Synopsis Drama Oh My Venus Episode 9 English Subtitle

Synopsis Drama Oh My Venus Episode 9 English Subtitle

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Synopsis Drama Oh My Venus Episode 9 

Young Ho is sitting in his father's room, Mr. Kim without looking at his son describes the hospital calling him yesterday and

The doctor said his son had fully recovered. Young Ho can only lean his body on the sofa. Mr. Kim with a cold face felt it was a good thing. Young Ho corrected.

“My current position will be yours. This is also the position of your mother first. You must be responsible with this position, and of course, with

this position does not accept any faults.” Mr. Kim said firmly, Young Ho never glanced at his father.

"I already knew that very well." Young Ho said looking resigned

"There will be many mouths that will continue to talk about you later, so make sure, to always protect your attitude." Master Kim commanded looking at his son.

Young Ho understands, Mr. Kim signed the file then said that everything was over and now the conclusion can be met Young Ho's mother in the afterlife. Young Ho is kind of holding back his sadness looking at his father.

Young Ho was escorted by Chairman Min to the front of the house, when the car door was opened, Young Ho seemed to close his eyes like he had fallen asleep. Chairman Kim, who looked at Young Ho, didn't answer, thinking that his old man was sick. Young Ho opened his eyes then got out of the car.

"I've been wearing a tie for a long time and it's making my head hurt."

Young Ho said loosening the tie a little then thanked him and told Chairman Min to just come back.

When he was about to climb the stairs, Young Ho's body seemed weak and had fallen when he got to the top floor. His right leg seemed to feel pain again, by tying the right leg free of the jacket and tie into the room. Sweat dripping and once leaning on the closet, but finally fell while holding on to the table.

Joo Eun entered the room looking at the suit and tie messy on the floor and heard the sound of a phone call from the room behind the cold. His eyes widened in shock and covered his mouth so as not to scream when he saw Young Ho sitting with his breath panting and sweat pouring down.

Young Ho begs Joo Eun not to come closer, but Joo Eun runs over to him, teary-eyed asking what's going on and looking at Young Ho's left stitched knee, asking if he's hurt. In conclusion, he cried to call someone but Young Ho's hand seemed to forbid him.

“Then what can I do? What's really going on?" Joo Eun asked while crying.

“Please come out… This isn't an injury that other people can heal.” Young Ho said

"What's really going on? We have to go to the hospital right now." Joo Eun said pulling Young Ho with tears flowing

Young Ho's hands patted his knees several times, Joo Eun remembered what Young Ho had said while practicing Jitsu "Tap Tap... That means let go" Then Young Ho looked at Joo Eun and said "Tap Tap.". Joo Eun continues to cry and Young Ho is heard screaming in pain.

Joo Eun stands in front of the booth leaving Young Ho alone while remembering the story of his girlfriend's life. “When I was little, I was seriously ill. So I have almost no memories of walking, running, or playing. When I was sick, my mother died and I was very worried for my father." With tears continuing to flow, Joo Eun crouched down as if she couldn't stand up.

"And I feel sorry for my grandmother. I was very young and weak. It could be just a psychological problem. This problem bothers me a lot and may only go away when I die.”

In the room, Young Ho with shaking hands ate the medicine then crawled to take the injection on the table and was ready to stab him in the leg. Joo Eun continued to cry in front of the room observing Young Ho's voice who was holding back the pain, only being able to feel it without being able to enter the room.

Joo Eun recalled that Young Ho's dislocated hand said, “Your shoulder may appear to have healed, it will take time for complete treatment. Because outward appearances can always be deceiving.” Joo Eun's tears continue to flow, Young Ho's screams are very loud from within.

Joon Sung looked back at his mother who was carrying a box and had fallen, kindly helped her, and looked at her mother's bruised face, then felt the box was very heavy. Her mother looked away, not wanting her bruises to seem like she could lift them.

But Joon Sung begged to be able to help to lift it. His mother thanked and flattered Joon Sung as a good boy, as he didn't realize it was her son, then begged to walk his way. Joon Sung was silent and teary-eyed looking at his mother's back, then explored the path through his mother's house.

Young Ho can walk again though with a very tired face, walking to his room looking at Joo Eun squatting waiting for him. Joo Eunimmediately stood looking at Young Ho who arrived and immediately asked how he was. Young Ho nods if he's okay.

"Are you very well?" Joo Eun asked unable to hold back her tears.

“So I've been caught, huh? I don't feel sexy anymore." Young Ho said, sort of can still jokes. Joo Eun's tears immediately exploded. Young Ho shared a hug by patting Joo Eun's back.

"I am sick. But, why are you the one crying?” Young Ho said

" You make me

shocked and worried! I am very afraid!" shouted Joo Eun who was sobbing as she hit him. Young Ho is getting closer to Joo Eun's embrace so she can calm down.

Hye Ran delivered tea for her mother-in-law, Mrs. Lee told Hye Ran to sit with her first. She was about to say such a thing when the Director arrived and begged her to leave the house with her husband. Hye Ran was surprised to see him.

“Director Choi must have told you that Young Ho has become a Director. So, I just want to go straight. I will always give you a share in exchange for your suffering. So you don't need to be so disappointed." said Mrs. Lee,

“Mother… I don't want anything. I… I just…” said Hye Ran confused with teary eyes

"I believe you must know because you raised your child alone. I don't want my grandson to live alone out there." Said Mrs. Lee, Hye Ran held back tears like asking not to do this to her.

"I believe, you must have suffered from this old woman's selfishness," said Mrs. Lee aware of her behavior.

The maid arrives telling Chief Min has arrived, Mrs. Lee stands up begging Hye Ran

to do what is said to be entirely fair, then beg Chairman Min to follow suit. The newly arrived Chief Min pays respects to Hye Ran then goes over to Madam Lee.

Joo Eun looked at Young Ho's knee as if it was still moving on its own and a fairly large stitching injury. Young Ho felt insecure trying to cover it up, Joo Eun with a cynical glance asked how bad it was. Young Ho admits he doesn't know because he doesn't remember. Joo Eun pulled a message from the hospital that was inserted in the novel, Young Ho could only be silent and resigned.

“So you left the house yesterday not to see Anna Sue in America but to the hospital in Daegu. That night was certainly not exciting and erotic, however, but a quiet and painful night, right? You must have felt it." Joo Eun said looking at the medical records

"So you searched other people's rooms, huh?" Young Ho taunts

“You think you're the only smart one in finding data about something? So, explain what is intertwined? We haven't even kissed, and you're still like this to me?" complained Joo Eun with a cynical glance

"I had cancer when I was little," admit Young Ho

Joo Eun is shocked but sees that there are many injuries to her legs, Young Ho explains. Because one procedure wouldn't be enough to take a message from Daegu Hospital, informing her that the treatment she had recently said she had fully recovered. Joo Eun with teary eyes in surprise looked at Young Ho who still felt pain if it was said to be completely healed.

“Psychologically… My body still remembers the pain. The body is smarter than you think.” Obviously Young Ho

“How many times… no… I mean,

Since we met, especially since I stayed here, do you often have this kind of pain?” ask Joo Eun

" Sometimes. However, the pain from earlier may not be that much.” Young Ho said

"I really don't know that. I think you're just a sexy boy, let alone make fun of yourself. I've always thought of you as a selfish man." Admit Joo Eun is sad

"Because it's like that, you shouldn't judge people by their appearance." Young Ho's message then mockingly looked at Joo Eun who was crying again while she was sick.

"Sometimes, people who see you want to feel more pain than you because it hurts me to see you hurt like that." Obviously Joo Eun

Young Ho teases him that someone Kang Joo Eun loves him. Joo Eun irritated Youn Ho

still unconscious by shouting that he really loves Young Ho. In conclusion, Young Ho pulled Joo Eun's hand to sit next to him, Joo Eun shared by stretching her legs sitting next to Young Ho who was holding her hand.

"Is it okay for you to take that much medicine? Your pain is even worse than my hypothyroidism." Joo Eun said scared. Young Ho looked at Joo Eun beside him.

"Since I was a child until I was old, and even more so until now. I have made the hospital my second home. When you are like that, you will surely realize that

there are still so many sick people in this world.” Young Ho's story

Elsewhere, Soo-Jin kneels in front of the victim's family by delivering fruit, but it seems the victim's family is still angry with Soo Jin's behavior, as the actor's lawyer. Meanwhile, Joon Sung continues to practice boxing, until he finally falls down with the pain in his injured arm.

"Because everyone has their own way of experiencing the pain. So don't cry. Because everyone has freedom in life.”

Hyun Woo's mother-in-law, looked at her sleeping grandson while stroking him very lovingly, her face still had scars on it and her hands were still bandaged. Hye Ran cries in her room alone, looking at the picture of her son.

Mr. Kim is in the hospital as he is doing the treatment. Mrs. Kwon is ready to sleep looking at the picture of her husband, her eyes look sad but there is a smile that appears on her lips.

Joo Eun and Young Ho were already lying down looking at each other,

Joo Eun and Young Ho have been lying down looking at each other, Young Ho admits the pain is still felt, but the situation is fine. He knows Kang Joo Eun is a person who really dislikes liars, so he promises not to lie and asks her not to run away.

Joo Eun's smile appears, feeling that this time is certainly very charming in Young Ho's eyes. Young Ho's hand caresses the hair and Joo Eun's face feels that her boyfriend still has many shortcomings. Joo Eun believes that when she is thin, she will be very attractive.

“If you are healthy, you will be more attractive and sexier. So don't let yourself get sick." Young Ho's message, Joo Eun understands.

"Would you like me to accompany you tonight?" Joo Eun asked who looked at Young Ho who had closed his eyes. Young Ho admitted that he really liked it, then approached to lie on Joo Eun's chest. Joo Eun's hands hugged him while patting Young Ho's back so he could sleep soundly.


Ji Woong carries a hula hoop while telling him the equipment is more difficult than it looks. Young Ho came out of his room looking at the three who were playing hula hoop, Joo Eun easily turned her back to play hula hup then looked at Young Ho as if whispering to ask how he was.

Young Ho distributed the code by carrying his 2 arms if it was good. Joon Sung looks very excited to play the hula hoop raising his hand up. Ji Woong is aware of Young Ho's presence and pulls him to join. Young Ho refuses but Ji Woong always forces him to shake his back so he can play hula hoop. In conclusion, Young Ho tries but immediately falls and chooses to enter his room.

Joo Eun had changed into work clothes and sat at the dining table but didn't look at Ji Woong and Joon Sung, only Young Ho was sitting there. Young Ho told the two of them to eat breakfast first and immediately leave for practice, then looked at Joo Eun who wasn't there beside him when he woke up. Joo Eun panicked worried that Ji Woong and Joon Sung could observe her. Young Ho tells once again that the two have left for practice.

"Oh, I went back to my room at 4 this morning." Joo Eun said nervously.

" Why? Don't you want the two boys to find out If we slept together?" said Young Ho bluntly, Joo Eun hit Young Ho's arm.

"If anyone hears, they will certainly misunderstand." Joo Eun said

"Well...I don't know either, because I've been sleeping." Young Ho said with a teasing tone then looked away. Joo Eun winced in annoyance.

Young Ho opened the yogurt for breakfast, Joo Eun immediately took it and changed her unopened yogurt. Young Ho winced at what Joo Eun tried because it was the same. Joo Eun calls Young Ho an unromantic “Oppa-Ku” because people who are dating would want to do that.

“Oh… To open a side dish, is that so?” said Young Ho opening his yogurt while shaking his head at Joo Eun's behavior.

"But, you said "This is my Oppa?" said Young Ho, Joo Eun replied that Young Ho could be happier if he was called "Unni" while teasing if the call "Oppa" was better.

"Dating is a very ridiculous thing." Young Ho complains can't believe it

“All you know is, 'Exciting and erotic night'. But, you are so stupid when it comes to dating.

Do you want to be called, “Love Coach”?” Joo Eun teased, Young Ho kind of pretended not to hear.

Immediately Joo Eun approached Young Ho's face feeling that his girlfriend had many things to teach him. Young Ho whimpered early in the morning already, deliberately bringing his cheeks closer to let Joo Eun kiss him on the cheek. Joo Eun looks like she wants to bite and tries to hold back her urge and sits back down eating her yogurt, Young Ho can only laugh.

“I couldn't tell you yesterday because you were still sick if I was going to move house in a week. Right now, one day has passed, so there are 6 days left.” Joo Eun's story

" Where to? The place is cozy, right? Does the place allow men to visit often?” Young Ho asked worriedly

"The place is not far from here, and also close to my friend's house. Not only that, the place is comfortable, you will definitely have a busy schedule when you start being active in Gahong, of course, there will be many pairs of eyes watching you. And you certainly want to protect your attitude." Obviously, Joo Eun really understands

"Are you unhappy that you can be my law enforcement officer?" asked Young Ho

"I don't care if I'm not happy or whatever, as long as I can earn. I think you deserve this position. This legal squad maybe just a backup weapon and a weapon for those who oppose your position." jelly's Joo Eun

Young Ho flatters his smart girlfriend, Joo Eun thinks Young Ho has forgotten that he's proud not only charming he's also a lawyer. Young Ho sighed and then squeezed Joo Eun's cheek as her mouth pouted, thinking that only the fat on Joo Eun's face was decreasing.

"I'm also good at food. Do you want me to be fat again?” Joo Eun said scornfully about to eat as she pleases.

“Wow… under the spooky girl.” Young Ho said freeing his hands.

Joo Eun immediately poked Young Ho's arm with his index finger, saying that they had been able to tell his two friends about it. Young Ho doesn't seem to understand. Joo Eun is annoyed that Young Ho is so insensitive because no one knows their bond because dating Jhon Kim has been very surprising, especially now that he is Director Gahong.

Young Ho pretends not to understand, Joo Eun screams that she doesn't need to explain about their bond. Young Ho understands seeing Joo Eun that Dating in the world of work will certainly be a problem because business and individual matters have their place.

" Okay. You're just a fat customer and I'm just your coach." Young Ho firmly does not want to make Joo Eun in trouble.

" Gosh! This man is so insensitive.” Joo Eun complained that she was annoyed, Young Ho chose to eat the chicken and didn't want to look at Joo Eun.

Joo Eun has been able to get up just by carrying one leg, then taking the medicine. Young Ho knocks on the door and enters like sharing a distant kiss and finally, Joo Eun responds with a simple toss, Young Ho immediately catches and leaves shyly.

Ji Woong and Joon Sung walked in to see Joo Eun's hand just tossed her dimples. Joo Eun pretends to lower her shy face, Ji Woong and Joon Sung share their enthusiasm, Young Ho kind of throws his heart out and teases him by inviting him to come closer. Ji Woong and Joon Sung left the room, Joo Eun smiled happily by flashing her dimples.

Young Ho's face is right below, Joo Eun holds her body with her legs and arms so she doesn't fall,

Young Ho's face is right below, Joo Eun holds her body with her legs and arms so she doesn't fall, her hand holds Young Ho's arm to hold on but in the end, she falls down while lying down wincing almost to death doing the exercise.

Young Ho immediately spun over Joo Eun whined his girlfriend was insensitive and gave some kisses on the lips. Joo Eun covered her mouth with glaring eyes in shock, then chased after Young Ho to reply because he was not allowed to share kisses with his protégé as a coach. When Joo Eun managed to catch him, Young Ho instead teased him by continuing to approach him, Joo Eun could only walk backward.

The two of them did sit-ups with a tug of war, Joo Eun told

Again that individual and business matters must be separated. Young Ho feels that they are indeed a business affair because this kind of courtship-style exercise is very good for him then pulls Joo Eun on top.

Joo Eun panic like flying lies above Young Ho's feet, with a smile Young Ho asked where Joo Eun is currently going. Ji Woong's screams were heard calling Joo Eun, Young Ho immediately dropped him. Ji Woong just suddenly looked at Joo Eun on her back, not practicing.

Young Ho breathlessly defended Joo Eun who had been practicing since earlier, then told her to get up. Joo Eun wakes up doing push-ups with a count of “One million twenty-one… One million twenty-two!” Young Ho then invites Ji Woong to join.

Young Ho planned to keep the cucumber in his mouth and then teased Joo Eun who was sitting beside him. Joo Eun blushed, approached, and was ready to take the cucumber. Ji Woong shouted hungry arriving with Joon Sung, Young Ho immediately freed the cucumber. Ji Woong looked at Joo Eun like he was sticking his tongue out at his coach.

Joo Eun looks confused to feel that this method is often used, then mocks Young Ho who

lost. Young Ho blinked, as if he felt something in his eyes, then a bell rang. Ji Woong ran towards the intercom to see who had arrived.

With a teasing look, Joo Eun volunteered to blow Young Ho's eyes, Joon Sung looked at Joo Eun's method of blowing like wanting to kiss Young Ho but not much of an opinion. Ji Woong looks at a woman with a mask in front of the house, begging Jang Joon Sung to come out, just by looking at it can tell that the woman is Jang Yi Jin.

Joon Sung heard Yi Jin's name immediately coughed, choking on his dinner. Yi Jin tries to deny it, but Ji Woong believes it must be Yi Jin who arrives and shouts for his Hyung. Joon Sung keeps coughing. Joo Eun is also surprised to recognize who arrived to meet Joon Sung.

Joon Sung watched Yi Jin's manager get out of the car, with a cynical glance at Yi Jin who smiled at him telling him to come in, but Joon Sung just kept quiet. Yi Jin gawked there yesterday worried that someone might see him because she is Jang Yi Jin's ad queen so don't be caught in that place and tell Joon Sung to come in. In conclusion, Joon Sung enters and Yi Jin's manager waits outside.

“This act of yours is very impolite.” Joon Sung said with an annoyed look

"You want to say, 'Do you want to have dinner with me or kiss me? Do you want to eat with me or…” Yi Jin shouted

"I still remember, so have stopped." Joon Sung orders while raising his hand, Yi Jin even brings his finger closer to touch each other and asks for the answer.

“Jang Yi Jin, this one you are living with.” Joon Sung said politely.

Yi Jin asks Joon Sung to just call his name right away. Joon Sung frowned.

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Yi Jin begs Joon Sung to just call his name right away. Joon Sung frowned. Yi Jin feels that many small children just call his name, Joon Sung says he feels insecure if he has to call his name and is still not used to using Banmal with him.

“Jang Joon Sung, even an orphan can always be a champion. Born on April 5, 1986. Age 29 years, blood O.” Yi Jin said which made Joon Sung hold back his laughter,

Yi Jin thinks Joon Sung can find out about him from google, moreover, the whole scandal is complete on the first page but advises Joon Sung not to be sure of everything because some of it is exaggerated. Joon Sung insists that he has to focus on his upcoming match, so ask.

But Yi Jin shouted even louder, giving him the option of not kissing him

as well as being his girlfriend, Joon Sung really doesn't have to eat with him, his eyes show a kind of puppy eyes. Joon Sung can only sigh. Yi Jin poked Joon Sung's chest so he could grant it, Joon Sung immediately let go.

Soo-Jin came out of the building looking enviously a pair of men and women hugging each other entered the building,

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Soo-Jin came out of the building, looking enviously at the lovebirds, a boy and a girl hugging each other when they entered the building, then remembered what she said to the doctor.


"I used to love to eat and now I don't... Are you having a serious problem?" asked the doctor, Soo Jin said it wasn't like that.

"You have to relax more and do some hobbies." Doctor order

Soo-Jin looks at her phone, remembers Woo Shik's message saying he's fine then asking back about his condition. Walking down the courtyard, Soo-Jin looked at the incoming message from Woo Shik asking where he was, then put it back in his pocket and walked, his steps stopped looking at Woo Shik who was waiting in front of him him him his apartment. Woo Shik looked at Soo Jin who arrived to share a small smile.

In the car

Woo Shik hands out a box of chocolates from Germany, Soo-Jin remembers the chocolate was a gift from Woo Shik when he graduated as a lawyer. Woo Shik thinks that Soo Jin can remember the chocolate she gave him earlier if it is currently being sold in Korea.

"You know, of course, that I am this kind of man. This is how I apologize." Admit Woo Shk

"Do you know your mistake?" Soo-Jin asked with a cynical look

“I am not such a bad man to not know it by my own fault. About the guy stalking Joo Eun..." Woo Shik said and was interrupted by Soo Jin

"I believe, you certainly have an alibi for your attitude. Not like that... but because of that, I can like you. Joo Eun is your first love and you have been together for 15 years. Then he's in danger again, You can't be silent especially if you have broken up. But, that good side of you, I don't like it." Soo-Jin said honestly,

Woo Shik smiles then apologizes for not picking up his phone

and don't give any news. Soo-Jin thinks Joo Eun has a new boyfriend. Woo Shik already knows, Soo Jin asks if Woo Shik knows who it is. Woo Shik finds out that the man is about to become Director Gahong.

Soo-Jin looks at Woo Shik who looks disappointed, then chooses to say goodbye first. Woo Shik holds Soo Jin's hand, trying to hold it in because it's been a long time since we've seen him, and invites him to drink coffee. Soo-Jin refuses

because he is tired and has a lot of work today, so he tells Woo Shik to come back.

Woo Shik calls Soo Jin back and apologizes, Soo Jin looks at him explaining the word “sorry” is what women really want to hear from their girlfriends, then says goodbye and goes inside. Woo Shik can only look at Soo Jin who left with the chocolate he gave him.

In the car

Woo Shik again said the words "I'm sorry" then opened the dashboard drawer, the box Joo Eun gave him was still stored, then opened there was a tie and also a pin clamp.


Joo Eun runs up to Woo Shik in his suit, panting heavily not expecting the timing to be right. Woo Shik is even confused looking at Joo Eun who arrived. Joo Eun already knows, of course, Woo Shik wants to get a job then looks at the tie his girlfriend is wearing and tells him to let it go.

Woo Shik hastily freed and Joo Eun made a tie from her bag, put it around the boyfriend's neck, then admitted that he couldn't make a tie himself. Woo Shik just pulls her, feeling Joo Eun is just a kind of wife.

Joo Eun admits that when she proposes to Woo Shik, she will buy him a tie while tidying up the tie in the collar of his girlfriend's shirt.

Woo Shik is confused as, why women are obliged to propose to men. Joo Eun confirms that he is “Kang Joo Eun” so he can do whatever he wants, then orders him to come in for fear of being late. Woo Shik hugs him and says goodbye to work first.

Woo Shik looks at the tie Joo Eun gave him which turned out to be a proposal for him, remembering the day they commemorated the 15th of dating and he said he wanted to break up.

“We have been on and off thousands of times, during our 15 years of dating. I am Kang Joo Eun, your first love, Im Woo Shik.” Joo Eun firmly then threw her gift on the bouquet of flowers that Woo Shik gave and then distributed congratulations.

Woo Shik is silent as he recalls Joo Eun's words, “I actually wanted to give you a tie when I proposed to you later.” The car is still running but the stare is blank, meaning that in fact the night when they broke up, Joo Eun proposed by giving out a tie.


Before breakfast, Joo Eun asked everyone to pay attention, if they had to clear the agenda for today, without an alibi. Young Ho glares at what else his protégé is trying to do now. Joo Eun confirms the early snow has fallen.

"We decided to go camping if my weight dropped 5kg when early snow." Obviously, Joo Eun, Ji Woong is excited that they have to go camping.

“Yes, the early snow has indeed fallen. However, you don't seem to have lost that much weight. Your body weight has increased by 1.8 from 62.2kg. So, you currently weigh 64 kilograms. Did you lose weight this morning?” Young Ho taunts

Joo Eun shouted in disbelief that it had certainly dropped, Young Ho asked how many kilos. Joo Eun is starting to get nervous, for him it doesn't mean anything because all this time it has to be seen from

how much fat has been lost and how much muscle has been gained. Ji Woong and Joon Sung nodded in agreement.

Young Ho pleads for facts by doing the current exercise, Joo Eun whines by slamming her body in a chair because Young Ho is really not fun because he wants to move tomorrow, then screams begging Young Ho to just agree. Ji Woong and Joon Sung can only pretend to be busy eating schedules.

“You really are not the kind of girl who would just give up. You can do anything for the sake of what you want." Young Ho groaned holding his head and sharing the temptation with a wink of his eye.

Joo Eun smiled at him, Young Ho then agreed. Ji Woong and Joon Sung stared at Young Ho easily agreeing. Joo Eun gave a happy scream when they were going to camp, then exchanged a wink as a code

Joo Eun ordered an Americano then in a spoiled tone called “Oppa”. Young Ho arrived holding Joo Eun's cheek then ordered half a coffee and handed out his credit card. Joo Eun can only frown, Young Ho whispers telling him not to frown because it might be misunderstood, pointing to a large umbrella outside the cafe.

The two immediately looked out, Joo Eun recalled when Young Ho kissed her when it was raining then nodded in understanding with the coach's orders. Young Ho smiles then take the order board from the cashier, waiting for their coffee to be made.

Young Ho pulled Joo Eun aside asking if she had eaten and had created a new and comfortable place. Joo Eun whined Young Ho always just asked that then told him he had eaten vegetables this morning and got an apartment in a comfortable area.

“Why don't you pay the rent and stay at my house? You can pay the rent." Young Ho's suggestion

“Rent money? Gosh, why are there rich men who are as stingy as this guy? Are there no exceptions for your boyfriend," Joo Eun complained, Young Ho instead looking at him.

“Actually… The burden on my shoulders is heavy because of your secret identity, John Kim and now you are about to become a Director at Gahong.

It doesn't matter to me if everyone gossips about me. I've been used to it since I was little." Joo Eun whispered

Young Ho could only be silent, Joo Eun immediately opened his jacket and then threw his dimples again, Young Ho kind of immediately accepted and entered his heart. Joo Eun confirms she is not Shu Qi but she is Daegu Venus by sharing her dimples. Young Ho smiled and saw that their coffee had ended then walked to the cashier.

Joo Eun saw that there was an unknown number entered into his cellphone, Young Ho took 2 cups of coffee then his eyes looked at someone who arrived. Joo Eun turned to look at Woo Shik already in front of the door while calling him. Woo Shik looks at the two who are together.

Young Ho first approached Joo Eun, Woo Shik took a long time to approach the two and give respect, then invite Joo Eun for a dialogue. Joo Eun just stared at him. Woo Shik apologizes to Young Ho. Young Ho looked at Woo Shik then made a noise in Joo Eun's ears.

"Do you want me to hit him and you want to praise me?" Young Ho whispered

"I want to talk to him for a moment." Joo Eun said

"You can't think of any other man, not just me." Young Ho's message then distributed coffee to his girlfriend. Joo Eun begs Young Ho to wait for her. Woo Shik tries to smile when Young Ho leaves Joo Eun.

Joo Eun sits with her legs crossed and puts her hands in her pants pockets, Woo Shik looks at Joo Eun who continues to be thin. Joo Eun said that she had been exercising very hard and that what she had said was true.

“But, you're not trying to be skinny because of me and Soo Jin, right? I don't want to make you suffer." Woo Shik said

"I didn't think I wanted to be skinny either. And

it is true. I want to be skinny because of you. But not only because of you, but

I do for

myself and this world. This practice makes my mind clearer and I feel better. Actually, this exercise is as tough as the test time, however, my efforts are in vain." Joo Eun explained,

Woo Shik can only stare at him then redistribute the box his ex-girlfriend had given him. Joo Eun quips Woo Shik who doesn't understand have a trash can at home. Woo Shik thinks it's just Joo Eun

who has the right to throw it away because the gift given is very meaningful.

Joo Eun understands, takes the gift box, and is about to throw it away, but for her to just put the box away so Woo Shik

satisfied. Woo Shik can only be silent while nodding. Young Ho watched the two of them dialogue earnestly, then decided to get into his car. Soo-Jin just arrived, entered with 2 friends into the cafe.

Woo Shik looks out the window, describing Joo Eun's mother who is still texting him when he comes back from church that says "Take care of your health, son." Joo Eun can only sigh at her mother's behavior, meanwhile has asked her not to bother you.

“Better, just ignore it. If not, he will always want to hope." Joo Eun's orders

“ I don't think it's delicious. For the past 15 years... In this bond, there are not only us

alone but mom and Jae Hyuk are also there and we've been through a lot together. When we break up like this, I don't know if there's a certain way of saying, "goodbye"." Obviously Woo Shik

"What else do you want now?" asked Joo Eun sarcastically

"I don't regret breaking up with you, by now you must be happy to have found a new girlfriend. However, for some reason, I get irritated when the man beside you is not me. And I can sound selfish." Admit Woo Shik

Joo Eun immediately asked what her ex-boyfriend really wanted to say. Woo Shik admits that he doesn't want to go back with her but only feels annoyed because they have been dating for 15 years and can't explain it, and simply ignoring his feelings and this small world of course they will often see each other.

“If I didn't know you, I would of course want to ridicule your current weak behavior. But, I know what kind of you you are. So I want to take my words back. In the past, I did not wish you a happy life.” Joo Eun said, Woo Shik said sorry and thank you.

"We need to learn again how to break up well, we have been through a lot and also, you are my first love. Alright, this time we can break up on good terms. We can certainly get used to the future and

forget the past. We believe we can do it.” Joo Eun said,

Soo-Jin stopped when she was just about to leave the cafe, there was a feeling of jealousy watching Woo Shik meet Joo Eun then on the table there was a gift box.

Joo Eun had just finished typing feeling her neck hurt so much, then with irritated eyes said Young Ho didn't have to sit there

Joo Eun had just finished typing feeling her neck hurt a lot, then with irritated eyes said Young Ho didn't need to sit there. Young Ho appeared who arrived sitting on Joo Eun's lap. Young Ho looks confused looking for Joo Eun and finally stands up and sits at the table with his arms folded across his chest.

"The alibi why your neck can hurt, it's because you have been playing on your PC and cellphone for so long. Stand up and stretch your body, then straighten your body as if something was pressing your forehead." Young Ho explained while pointing at his girlfriend's forehead.

Joo Eun immediately stood up straight, nodded in understanding. Young Ho smiled and shared his cheek for a kiss. Joo Eun had pursed her lips to kiss him when there was a knock on the door Young Ho's shadow disappeared.

Joo Eun was surprised to see Soo Jin came into the room, Soo-Jin quipped that something interesting happened to his junior, because he was always smiling. Joo Eun confessed Not long ago,

often taste sweet things. Soo-Jin asked about

copyright issues. Joo Eun thought the matter was less pressing and only brought together a few common problems.

"So, what have you been getting paid all this time, Lawyer Kang?" Soo-Jin quips

"I've had the Choi Moo Sung problem and 14 other problems." Obviously, Joo Eun is feeling very busy

“This copyright issue has been very pressing, so you must quickly make a report. Also, can you tidy up your desk a bit?” Soo-Jin said curtly, pressing the pencil case in a planned manner, then left the room. Joo Eun cursed the grumpy Soo Jin and disturbed her mood, then called Young Ho again.

Soo-Jin is in the car looking at Woo Shik who called and is planning to be rejected, Woo Shik looks confused because Soo Jin didn't pick up the phone. Then a call from PD GO came in.

“I have the fact that John Kim's house owner is Lee Hong Im. Do you want me to publish it?” asked PD Go, Woo Shik looks unsure.

Director Choi is on the verge of annoyance that his sister doesn't believe that they are just strangers in the house, meanwhile, Hye Ran has been helping her for 20 years and now wants to appoint her granddaughter as Director, for her, it's a hard code to get her sister out of the house. Hye Ran can only sit still,

“That old lady, Chairman Lee, that's the case, but… your husband, Director Kim, is our biggest problem.” Director Choi said irritatedly sitting in front of his sister.

“Director Kim is very attentive,” admit Hye Ran

“What do you mean Attention? He cares so much that he makes his wife cry and sends his son to America?” Director Choi complains that he doesn't accept

"Oppa... I didn't come here to hear your nagging." Hye Ran said holding back her sadness.

Director Choi pleads for his sister to be patient a little longer, while nagging her good sister to be betrayed like this, for him if her mother-in-law expels her so she must always endure, because when Mrs. Lee runs out of her place, then everything will end.

Young Ho reads the files belonging to the industry, his cell phone beeping with an irritated face telling him he's working on his files now. Chief Min who is in the car confirms his inauguration day is near so

must be fully prepared. Young Ho grimaced. Mi Head nagged again.

"Especially without being told, you must always be on guard in acting. It's the people closest to you who might want to get hurt. Please continue.” Head Min firmly

Chief Min plans to park the car next to the restaurant, watching Director Choi come out like he just lobbied to get a position to replace Young Ho while inviting him to play golf another time.

Joo Eun exhaled after finishing all her work, then called Hyun Woo to beg for this moment. Hyun Woo whimpered heavily carrying all the objects and felt his friend was working on him. Joo Eun confirmed who accompanied Min Joon at the parents' meeting yesterday.

Hyun Woo knows that it's her theme as well as sexy boys. Joo Eun immediately told Hyun Woo to work if he was conscious. Hyun Woo grumbled that it was supposed to be a man who pitched the tent. Joo Eun told them they were about to arrive, the sexy man, the muscular man, and the cute boy. Hyun Woo wasn't sure because he felt cheated at first.

Joo Eun brings Hyun Woo in front of 3 boys by understanding his theme since 16 years later, then introduces Young Ho who is standing in the middle. Hyun Woo screamed knowing Young Ho was a sexy man, after that Joo Eun introduced Jang Joon Sung, Korean Snake, and the RFC champion.

Hyun Woo screamed again looking at Joon Sung was

the muscular man, Joo Eun apologized because her friend was blunt. Ji Woong couldn't stand being introduced, Joo Eun said introduce Ji Woong as a coach and a Harvard student. Ji Woong calls Hyun Woo my second Maam, then shares a hug. Young Ho looked at Joo Eun invited him to talk for a while.

Joo Eun explores Young Ho who slightly avoids dialogue. Young Ho thought the two of them were just going to camp. Joo Eun corrects, and in Korea, it is referred to as a holiday in a wide field or a school excursion or Daeseongri. Young Ho is confused by the word Daeseong-RI

“You don't have time to do things like this, do you? What are the benefits of staying indoors all the time? You can't make good memories with it."

Obviously Joo Eun

"So you want us all here to taste the sweetness of life?" said Young Ho, Joo Eun nodded.

“It's not much, but... isn't it fun trying things that other people often try? I would like to await your participation in this camp and one more thing. We must not be found out yet.” Joo Eun's message, Young Ho said he didn't want to be caught. Joo Eun shouted for them to start making a bonfire.

Joo Eun shared a jacket on Young Ho's legs, with a cynical glance at Young Ho who mocked Joo Eun who was immediately kind to him, Joo Eun felt that Young Ho would later whine because of the cold and then distribute all the sheets of paper. Ji Woong reads the title "Bring the Bag".

“This is a popular classic song. Singing is the highlight of the school excursion.” Obviously, Joo Eun appointed Hyun Woo as a teacher.

"I will lead, my name is Lee Hyun Woo. First, clap your hands to the right beat." Hyun Woo's orders, all are exploring even though they look confused.

Hyun Woo started to sing while clapping happily “Your shoulders look cool when you carry that bag.”

With Joo Eun shrugging her shoulders with a happy face, the three boys were silent and looked confused. Hyun Woo looked at the three not knowing at all. Joo Eun mocks her boyfriend who has broad shoulders but is not used as well as Joon Sung.

In conclusion, they repeat again, Ji Woong plays the violin to accompany their singing. Joon Sung and Young Ho began to shake their shoulders while singing, as they slowly dissolved into a bonfire while embracing each other.

Hyun Woo starts to light the paraffin and begs them not to act silly now. Joo Eun takes turns passing to light the paraffin, after all lighting the paraffin, Hyun Woo begs to close his eyes. Young Ho with an irritated face, whispered what else to do now. Joo Eun tells that this is the peak of activity so she begs to close her eyes.

"You don't need to hold back your tears. Let the tears fall. Now is the time for a confession. I want to start,

When my ex-husband, PD Go was very busy with other artists' gossip... I've applied for child support 2 times a month." Admittedly Hyun Woo then pointed to Sexy Boy, Young Ho to confess something.

Young Ho glanced at Joo Eun who opened his eyes, Joo Eun whispered pleading Young Ho to participate. Young Ho closes his eyes again then thinks about what to admit.

"I'm... going out with Kang Joo Eun." Young Ho said

Everyone immediately opened their eyes, Hyun Woo was the first to scream, Ji Woong and Joon Sung looked very surprised. Young Ho wonders if he can't date right now. Joo Eun looked confused looking at all of them gawking, then confessed that she was dating the sexy man sitting next to her. Hyun Woo screamed again, Joon Sung and Ji Woong seemed unable to say anything.

The expedition returned, Joo Eun described Hyun Woo as similar to his attitude

kind of demon brother. Young Ho remembers Joo Eun found a green light at this time Yesterday was yellow light, then confused. Will it change to a red light later?

Sort of erotic.

Joo Eun sighed feeling herself a traffic light. Young Ho smiles remembering that today is his last night, suggesting that they turn on the red light. Joo Eun was irritated by Young Ho's behavior then laughed. Young Ho teased him looking at Joo Eun looking happy tonight.

When they were about to enter the garage, Min's bodyguard and head immediately blocked in front of the car.


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When they were about to enter the garage, Min's bodyguard and head immediately blocked in front of the car. Joo Eun looks confused, Chief Min looks at Young Ho again with Joo Eun then begs the guards to return to the car. Young Ho frees the seat belt begging Joo Eun to wait a moment.

“Director Choi seems to have known about John Kim. We haven't been able to identify the source yet. However, it seems they have something against us. You can't just focus on your individual problems right now." Message Chief Min glanced at Joo Eun in the car.

"I guess my confession stage isn't over yet, huh?" Young Ho said

Joo Eun looked at the two who very earnestly chose to get out of the car and said goodbye again. Instantly Young Ho's hand pulled it, Joo Eun wanted to let go but Young Ho's hand was stronger. Young Ho thought the two had met before.

“He is Chief Min, my precious right hand. This is my personal problem at the moment. This is Kang Joo Eun, my boyfriend.” Young Ho said while hugging him tighter. Joo Eun gawked at him, then the two looked at each other.

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