Synopsis of Drama Pretty Man Episode 1 Part 1 English Subtitles

Drama Synopsis Pretty Man Episode 1 part 1

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Drama Synopsis Pretty Man Episode 1 part 1

Drama Synopsis Pretty Man Episode 1 part 1

Synopsis of Drama Pretty Man Episode 1 Part 1 English Subtitles

Synopsis Pretty Man Episode 1 Part 1. The first time I saw the first episode of this drama, it was very exciting and interesting, with animated scenes scattered like moving chickens and buttons on the shoulders of a swimming couple. In the drama "Marry Him If You", there is a duet. Fifteen, for this drama I will be a trio with me. Me and Fifi. I am. hehehehe... Hopefully, the collaboration can reach the last episode. The drama "Prince" begins when two men and women meet in a luxury apartment. Women still try to seduce men, but men look so boring. The man is Dokgo Mate (Jang Keun Suk), who is silent when Jack Hee (So Yoo Jin) unbuttons his shirt.

Jack unbuttoned Mama's shirt and asked Hi if Mamata wanted a new car. After accepting the offer, Mate sighed and immediately got up from his seat. He doesn't like Jack Hee's offer. Because he's like someone who does things just to take advantage of women. Jack Hi who didn't want the horse to leave him immediately apologized, but Ma Te didn't care and said that Jack He gave Ma Te the exact same house that the apartment bought. Found now. ..Mate quickly turned around and approached Jacques. Hold your mother Jack Hi firmly and press it against the wall. Already frightened because he thought Mate would attack him, Jacques fell silent when Mate found Jacques' lips. Without saying a word, Mate left Jacques, who was sitting leisurely. Mate smiled as they left the apartment.

Open the Kibo Tong (IU), which you edited to use the MaTe photo as the background. Suddenly, Bo Tong's younger brother, Kim Dae Shik (Hoon) appears in his taekwondo outfit. He complains that Botan uses his notebook to edit MaTe's photos. Bo Tong has a part-time job at a restaurant, so Bo Tong's mother steps in and gets angry at Bo Tong right away. What made his mother angry was that Bo Tong did not help his mother's restaurant, instead choosing to work in someone else's restaurant. Bo Tong insists it is all because his mother never pays him. Upset by Boston's actions, Mother immediately dragged him out of the room. Bo Tong, who already had a college degree, could only work part-time, so Mother sighed. Mom had BoTong go to an academy, like a dog makeup academy that could give him a certificate.

Bo Tong admits that he is allergic to dogs. The mother then asked what the real purpose of BoTong's life was. Boston was excited to write something down and show it to his mother and sister. Bo Tong wrote "Spouse Wife". Hahaha... Of course, this made his mother even angrier. The mother reminds Bo Tong that he will soon be 26 years old. "If you keep doing this, why don't you get married?" Then the mother asked Bo Tong to accompany her wedding consulting company tomorrow. But Dae Shik immediately says that no one wants to go to Bo Tong, so mom doesn't have to do that. The day when Shiku and Boton were shocked by him and their mother was getting dizzy. Finally, Mother told Boston to go to the market to buy some food. Bo Tong was still bothering him when his mother reprimanded him for working at another restaurant when he left the house. He still doesn't want to take responsibility, because he's never been paid like other employees whenever he helps out at his mother's restaurant.

At the market, BoTong was suddenly blown away by the fisherman's arm. I don't know if it was intentional, but the fisherman immediately took off his shirt and said it was hot. Bo Tong was even more mesmerized when he saw his shoulder blades. Borton originally wanted to buy goncied fish by looking at the man's shoulder bone, so he replaced it with mackerel. The fisherman unbuttoned his shirt again and tried to seduce Bogong again.

After looking at the man's hairy chest for a while, Bo Tong seemed to be out of hypnosis. "What are you doing now?" Bo Tong added that he didn't buy fish from the man and left immediately. Boston himself says he hates people who like him openly, the right person for him is Opamate. So, falling in love with Mate, Botan imagines him swimming on Mate's scapula. Boughton was already at the bus stop and smiled when he saw the words, "My Dokugomate." Cut at the bus stop. Bogong makes bold writing with a pen so that the writing does not disappear. The bus passed in front of him looked at the bus and remembered Boton when he first met Mate on the bus.

Looking back 10 years ago...

At that time, Bo Tong fell asleep on the bus. He was suddenly awakened by the light emitted by Mate as he boarded the bus. Yes! All the women on the bus were mesmerized by Mate's beautiful appearance, but only Boton fell in love. He was even willing to get up from his seat just to stand next to Mate. Mate, seeing girls crazy about him, no matter what Boton does.MaMa carefully removed the headphones. Ma Te closed his eyes as he listened to the music. It didn't matter if Bo Tong was by his side. However, he suddenly felt uncomfortable and immediately opened his eyes. How shocked was he to see Bo Tong's face nearby?

At home, Bo Tong is still wondering where MaTe lives. Little Desk appears in a Tecoon costume and tells Boton that his mother called him and told him to fry the meat. But Bo Tong is troublesome to do so, Dae Shik says, if Bo Tong doesn't want it, his mother will come and drag him out immediately. Mom appeared and immediately dragged the bottom out of the room. The mother introduced Mate's mother to Boton as a friend. How surprised Bo Tong was when he saw the son of his mother's friend was fascinated by him on the bus. Of course, the laziness of grilling meat soon disappeared, and he was excited about grilling meat for Mate and his mother.

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That night, Bo secretly wrong sent to his mother's dog

That night, Bo secretly wrong sent to his mother's dog

That night, Bo secretly wrong sent to his mother's dog. In her new home, we and her mother are sitting in the clear sky. We asked her mother for tea, when will I meet her father? Ma Te is his grown mother.“Fountain... I want to keep my word.”"Which promise? Only mom and dad know the password? I only promise if I bring her the password? Mom... tell me..."

The mother replied that it was not time to know everything. When the time comes, Ma Te will definitely give you the password. Ma Te looked disappointed because he didn't say that the mother who wanted to report him spoke directly to Ma Te's favorite spring. However, with a change of heart, Ma Te doesn't accept the argument that falls calorie is very high in calories and if he eats it, he will gain weight. A mother who knows the nature of her child immediately goes home to look for low-calorie calories. Suddenly a tube detector appears (haha... I don't know what to name it so just say it...). It turned out that Bo Tung knew where Te Te lived. Maat who was still outside looked at the observation tube. Ma Te was not there when Bo Tong tried to see Ma using the pipe. Where he was behind the fence and surprised Po Tong. Bo Tung said he got Bo Tong's calf to get my vegetarian dog for Ma T. Ma Te, who looked hungry but didn't want to leave Bo Tong at home.

The next day, Bo Tung Ma looked at Te in class. Ma Te continues to fascinate women everywhere. Not only his classmates were fascinated by Ma Te, but the homeroom teacher was also fascinated by Ma Te's beautiful face. We drink mineral water from bottles in our cool way. “My dream for the future is air…” said Bo Tung as he watched us enjoy the drink in his heart. The scene now changes with Ma Te drinking water from a bottle in the same position. She is with Jack Hee at the house that Jack Hee bought for her. Jack said that the house suited Ma Te's sweet taste. When I heard this, I asked if T was pretty. Jack Hee laughed and replied that it was a question of whether the earth was round. “I have a lot of money, but I feel less like a woman. I'm getting older and I think I've had plastic surgery too. I'm too small for you, we're at the bottom. When beautiful women happen." in front of you, you know ... I'm afraid?

We smiled, "Beautiful and young, what's the point?" Everything just takes a moment. A lot of money is enough for me. “Let us know when you caress Jack Hee's face."Is that so? Am I beautiful to you, am I attractive as a woman?" Jack asked Hee, who answered Ma Te straight away. He brought her closer to Jack and kissed him. After Jack Hee accepted the kiss, he immediately opened his wallet and took out the keys to Ma Te's new car. Wow .... new people really squandered something t.Ma Te was very happy with the car. It's like giving a child a toy. We drive the floor of his new car. On the street, he saw it because he saw it. His mother sent him some photos and asked what looked good. While she was at a red light, we looked at the photo of her mother below and decided on the latter.

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Ask mom when you can meet? The question tells the right mother that it is Yoo Ra (Han Chi Yong), who appears in her car next to the car. Yoo Ra, look at Massachusetts, so I don't hear her mother wanting to say anything. The light has turned green, try to follow Yoo Ra. He asked his mother now said. Feel who is busy, my mom takes what you say. Yoo Ra's panic feeling lost, what she really likes about her mother, if her mother can't sleep, change her mother's lamp. I understood my mother and advised me to drive carefully. Before I hung up, my mother came back. Eat mommy with a pile of drugs. Mrs. Maschaia is sick, she is afraid she can't meet what she died. Bo Tung came to Ms. T to visit him to make food for Massachusetts. The mother of the Pu clamp went somewhere to guide. Although Bo Tung is a little disappointed because it's not Seoul's house, Bo Tong wants to be in Ma Ma T. They still try to hunt you

But unfortunately, the red light again, and this can be caused by the pursuit of a few T. that I was very angry at his heart and said: "Afternoon, he disappeared again." Flashback when I just arrived in Seoul. You saw that only coffee in the cafe. Has been mesmerized by Jamal Yo's head. When you look at him, he doesn't want to lose, he immediately stops your surprise for you. But sadly, if you look again, you are not there. After it was brief, the waiter came over and handed him a cup of iced water and a note from Yu. Yu Ray wrote, "Drink this cold drink and hold your hand." After reading this message from Yu Ra, became angry. This makes what you freak, RA. Continue ...

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