Synopsis of Drama Pretty Man Episode 2 Part 1 English Subtitles

Drama Synopsis Pretty Man Episode 2 part 1

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Drama Pretty Man Episode 2 Part 1 English Subtitles

Drama Synopsis Pretty Man Episode 2 part 1

Synopsis of Drama Pretty Man Episode 2 Part 1 English Subtitles

Bo Tong looks happy as he pulls money out of his wallet, but when he remembers Ma Te in the hospital, his big smile makes him sad. flashback Tong, whose body is still wrapped in plastic, panics and runs into MaTe, who confesses about his mother. Bo Tong explains that MaTe's mother fainted. I saw a foreign object in Ma Bo Tong but immediately went to see my mother. Then came Hong Yoo Ra, who looked very stylish, and Bo Tong was of course dumbfounded. Yura quickly approached Boton and asked: Did you call Mate? Bolton nodded. Did Bolton ask who you are? Answering only that Yura is Mate's friend, Yura leaves Boton, which he finds very strange. After Yura left, Boton muttered that he was very shy. Sorry, it seems weird.

End of the flashback Tong looks at the money as he talks to himself and says that his friend at Oppa must be very beautiful and as good as his friend at Oppa. Boughton nodded according to his thoughts. But he noticed that Grandpa was accompanied by a beautiful friend because he didn't have a car. He then looks at the laptop in front of him with his face covered in wallpaper and says he will work hard to buy a beautiful car for Mate even on Saturday. Mate is at his mother's house, still saddened by her departure, can't even make him happy, and takes him for a walk in Seoul, a beautiful house and a beautiful car. The mate looked at the wall of the room where many of his photos were placed. He was annoyed and immediately tore up all the photos. Mate couldn't stand it and started crying again. Now I feel lonely and lonely. However, Mate's eyes fell on the old photo on his mother's desk, and he picked it up and looked at it. He also remembered Yura's words back then.

flashbacks that time, YooRan said he knew the MaTe password. The password that MaTe needs to meet Mae's father. The mate who was attracted to Yoran from the start asked who he really was. Yura didn't respond to Mate's curiosity and told Mate to look after Mate's mother while continuing to pray with a piece of paper with a phone number on it. After Mate's mother's work is done, Mate can contact her and she will explain everything. End of flashback

This time, Mate met Jacques because Jacques was already home, and Jacques immediately stopped my Mate's house and said that he was worried about Mate. MaTe seems to hate this visit. However, he still accompanies Jack Hi and rests his head on Jack Hi's thigh. Jacques Hi asked how Ma Te Ga could tell him something. I'm very worried. Mate has nothing to do with Hongyura, right? The mate was silent the whole time, but then he asked: What kind of person is Yura?

Jack Hee replied: 'Hong Yura is a nine-tailed fox. Overseas, he managed to seduce MG Group president Park Moon Soo and become his wife. The mate was intrigued by the fact that Yura married into a conglomerate family. If Yura was interrupted before giving birth, Jack Hi reacted immediately. Jack He even said that out of all divorce cases for rich families, Yura only had one house, so it was Yura's case that he regretted the most. ..Suddenly, Mate says Hongyura is a mysterious woman, Jacques starts to get jealous, and Yura is a dangerous woman, not a mysterious woman, so Ma reminds him not to obsess over Yura.

Hongyu relaxed. (Look at the eyeliner, okay? Hihihi)However, Yura remembered something and immediately took out her cell phone and listened to the recording of her voice. flashback the hospital, he said he would text her when Mate's mother started to feel helpless. What's more, Mate doesn't know who his mother is and has to tell Mate the truth. At that time, Mate's mother was working hard to tell Yura something, something about the password that Mate needed to know. Yura immediately took out her cell phone, recorded what Mate's mother said, and promised to talk to her. End of the flashback course, Mate arrived at Yura's house, a very spacious house. I looked around the house and Yura came and said it's been a while. Mate asked Yura sincerely to explain everything now. All that makes it so interesting."Why would the widow of a businessman follow me?"

Yura patiently replied, "Come with me."Mate arrived at a very elegant-looking room, sat down on the sofa, and Yura prepared a shelf that Mate could help out. Before mate, there is a screen explaining the MG group. Companies engaged in various fields, ranging from distributors and department stores to hotels. Incomprehensible Mate tried to listen carefully to all of Yura's explanations."MG Group is the number one industry in Japan."Then the image changed to a man's face, and Yura told Mate to remember the man's face clearly. This person was the leader of the MG group, Park Disk. Gi Suk is currently sick, but he is still serving as president. Next, next to Park Gisk's photo, the face of a woman named Na Hong Lan, who is the vice president of MG Group, appeared. Until now, Hong Ran was the official heir of the MG Group and the influence holder of the MG Group.

Along with Yura's explanation, Na Hong Ran was seen walking, the staff continued, and Yura's voice said, "Hon Ran is the ironwoman that all employees fear."This time, a line was drawn between Gisk and Hoglan, returning to the projector with the face of a man who meant Disk and Honglan's son. Then Yura's face appeared, and she was connected as the ex-wife of Honglan's son in Disk. As before, except for Yura's explanation, Gisok and Honglan's son, Parkmuns (Kim Youngjae), will be seen at the MG Group meeting. Yura said in the middle: 'He is the CEO of MG Group, but his mother, Vice President Nahonran, controls him. Therefore, he did not affect the staff. "The mate was bored and asked why he had to know Yura's story. Yura looked too sharp and pressed the remote control as she got up to change the image on the projector. It depicts a family tree.

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Yoo Ra calmly said, "The chairman of MG Group, Park Gi Suk, is your father."Ma Te was surprised. Yoo Ra turns around and says that's the truth. “Dokgo Ma are..the hidden child, the leader of MG Group. The son of a jerk from the MG group. ”Jack Hee came to a place, and when he entered there, the receptionist gave a queue number to Jack Hee so that Jack Hee also queued like the others. Senior staff came to scold the employee, and said that Jack Hee was a VVIP customer, how could he be told to wait. Jack Hee smiled with satisfaction hearing that. Turns out it's a fortune teller's place, Jack Hee goes in there, and the fortune-teller who is a woman says does Jack Hee now have a boyfriend? Jack Hee, who initially admired the interior of the room, was immediately amazed because he had not said anything, the fortune teller already knew. Jack Hee sat in front of the fortune teller. The fortune-teller asks if Jack Hee's boyfriend really likes Jack Hee? Jack Hee was surprised of course. Then the fortune teller said that in his previous life, Jack Hee's girlfriend was the most beautiful woman. But because in this life Jack Hee's boyfriend was born a man, then Jack Hee's boyfriend uses his face to seduce women.

Jack Hee wakes up and asks does that mean his girlfriend never loved him, and only used him? The fortune-teller said that it was the fate of Jack Hee's boyfriend to win to become a parasite among the queens. However, the fortune teller reminds Jack Hee never to let this man go, even though this man doesn't love Jack Hee."This man, he's the type to make a woman feel like a queen" But suddenly the fortune teller, as if he had a glimpse, and then said that there was a woman. Jack Hee gets scared, afraid of his Ma Te turning away. Back again to Yoo Ra and Ma Te. Ma Te asks means that his mother is included in one of the women who became the wife of the Chairman of the MG group? Yoo Ra confirms and says that Ma Te's father's legal wife takes care of her husband's mistresses, by giving money to keep her mouth shut, or worse, ordering gangsters to destroy Ma Te's father's mistresses. Yoo Ra explained that Na Hong Ran did that on purpose so that Hong Ran wouldn't lose his balance as the official heir of MG Group.

Jack Hee is still shocked by the fact that there is a woman in the middle of his relationship with Ma Te. The eccentric fortune teller said that he would first ask the spiritual god about the woman. Then the fortune teller took two objects which if he connected them to the device in front of him, would produce a powerful electric wave. Then the dolls that were displayed there would vibrate because of the electric wave. Jack Hee was scared and closed his eyes. He saw the fortune teller muttering, and said something he didn't understand. But after the ritual is over, the fortune teller says that Jack Hee will lose everything because of a woman. Then Jack Hee remembers Yoo Ra and tries to find out about it. He also immediately gave the date of birth, and the month of Yoo Ra for this strange fortune teller to predict. After looking at the date and month Jack Hee gave him the fortune teller said “It's been 10 years since I received a call from God, but this is the first time his fingers are tingling and his knees are weak. He had never seen such a good pair. No, he's never seen such a perfect match."

the more shocked Jack Hee heard it. She almost cried. The fortune-teller says if Jack Hee's boyfriend is a politician, then Jack Hee's girlfriend can make that woman president. And if Jack Hee's boyfriend is a businessman, then Jack Hee's girlfriend will make the woman very rich. Whatever the woman wanted, Jack Hee's boyfriend was able to do it. Jack Hee didn't hold his hand and covered his ears and shouted, asking the fortune teller to stop. Sobbing Jack Hee said, how could the fortune teller say such cruel things to him. The fortune-teller smiles and says don't worry. Then the fortune-teller threw an amulet at Jack Hee and Jack Hee accepted it. The funny thing is, when Jack Hee saw the amulet, it was in the shape of a watch. Jack Hee said that this is a children's digital clock. What is the point? The fortune-teller said that it was no ordinary watch. There is something mystical in it. As long as Jack Hee uses the watch, Jach Hee's boyfriend's heart will not turn away. Jack Hee, who was sad earlier, turned happy and thanked the fortune teller. He gripped the talisman tightly.

The funny thing is, when Jack Hee saw the amulet, it was in the shape of a watch. Jack Hee said that this is a children's digital clock. What is the point? The fortune-teller said that it was no ordinary watch. There is something mystical in it. As long as Jack Hee uses the watch, Jach Hee's boyfriend's heart will not turn away. Jack Hee, who was sad earlier, turned happy and thanked the fortune teller. He gripped the talisman tightly. Ma Te came to his mother's ashes, he gave a small bunch of flowers near his mother's photo. In his heart, he asked whether the password really exists? Is it true that he is the son of the Chairman of the MG Group? If so, why are their lives like this?“Why do you have to live lonely and leave so pitifully Mom?”

In a very large room, there was a rich woman playing chess alone, she moved the chess pawn without any opponent in front of her. Eats all the black pawns, and puts down the white pawns, a sign that he is in power. That woman is Na Hong Ran (Kim Bo Yun)Entered a man who announced that the shareholders' meeting was about to begin. Hong Ran asked if any director was not present? The staff replied that everyone had come. Hong Ran smiled happily. He then asks then if CEO Park coming? The staff replied that he still couldn't contact CEO Park. Hong Ran told the staff to leave, and he came back with his chess pieces.

Meanwhile, MaTe is already in the lobby of MG Group

Meanwhile, MaTe is already in the lobby of MG Group

Meanwhile, MaTe is already in the lobby of MG Group. The receptionist said he couldn't do that if he didn't have an important appointment."Then I want to ask President Park Gisuk. I have a message from Kim Mi Sook."It turns out that Ma Te met Na Hong Ran, vice president of MG Group, not his father. In the room, Hong Lan tells him to sit next to Ma Tae, and when Ma Tae goes to the sofa in the room, he asks where President Park is. You are here to meet Park GiSuk. Hong Lan replies that President Park is sick and can't find him right now. Mate, who was still standing, asked: Is President Park in the hospital? Then, see you at the hospital. Hoglan didn't answer and asked if there was a message. Let him tell President Park. Mother listened to the question and smiled. He said it was very unpleasant. Hong Lan replied that it was more unpleasant to come without a date. Hoglan asks who are you. The mate looked back and replied, "I am President Park Gisk's son."Hoglan couldn't hide her surprise, but soon she smiled gently and hid her feelings. After Hoglan, Mate sits by the bench and says that as many Mates have come and claim to be President Park's son. So he wasn't that surprised. Is there evidence in the pair? Couples must at least bring DNA test results.

What surprised me was Mate. But he casually replied that this was the case with the president, why would Honglan interfere? Hong Lan replied that some youths claiming to be President Park's illegitimate children always brought evidence, even though the evidence was false. He stood up and told Mate firmly. "This is my first and last warning. Please speak out of respect for a commoner like you, I can't do that anymore, so I'll end up here."After that, Hong Lan left Ma Te and accidentally dropped the expensive bottle that touched Ma Te. This showed that he deeply hated Ma Te's existence and had not previously responded to the threat. Hoglan's staff came and told the staff to clean up the trash in the room. He pointed to the shards of the expensive pot or the couple who stood up and looked at the frustrated Hoglan. After that, Hoglan demanded that Mate be expelled, and Honglan's staff complied and immediately grabbed Mate's arm and took the man out.

The mate was very annoyed, bullied, and applauded two Honglan staff members who wanted to take him out immediately. "I go with my feet"One Hong Lan was still thinking, but it seemed that Kim Mi Sook, who disappeared, had a son. At her house, Yura asks Mate how. Was Mate being treated like a trash can in front of Nahonglan? Sit down, Mate is frustrated by the question of how the innuendo sounds. I do not like it. Mate also replied that he didn't come to the place in the first place to meet Hong Lan. Yura who was up and down replied that Mate should take care of Hongra to meet President Park because it was trash before Hoglan."Before holding my daughter's 100-day event, Vice President Naran kicked me out. When did you start walking and what did you get on your first birthday? I don't know if he likes the colors and the dolls he likes."

Yura, who was already near Mate, said, "Now, let's find out where your seat is and where is mine."To agree with mother, he helps find where Yura is sitting, but before he can help, he knows the password to prove that he really is President Park's son. Yura laughed and said she didn't want to say the password. The mate was surprised. Yura continued her prayer that Mate was the source of her money. How can you send an untrained source of funds into war with your weapons?"Moneymaker?"Yura explained how to defeat a monster like Na Hong Gran without tactics or information. "I have never humbled myself in front of my enemy without any defense."Ma bent down and asked to know that this was true, and in front of Yura who was sitting opposite him: what should he do with Nahonglan?"You have to be as big as Na Hong Gran. To get rid of the princess, you have to be a strong prince."The mate was confused and certainly didn't understand. Is it as big as Hoglan? Will you become a prince? Yoo Ra stood up and approached Ma Te, handing him a key, and said “Start here.”Ma Te asks what is this? Hong Yoo Ra was silent. Continued to part 2

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