Synopsis Drama Oh My Venus Episode 8 English Subtitle

Synopsis Drama Oh My Venus Episode 8 English Subtitle

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Synopsis drama oh my venus episode 8

Soo Jin sees it then Manager Min shares the code and concludes they are off.

The elevator opens then Young Ho pulls Joo Eun into the elevator, Young Ho closes the elevator. Young Ho calls manager Min to give him 10 minutes. They talk, Joo Eun feels betrayed by Young Ho. Young Ho apologizes to Joo Eun for not saying it earlier. Young Ho doesn't know why Joo Eun is angry, "Want a date or a diet continue what we want to live."

"Because I have just tasted the sweetness of life." Added Young Ho.” If other people feel cheated that means you're lying, dating? I don't want to date a liar,” said Joo Eun. Joo Eun said if I was too late, the elevator door opened. Joo Eun invited Young Ho to leave because everyone was waiting.

The meeting discussed Young Ho and his power in his company, Young Ho felt this was okay. Manager Min invites everyone to lunch, everyone leaves, only Joo Eun and Young Ho leave. Young Ho invites Joo Eun to talk, Manager Min wants to take Young Ho. But Joo Eun said if she had an appointment then left.

In the car, Joo Eun just looked at the message that was sent by Young Ho who invited him to talk. Joo Eun was about to open the message and reply to it, but her cell phone rang from her mother asking when Joo Eun had arrived, “It's about to leave.” Joo Eun said.

Young Ho is about to leave and tells everyone not to follow him due to personal problems when his house feels empty. Then Young Ho calls someone, the cellphone rings. Ji Woong picks it up. Ji Woong said if Joon Sung was in make-up, “Oh Ma'am for a second.”

Ji Woong asked Joon Sung, Joon Sung said if Joo Eun was going to his hometown. Then Ji Woong tells Young Ho that Joo Eun returns to her hometown.

Young Ho remembers that Joo Eun said she doesn't like cheaters. Young Ho holds his knee then says, “I found the karma.” Young Ho looks in pain.

Joo Eun arrived in Daegu in front of the restaurant, Joo Eun finally served the guests at the opening of the restaurant.

On the other hand, Joon Sung and Yi Jin did a photoshoot for an advertisement. Yi Jin and Ji Woong conspire, so Yi Jin gets into Joon Sung's car. Yi Jin also teases Joon Sung, ultimately Yi Jin's manager drags Yi Jin out. Ji Wong also returned to the car and apologized to Joon Sung and said that if Joo Eun did not answer the call, Joon Sung who remembered Yi Jin's behavior just smiled.

Joo Eun's mother's friend teased Joo Eun, Joo Eun's mother said that Joo Eun and Woo Shik were still when Joo Eun was about to tell her mother told Joo Eun to come back. Before leaving, Joo Eun went to the cashier's desk and advised her sister-in-law to protect her pregnancy, "If my sister is bothering you, just call me." Then Joo Eun said goodbye to her mother.

Until Joo Eun's house looked at the picture of her father, then opened the serving veil and looked at the existing food and closed it again. Joo Eun apologizes for not remembering her father's birthday today while looking at his father's picture.

Joo Eun finds a text from her mother telling her to eat at home even though she's on a diet. Then Joo Eun also looked at the SMS from Ji Wong asking where she was at this time. And Joo Eun opened the SMS sent by Young Ho saying there was something he wanted to talk about after Joo Eun ended, and saw that if Young Ho called him only once, Joo Eun would be annoyed. Wkwkwkwkk.

The phone rang in fact from Hyun Woo begging for a gift, Joo Eun was irritated because it wasn't what she expected then muttered, "He usually doesn't call." Joo Eun can't sleep, her cellphone rings again.

This time from Young Ho, who was already in Daegu, Joo Eun followed him by taxi. Young Ho told Joo Eun to come closer, then Young Ho spread his arms. Joo Eun ran into Young Ho's arms. Ihiyyyy. Young Ho wore 2 scarves, then distributed one scarf and put it around Joo Eun's neck.

The two of them chatted, Young Ho teased Joo Eun who was not wearing glasses and wearing make-up. Young Ho put Joo Eun's hand into his pocket. Young Ho describes himself to Joo Eun that when he was little he was seriously ill, while in America his mother died. Young Ho is worried about his father and feels guilty for his grandmother. Young Ho raising his rich family is not happy and warm, that's why Young Ho avoids him but can't even come here. Joo Eun asked, "Are you not sick anymore?"

"He said I was fine." Young Ho said. Young Ho brought Joo Eun back, Joo Eun said this because she was afraid, “Do you want to sleep holding hands?” Wkekekke.

Ji Wong tells Joon Sung that Young Ho doesn't come back, Ji Wong thinks that Joon Sung did. Wkwkkwkwk. Ji Wong invites Joon Sung to eat ramyeon because they haven't eaten it in a year. Hahahahaha.

In the end, they slept together holding hands,

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In the end, they sleep together holding hands, Young Ho apologizes while looking at the picture of Joo Eun's father. Joo Eun said that sleepy driving is riskier than drunkenness, “I think it's riskier.” Young Ho said. And in fact, Joo Eun begged her mother to her sister's house. Ihiiii.

Joo Eun was curious because Young Ho didn't mention practice, “Why do you think I sent you there to meet me?

Walking is good for strengthening your pelvis, we must still correct your walking method." Joo Eun is also a little annoyed with this one coach. Wkekkeke.

Joo Eun asked Young Ho's intensity in accepting the director's position, “You seem to have a hard time accepting it. if you do what you want, you will certainly return of your own accord.”

Joo Eun shyly turned around, then hugged Young Ho back. Joo Eun said that it was cheating because she wasn't ready, “I have observed when you were very unprepared.” Young Ho said. Again, Young Ho mentions a belly belt, Joo Eun says it's called a corset. Wkwkwk. Young Ho opened his eyes and heard Joo Eun snoring. Young Ho fixes Joo Eun's sleeping position and tilts her head so she doesn't snore.

Soo-Jin seems to have spent a lot of money at home, for some reason, considering the bond between Joo Eun and Young Ho, she remembers her past when Joo Eun was caught with the man she likes. Soo-Jin calls Woo Shik while taking his medicine but he doesn't pick up. Soo-Jin irritated then mumbled, “Why are you doing this to me?

I've gone to extremes, I'm kind of like this……”

Soo-Jin looks down and says if he did this so you don't do this to him. Soo-Jin also mumbled, “Why didn't anyone change.”

Where is Woo Shik, in fact, he is drinking with PD Go? They talked about John Kim who might be a member of the family from Gahong. This is because the house inhabited by John Kim belongs to a Korean named Lee Hong Im and maybe it went to President Lee Gahong. Woo Shik tells PD Go not to release this news, and not to tell Hyun Woo and Joo Eun.

Woo Shik tries to call Soo Jin but he doesn't pick up. Woo Shik tries to connect and thinks that Young Ho is John Kim.

Young Ho put the medicine beside Joo Eun, he looked at the picture and the plaster attached. And it turned out to be morning, Young Ho was picked up by Manager Min and his bodyguard.

Dir Choi plays golf, Woo Shik approaches him. Dir Choi asks about Young Ho, Woo Shik tells about John Kim, and maybe he is Young Ho. Doctor Choi says if this is true this is an opportunity to win the majority of shares. Woo Shik says until his 61st birthday he will investigate secretly.

The doctor team is upset because Joo Eun is not there, and Joo Eun arrives they are very excited. Wkwkwkwk. Ji Woong and Joon Sung came to Joo Eun and brought the food that Joo Eun brought upstairs. Young Ho stretched Joo Eun's hand to come and said that yesterday we will talk about it later because we are embarrassed while giving the code. Wkekkeke. Young Ho said if Joo Eun wanted to say something, but Joo Eun diverted the conversation by asking about the photoshoot yesterday, of course, Ji Woong immediately teased Joon Sung.

Joo Eun rests in her room until the sun slowly disappears.

Joo Eun rests in her room until the sun slowly disappears. Young Ho knocked on the door to his room because it was time for practice. Looking at Young Ho's fickleness, Joo Eun even mumbled that Young Ho had multiple characters. Joo Eun exercises to stretch her hip muscles. Until Joo Eun screamed in pain.

Soo-Jin mentions Young Ho and the incident at the hotel at that time. Joo Eun said it was an individual matter. After Joo Eun left she took candy or chocolate, then ate it.

Young Ho got ready, then when he arrived at the office Young Ho was waiting for him and Young Ho also shared his greetings.

Joo Eun finds a call from Joon Sung asking Joo Eun for some time to talk after Joo Eun returns to work. Joon Sung said he had created his mother, but his mother did not want to meet him. Her life didn't look good, "I wonder if there's a way to help her?" Joon Sung does not ask for Young Ho's encouragement because he is worried that Young Ho will be disappointed, then shares his data with Joo Eun.

On the return expedition, they did the same thing when Joo Eun could not recognize Young Ho's home address. Joo Eun said if it was a memory, then added another week she was going to move because she had made a house. Early snow fell, Ji Woong was very happy but unfortunately, Joo Eun hasn't lost much weight.

Joo Eun looks for Young Ho at home, but doesn't create him. Joo Eun looked at the falling snow and said that she wanted to forget about camping and watch the snow together with Young Ho. Then Joo Eun called and explored the sound of the cellphone ringing, in fact, Joo Eun made Young Ho again in pain. Young Ho said, “Don't come any closer.”

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Joo Eun found Young Ho was in pain.

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