Synopsis of Drama Priest Episode 5 Part 2 English Subtitles

Synopsis of  Drama Priest Episode 5 Part 2

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Synopsis of  Drama Priest Episode 5 Part 2

Synopsis of  Drama Priest Episode 5 Part 2

Synopsis of Drama Priest Episode 5 Part 2 English Subtitles

In the parking lot, the nurse was going home. Suddenly there is a wheelchair, he comments who put this here. He will return the wheelchair. But the wheelchair suddenly moved. The wheelchair attacked the nurse, the nurse ran. Jae Moon watched from a distance. It turns out that Jae Moon is controlling it. The wheelchair continued to chase the nurse until the nurse fell. The nurse was in the ER because she was injured, her leg was broken. He also looks scared. Eun Ho watches him from a distance. The nurse explained that the nurse was being chased by a wheelchair. Eun Ho says that he will check the CCTV. Eun Ho comes out of the security room, he calls Ki Sun.

Young Pil says that he did some shopping. Mi Yeon questions what she bought. Young Pil shows the holy salt. Mi Yeon says how dare you use a company card. They call it the sea because it is very wide. It is during a pilgrimage. Young Pil says what really isn't salty. Mi Yeon says this is tasteless, you cheated. Young Pil says he bought 10 bottles. Mi Yeon says to return it or pay with your own money. Ki Sun tells them that Eun Ho called. Do Kyun who is eating on the phone, said he will be there soon. He immediately went to the hospital. Jae Moon goes to the changing room, he is about to take off the doctor's coat, but the coat can't be removed. He prayed, but the cross suddenly floated up and caught fire. He keeps feeling happy and changing.

They record CCTV, Ki Sun says that Eun Ho sent it, Poltergeist. Soo Min said there are many movies about it. It's a phenomenon where an evil spirit takes control of an object or piece of furniture. This happens when an evil spirit or its energy is obsessed with something. Ki Sun says the energy that creates the poltergeist will not leave the hospital. He will continue to appear and become stronger. This hospital is very spacious. Mi Yeon says checking one by one will take a long time. Ki Sun sees the holy salt brought by Young Pil, they all see it.

They are finally ready, Soo Min says every five meters take a handful and spread this holy salt. Soo Min asks Mi Yeon not to keep playing with her cellphone. He also asked Young Pills not to glance at women. He tells Do Kyun that even though there are criminals being wanted, he pretended not to see them today. They started hunting. They scattered to sprinkle holy salt and holy water. Yoo Ri questions what Young Pil did. Young Pil says that he saw this powder on the floor. Yoo Ri leaves, Young Pil says that Yoo Ri is his type. He accidentally licked and commented salty.

Jae Moon holds the doorknob and looks like there is a reaction. His feet stepped on the holy salt also reacted and left shoe marks. It was Young Pil who immediately reported. Jae Moon saw Mi Yeon who sprinkled holy salt, he controlled it making Mi Yeon fall. Mi Yeon immediately reported it. He asked to be careful. Eun Ho runs into Sun Young and asks why she hasn't come home yet. Sun Young says he will deliver this chart, he asks Eun Ho to wait for him.

Jae Moon to the operating room, he asked to leave him. He prayed, but he couldn't control it. Sun Young goes to the operating room to see Jae Moon who has turned scary. Jae Moon makes things in the operating room move. Sun Young's face is splashed with liquid so that her vision is blurry. Jae Moon controlling the fire extinguisher makes Sun Young fall down.

Eun Ho tries to contact Sun Young but can't

Eun Ho tries to contact Sun Young but can't. Soo Min sees Eun Ho going somewhere. In the operating room, Jae Moon pretends to have a cardiac arrest and thinks Sun Young is his mother. Eun Ho sees Jae Moon coming out of the operating room. Jae Moon approached Eun Ho. Things around Jae Moon moved. He moved the chair, making Eun Ho fall. Jae Moon says that he likes and respects Eun Ho. The patient's bed moves, Soo Min comes at the right time to save Eun Ho.

Soo Min threw holy water to make Jae Moon. Jae Moon managed to escape. Soo Min chases after him. Eun Ho enters the operating room, he finds Sun Young. He immediately took Sun Young to the ER. Soo Min and the others continue to chase Jae Moon. Yoo Ri holds Sun Young. Eun Ho gives Sun Young a heart shock. But Sun Young hasn't realized yet.

They're in the parking lot, they keep looking for Jae Moon. Soo Min looks at Jae Moon. Ki Sun and Soo Min step up to fight him. Do Kyun is about to handcuff him, but suddenly all the cars start up in the parking lot. Eun Ho is still shocking Sun Young. The blazing car left them all flabbergasted. Comment: I really like that each episode is getting more and more interesting. And also the different types of demons that attack. Starting from ordinary possession, the subconscious, and this one is a demon controlling objects. More curious about the next episodes.

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