Synopsis of Drama Pretty Man Episode 1 Part 2 English Subtitles

Drama Synopsis Pretty Man Episode 1 part 2

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Drama Synopsis Pretty Man Episode 1 part 2

Drama Synopsis Pretty Man Episode 1 part 2

Synopsis of Drama Pretty Man Episode 1 Part 1 English Subtitles

Mate knows a friend who was beaten by a gang for being sold without a permit. His friend asks Mate for help. His friends know that Mate can live a life of luxury thanks to Jacques. I also know that Mate is with Jacques, not because he loves him. To keep his friend's mouth shut, Mate advised him to eat. The next day, I accompanied Bo Tong MaTe's mother. At the stop, Bo Tong asks where they are going. Mother's mother tells Te that she intends to meet her loved ones as friendsMate's mother meets Park Kisk, who calls him president. So let's call him President Park. It was like an old acquaintance I met after a long time. When President Park asks Mate, Mate replies that Mate has grown into a man with beautiful eyes. Mate's mother doesn't usually ask him to see her, so President Park asks if something has happened.“I just wanted to see you…” answered Mrs. Mate.

Between me. Talk to President Park Bo-gum and collect the leaves and arrange them in the shape of flowers. Mate's mother credits the leaf placement which makes the button "beautiful". But Bo Tong quickly corrected it and said that the most beautiful couple is. Mom smiled and asked if Bo Tong really liked her. "If you like it a little bit, you'll be happy," Boston said. He also added that he predicts Mate will be a great man. He already lives in Gangnam. The next fact meant he became the best man." I have to meet their standards as soon as possible," said Boston. The mother then couldn't be near Mate but said she wanted Boton to take her place while taking care of her like Ma. Faced with this question, Bo Tong wonders if MaTe's mother is going somewhere. Mate's mother didn't answer, but she led the conversation, praising Boton for being cute. Of course, Bo Tong immediately blushed.

Jack Hee invites MaTe to meet his friends. One of Jekhi's friends asks why Mate stays on Jekhi's side, but Jekhi has a lot of money, so Mate answers without further effort. Her friend tells her that Jack Hee is a low-income working woman who can now become a wealthy businessman. Mekhi immediately interrupts and says Mate doesn't know the story. All he knew was that Jekhi had a lot of money. Another of Jack Hee's friends said, "So we were worried about you... you naive Jek Hee. A friend likes Mate's honest attitude, adds Mate. He says it's okay to take off his wedding ring for him. Jek Hee is clearly angry when she hears this. Jack Hee quickly calmed MaToo down and prevented him from being provoked. It hurts to be treated like that, but Mate acts as if it's okay and can even refuse what Jekhi's friends say.

At home, Bo Tong practices yoga with his mother. She is older, but Bo Tong's mother is very good at yoga. Boston asked why his mother couldn't lose weight when she practiced yoga every day. Mother replied that she was old. Also, my mother said that she was very thin when she had the upper tongue. Boughton saw her mother's current body and did not want her body to be like her mother's age. Bogong immediately calls Dae Shik and asks him to wrap himself in plastic. Hahaha… this is the weirdest diet idea I've ever seen. As she was dressed in plastic, her mother panicked and Mate's mother said she passed out. The mother also told Bo Tong to talk to MaTe.Following MaTe leaving the meeting with Jaekhee and his friends. He admits to being dissatisfied with the environment and asks Jek Hee to never take him to a place like that again.

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Yura reappeared in front of Mate, but this time she avoided him and spoke directly to Mate

Yura reappeared in front of Mate, but this time she avoided him and spoke directly to Mate

Yura reappeared in front of Mate, but this time she avoided him and spoke directly to Mate."Who the hell are you? You've been following me for years."Yura only answered Ma's question. "Do you want to see me again?"Mate still wanted Yura to explain to him about their meeting, but Mate found it strange. Yura explained that she didn't come to this place to catch up to Mate but to attend the school reunion.“School meeting? You… Is he a former Jekhi student?” Mate asked. You're curious because you're Jekhi's student?” Mate wants to know who he really is. Her cell phone rang before Mom could ask again. Boughton called Mate's mother's cell phone. Bo Tong tells MaTe that his mother is hospitalized. Bo Tong also said that MaTe gave chemotherapy without telling anyone. Immediately upon hearing this, Yura stopped and suddenly brought her face closer to Mate. Yura smelled alcohol inmate, said mate couldn't drive a car drunk, moreover, the mate had to drive his car to Ulsan. Yura offered to take Mate away.“How do you know where my mother lives? Who are you?!" he yells at you.

Instead of answering Mate's question, Yura simply said, "I'm faster than a taxi, as fast as a bullet. Why don't you get in?"With no other choice, MaTe let YooRa take him away. On the way to Ulsan, pulling back to hold back your tears will cause your lips to bleed. Yura noticed this and immediately handed Mate a handkerchief and told him to cry if he wanted to. Back to the hotel where Jack Hee and his friends finished the event. Jek He looks happy when he sees Mate's car left in the parking lot and asks the hotel staff for Mate's location. The waiter says Mate left with the lady in a red van. One of Jek Hee's friends who heard it immediately said that the red truck was Yura's car. Jack Hee's other friends complain why YooRa left before meeting her at the reunion."Oh, he looks 10 years younger, so I don't think it's from your grad." Apparently the hotel maid. "That's right. It's Hong Yura," Jek-hee's three friends agreed.“Perhaps you are returning to old habits?” said one of Jekhi's friends."Old custom?"“Hong Yura… If I were a flower, I would definitely get her no matter what. It doesn't matter if she is a friend of her mother's son.” Jek Hee's friends are clear.

"No..." Mekhi interrupted. "My mother loves money too much, Hong Yura ... that woman ... after the divorce, she was kicked out of the house without money. I have more money than women. "Jek Hee who doesn't want his friends to win said he wanted to look strong in front of him. her friends, but Jek Hee is still an ordinary woman and can't help but be disappointed. At the hospital, MaTe's mother is cared for by Bo Tong and his mother. Bo Tong wonders why the mother's mother hides her illness from everyone, including her son. After seeing Boston still wrapped in plastic, Boston's mother asked him why he didn't want to put him down. Bo Tong replies that it cannot be erased. Mom immediately told her to go to the nurse's room and asked her to let her go.

Bo tong comes with a photo of Ma Te's mother, he says that is the only photo he has found at Ma Te's mother's house. Looking at the photo, Ma Te remembers that night, where his mother sent him several photos and asked which photo was the best and Ma Te chose the exact same photo as the photo that Bo Tong brought now. It turned out that at that time, her mother was preparing a photo of her own funeral. When he was about to post a photo of his mother, Ma Te couldn't do it. She curled up on the floor and cried as she hugged her mother's photo. Bo Tong cries seeing Ma Te so hurt. Three days after his mother's passing, Ma Te still mourns the memory of his mother. He looked at the shoes his mother used to wear.

Soon Yoo Ra came with a white rose. Although still curious how Yoo Ra knew all about him, but Mate didn't question it because he was still lazy to talk about it, he still felt sad.“At first, I was really curious about who you really were, but… right now I don't have time to think about it. If I meet you next time.... I'll definitely ask you all that. Who are you and why are you following me." Say Ma Te. Yoo Ra walks up to Ma Te and says, “I guess you should be curious about something else.” Ma Te still didn't respond to Yoo Ra's words."The password... the password your mother left for you." Hearing that, Ma Te responded, “what are you saying now?” asked Ma Te with surprise and curiosity."The password you need to meet your father, I've heard it." Yoo Ra replied casually."Who are you really? What are you saying?"“What he means is… the most important word in your life… I know it.” Yoo Ra approached Ma Te and whispered, “From now on… Dokgo Ma Te… you… are mine.”Continued...

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