyuk is still silent, Hye Jin asks for an explanation from Shin Hyuk. He wanted to confirm if Shin Shinuk was injured as a result. Shin Hyuk then wants to answer, he confirms the cause of injury to SHin Hyuk and asks if Hye Jin is now frustrated that she hurt Shin Hyuk. Like Shin Hyuk at first, Hye Jin remained silent.

“Well, just big and feeling heavy and feeling guilty. I want you to think of me. Shin Hyuk is honest, Hye Jin wants to talk but Shin Hyuk immediately talks about Hye Jin's promise to fulfill Shin Hyuk 3's wish. He wants to use his last wish. Now his request is… ...Shin Hyuk hugs Hye Jin directly."I'm not asking you, and I don't want to be your friend." Shin Hyuk said and surprised Hye Jin. Ri and his boss escorted Mr. Bally into the car. Also, thanks to Ha Ri for coming even though she's on vacation. As the boss leaves, Ha Ri calls Sung Joon.

"Min Ha Ri-shi." call someone and reflex Ha Ri immediately turned to the person who called him. Ha, Ri's eyes were immediately startled when she realized who it was who called her. That person is Sung Joon." Min Ha Ri... who are you?" asked Sung Joon with an angry expression for being lied to all this time. continued

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