Synopsis Drama Oh My Venus Episode 7 English Subtitle

Synopsis Drama Oh My Venus Episode 7 English Subtitle

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Synopsis Drama Oh My Venus Episode 7

After the shocking kiss, Joo Eun was stunned unable to speak while looking at Young Ho. Meanwhile, Young Ho casually put Joo Eun's glasses back on.

"Take off your clothes," said Joo Eun. Eh?!

Moreover, Young Ho was surprised by Joo Eun's bold request. Joo Eun increasingly fiercely told Young Ho to take off his clothes.

Young Ho is surprised by Joo Eun's bold request.

Young Ho is surprised by Joo Eun's bold request.

Young Ho smiled as the expedition returned. Meanwhile, Joo Eun continued to cover herself with Young Ho's jacket. hide anyway...think XD

Even when Joo Eun came home, she couldn't look at Young Ho. He ran into his room saying goodnight. Not long after that, the door opened and he put Young Ho's jacket (which he had used to hide) on the floor in front of the door.

Young Ho takes his jacket. “Good night,” he said.

Joo Eun watched him as he sat behind the door. Her heart was pounding at the memory of that kiss.

And his heart kept pounding until he couldn't sleep. His face felt hot. He thought it was the cause of his illness. But when he asked Ms. Google what were the indications of hypothyroidism, in fact, one of them was a decreased heart rate.

Young Ho was smiling all the way home.

Young Ho was smiling all the way home.

He turned and looked at Young Ho lying beside him. He lay down facing Young Ho. Young Ho took off Joo Eun's glasses and held her cheek. Joo Eun pursed her lips and closed her eyes ready to receive a second kiss. Unfortunately, the sound of his stomach interrupted the moment. When he looked at Young Ho again, Young Ho was gone.

He looked behind him. Young Ho crouched near his bed. Joo Eun immediately pursed her lips again. Young Ho smiled as he stroked Joo Eun's cheek.

“ Sit-ups 50 times. Start! Up!!” said Young Ho fiercely.

Joo Eun widened her eyes in surprise. “Yes, coach-nim!” He also immediately sit-ups.

And his heart kept pounding until he couldn't sleep. His face felt hot.

And his heart kept pounding until he couldn't sleep. His face felt hot.

…. 49... Joo Eun wakes up. Oh my, between relief and pity. Glad it was just a dream. Imagine Joo Eun's shame if it really happened ;) And it's a shame because in a dream Joo Eun also has to sit up


He closed his eyes again to continue sleeping. Young Ho's voice is heard outside telling Ji Woong that Joo Eun hasn't woken up yet. “Ma'am, wake up!!” Ji Woong exclaimed.

Joo Eun got up and sterilized her face. He even put on powder and perfume before leaving the room. Meanwhile, he had not showered.

Young Ho was waiting for him in front of the room and said good morning. Joo Eun returned his greeting without daring to look at Young Ho.

Young Ho thanked Joo Eun for the gift yesterday, and now it's her turn to give the gift. Joo Eun was confused in her heart what gift was… something sweet? Or kisses?

Joo Eun got up and cleaned her face.

Joo Eun got up and cleaned her face.

Scales. Young Ho told Joo Eun to weigh herself. Then he sniffed and asked why Joo Eun was wearing perfume in the morning. Joo Eun is annoyed and says back that she also wants to know why.

Young Ho pulled Joo Eun onto the scales. And the prize is also continuous with exercise on the treadmill. Joo Eun ran while grumbling. Why are some people so merciless?

“How did you gain 1.8 kilos in just one day?” Young Ho said.

Joo Eun said she drank a lot of water yesterday. He also said people commented that he would die if he continued to lose weight.

“You don't want to die,” said Young Ho.

Joo Eun explained that it means only 1 day he wants to be free. Young Ho asks if Joo Eun's body is a disposable item that can be thrown away? Did Joo Eun only want to use her body once and then throw it away? Wouldn't it be better to protect the body that was used for life so that it was always in top condition?

"You don't want to live with me all my life," said Joo Eun. "But your attitude is like that..."

That's something that is not necessarily, said Young Ho. Joo Eun realizes she doesn't want to win an argument with Young Ho. Annoyed he reworked the treadmill. He was so annoyed that he ran the treadmill so fast that he backed away.

Of course, Young Ho's knight caught him. Joo Eun was shocked.

“Is this the “back hug” that people always talk about?” Young Ho asked calmly. He urges Joo Eun back on the treadmill.

Young Ho tells Joo Eun to weigh herself. Then he sniffed and asked why Joo Eun was wearing perfume in the morning.

Young Ho tells Joo Eun to weigh herself. Then he sniffed and asked why Joo Eun was wearing perfume in the morning.

Arriving at the office, Miss Hyun Jung (Joo Eun's secretary) informs them that Soo Jin is currently having problems. In fact, the mother of the victim of abuse that was tried by the rich daughter of her client was angry with emotion because Soo Jin, as the lawyer for the rich princess, gave compensation money.

The victim's mother wants an apology, not money. His daughter was innocent but humiliated and abused without the slightest apology. And the compensation was also given only after the media reported on the incident. Soo-Jin just sat there and didn't say anything.

Joo Eun enters and invites the victim's mother to have a dialogue outside because such anger doesn't want to end it's a problem. He invited her to sit down to drink coffee.

The victim's mother began to say that her daughter was grabbed and dragged until half of her face was full of injuries. Then the shoes are thrown. Meanwhile, his daughter is not married and is only a customer service officer. He knows the rich have advantages and disadvantages. He does not want to be insulted or belittled.

But the rich man only handed over the money and a box of herbal medicine through Soo Jin. The money is indeed a large amount and it will be difficult to get that much money no matter how much they save.

“But at least…. he must apologize. That is something that humans should try to do with each other," said the mother while crying.

Arriving at the office, Miss Hyun Jung (Joo Eun's secretary) reports that Soo Jin is currently in trouble.

Arriving at the office, Miss Hyun Jung (Joo Eun's secretary) reports that Soo Jin is currently in trouble.

Joo Eun was silent for a moment then she suggested that the mother accept the money.

"But prolong this problem as long as possible. Make sure you find as much money as you can from them. If you do, they will apologize and the compensation money will also increase."

Joo Eun said those people didn't want to change. At least she can feel a little better. Is it to be successful, asked the mother.

“Believe that it will work and everything will be fine. Everything is possible as long as we intend. If not, you will feel like you are still a victim. I apologize for saying all this as a lawyer. And I apologize more because this is the best option in this kind of situation."

The mother calmed down and thanked Joo Eun for apologizing.

Joo Eun was silent for a moment then he suggested that the mother accept the money.

What the mother felt was actually felt by Joo Eun's family. Joo Eun's father seems to have died in an accident at work. But the industry only gave compensation money and instead blamed Joo Eun's father for not being careful.

At that time Joo Eun's mother was very angry. She wept and begged them to return her husband. The person who brought the compensation money said the industry was not to blame in this case and had been kind enough to distribute the compensation money. He handed her his business card. And he's a lawyer.

Joo Eun was still a student at that time. He cried seeing his mother cry and also for the treatment they received. Hmmm…could this incident have forced Joo Eun to become a lawyer?

Remembering that all make Joo Eun so sad. He called his mother. His mother is busy preparing the shop that is about to open with her younger brother, Jae Hyuk. Hearing her mother's chattering voice made Joo Eun's mood good again. He smiled again.

Joo Eun's father seems to have died in an accident at work.

Joo Eun's father seems to have died in an accident at work.

Upon returning to the office, he had a dialogue with Soo Jin. He emphasized that they used to try to be good lawyers. Soo-Jin curtly says he doesn't want to ride a time machine (remembering the past) with Joo Eun. He also emphasized that he had said that whoever did it (representing the rich man) would not replace anything.

He knew Joo Eun had a dialogue with the victim's mother. That's why he ordered Joo Eun to distribute the compensation money to the mother. He said his client would like to apologize formally and the money should be decent.

Joo Eun can't stop thinking about Soo Jin's behavior. Did Soo Jin really not want to apologize? It's okay Soo Jin snatched his girlfriend but….

Soo-Jin said it was an individual matter so he had to explain. He stresses that he didn't have time to steal Woo Shik from Joo Eun. Woo Shik did it himself.

" Why? Did you feel wronged after he was stolen from you? Is it painful not to be loved? What you once had, others can have it too.”

Joo Eun says Soo Jin should only change her outward appearance, why did her personality change too?

Soo Jin asks isn't this world a shallow one.” No… this world is simple. You either receive love, or you don't receive it."

"What you're saying is... you love it or you don't love it. You said you didn't want to explore the past. Then why did you do it?” Joo Eun said. Great…

Soo Jin's focus is to be loved. That's why he always falters whenever he feels that Woo Shik doesn't really love him. On the other hand, for Joo Eun, the right choice is to love or not to love. And it has ties to their past. Soo-Jin never felt loved while Joo Eun was always loved by people…it's just that with the current state of affairs, Soo Jin in fact always feels unloved.

Upon his return to the office, he talks to Soo Jin. He reminded that they used to try to be good lawyers.

Young Ho's grandmother was praying at the temple (praying for Young Ho's mother) when she felt someone kneeling beside her. He knew it was his grandson.

He didn't say noor even more so when Young Ho helped him down the stairs. But he couldn't hold his tears when Young Ho hugged him gently.

"Is Grandma still angry?" Young Ho asked.

" Brat. It just scares me,” Grandma cried as she beat her granddaughter's hand that was hugging her. Secretary Min smiled touched to see it.

Young Ho's grandmother was praying at the temple when she felt someone sifting beside her.

Young Ho tells his grandmother that he doesn't like hospitals. Dadi says she knows it very well. He caressed his grandson's cheek.

“You ran out of your mother when you needed her the most. You spend half your life in the hospital for surgery and rehabilitation. But what can you do… your mother is gone and your grandmother will not live long in this world either. This is my last wish.”

Young Ho says he wants to build cancer centers as well as physical medicine centers. He joked that he could interfere with Gahong, the industry his mother and grandmother had worked so hard to build.

Grandma is touched watching it because it means Young Ho will grant his last request to inherit Gahong. Young Ho pleads his grandmother not to come here too often (on his knees) because it's not good for his joints.

Grandma cries for forgiveness and thanks to Young Ho. Youngho hugged him.

He walks down, accompanied by Secretary Min's motorcade and his men. Young Ho imagines himself as a child limping down the same path.

Young Ho tells his grandmother that he doesn't like hospitals.

Joon Sung trains really hard. Ji Woong reminds him not to overdo it because his shoulder hasn't fully healed yet. Joon Sun reassures him that he's okay.

"Mr. Snakes!!” one exclaimed.

Who else if not the ad star Jang Yi Jin? And he looks angry. This time why again?

People identify with Yi Jin and want to take his picture. His manager tries to advise that Joon Sung is currently training and Yi Jin also has other plans. Yi Jin didn't care.

“I am blinded by anger at the moment. That boy rejected me twice!!!” Point it at Joon Sung.

Joon Sung trains really hard.

The color Joon Sung again refuses to appear in the ad. He says at the moment he doesn't have time for that. But Yi Jin can't understand because everyone wants to advertise with him. He asks if Joon Sung is having problems again.

“I don't think we're that close,” Joon Sung said.

Yi Jin looks very angry and tries to hold back his tears when he hears Joon Sung's words. Joon Sung is so heartless. He says he just wants to appear in a print ad and apologizes if he offended Yi Jin.

"What else must I do? What's the point of being a champion when you're so slow to read the mood,” Yi Jin started to cry.

“Jang Yi Jin-sushi? Is there a problem?" asked Joon Sung uncertainly.

Yi Jin instead leans into Joon Sung's chest and cries when his pride is hurt. “What must I do to make us close? I'm your fan, you idiot!!”

Ji Woong looks at it and keeps making fun of Joon Sung especially until they come home.

Yi Jin looks very angry and tries to hold back his tears at Joon Sung's words.

They came to coincide with Young Ho and the three were shaken by Joo Eun who ran around carrying her bag while wearing a nose mask. The three immediately frowned at the unpleasant smell from Joo Eun's bag.

Joo Eun apologizes and she tries to wash her bag. After that, he asked the three comments if the smell was still there. Of course still, because the three of them kept their noses shut.

"Ma'am, is your bag CHAPTER?" Ji Woong asked. Bwahahaha XD

Joo Eun said it was the smell of the orange that disappeared and was leaking. Orange? How is it that bad?” “Last year….” Joo Eun stepped up. Ji Woong and Joon Sung immediately ran away.

They arrived at the same time as Young Ho and all three were surprised by Joo Eun who ran around carrying her bag while wearing a nose mask.

Young Ho asks how can Joo Eun wash a leather bag with water. Is it a branded bag that Joo Eun doesn't want to throw away? Joo Eun said it was the bag she used when she won her first issue. Since then he has worn the bag every time there is a meaningful trial.

Joo Eun's thoughts shifted to Young Ho's massage sofa and remembered their closeness at that time. Young Ho too. He stands up and says Joo Eun will win in the trial because with that smell Joon Eun will “turn off” everything. The bag is a deadly weapon.

As a result of the massage sofa, Joo Eun remembered her kiss that night. He grumbled because until now there was no further description or response from Young Ho.

"Has he lost his memory? Am I the only one kissing?" he chirped in annoyance.

"Ma'am, lightning come here!" Ji Woong heard him calling.

Joo Eun comes out and sees Ji Woong exercising in front of the TV. She says she created exercise videos to lower belly fat. Joo Eun stroked her stomach and said her belly fat wasn't that bad.

Ji Woong asks if Joo Eun likes dancing. Joo-Eun said she got a bit. He looks at the video and says his moves are like Macarena.

Ji Woong hesitates because he doesn't know Macarena. Come on, who knows Macarena? *follows up*

"Only parents know the song," Young Ho interrupted. He said he wanted to get some fresh air…. because of that smell. Yeee...fresh air or a new bag??? XD

Left behind by Young Ho, Ji Woong, and Joo Eun did not waste the opportunity to sway in an uproar in front of the television.

Young Ho asked how Joo Eun could wash a leather bag with water.

Young Ho looked at Joo Eun's cup of coffee which was left in his car last night. He remembered Joo Eun's words that Young Ho didn't know the sweetness of life. He wanted to go slow at a yellow light, rather than finish at a red light or go fast at a green light.

Young Ho contemplates on the banks of the Han River. He remembered his grandmother's words today. When Secretary Min calls to inquire about his decision, Young Ho decides to explore his grandmother's wishes.

Joo Eun practiced carrying her legs as long as she could. He concluded that he was no longer sturdy and lowered his feet. He remembered the conversation he had with Young Ho during practice.

Joo Eun practiced lifting her legs as long as possible.

Young Ho told him to do squats. Joo Eun says he is not strong anymore but Young Ho says Joo Eun is fine and tells Joo Eun to take the right position.

Joo Eun was confused in her heart whether what happened last night was just a dream. Young Ho kissed him last night but why is he currently training him so hard?

Young Ho holds Joo Eun's shoulder and asks if Joo Eun thought anything of it – not only because he pushed Joo Eun into the booth. Joo Eun quipped Young Ho who of course was thinking of something.

Young Ho teaches Joo Eun the method of standing with a good body shape. If Joo Eun trains this body shape as often as possible. Exercise is good for the spine. Next, they want to train belly fat.

Young Ho grabbed Joo Eun's shoulder and asked if Joo Eun thought anything of it just because he pushed her against the wall

Young Ho came back with something. He was about to hang it on Joo Eun's door but suddenly Joo Eun's door opened. Joo Eun was shocked.

"I thought there was a thief or something."

“What kind of thief gives out something?”

Then Joo Eun looked at the bag that Young Ho was holding and asked what it was. Let's guess!!

Pinterest… it's a bag^^ Young Ho says he doesn't like smelly bags in his house. Then he moved closer to Joo Eun…so close that Joo Eun's heart started beating fast again. Young Ho still casually closed the door to Joo Eun's room. The reason? Because of the smell.

Joo Eun still feels that pounding…she nervously asks what Young Ho brought.

"Is asking while you already know the answer is your hobby?" Young Ho handed the bag to Joo Eun. “This is a bag and last night was a kiss.”

Joo Eun said she didn't ask because she didn't know. In America, people used to say that kind of greeting.” That deep? Seriously," Young Ho teased.

Joo Eun started complaining this morning. Young Ho acted as if there was nothing. Not to mention there's Anna Sue. Young Ho suggests that he and Anna Sue are just friends. "Friends who are close enough to kiss, right?" quipped Joo Eun.

Young Ho approached Joo Eun. He whispered he had made it pretty clear last night. Does he need to do it again?

Young Ho comes home with something. He was about to hang it on Joo Eun's door but suddenly Joo Eun's door opened. Joo Eun was shocked.

"You must have gone crazy," Joo Eun muttered. Worried about being heard by others.

Young Ho asked why Joo Eun came out last night. Joo Eun reasoned that she wanted to take the Jerk (a doll… hm Young Ho?). Are you lonely? Young Ho asked.

Joo Eun said she didn't want to be cold. And the jerk hates the cold. Young Ho was silent. Joo Eun asked if everything was okay.

"There's something I want to say but I don't know how to say it."

Joo Eun says today is not one of those days, Young Ho can say tomorrow. Young Ho nodded and caressed Joo Eun's cheek. "Good night, Daegu Venus."

Joo Eun looked at the bag that was written: I hate losing. He secretly thanked Young Ho.

Young Ho asked why Joo Eun came out last night.

The next morning, Joon Sung and Ji Woong shrank when they saw Joo Eun carrying her bag. Joo Eun said it was a different bag. The two of them calmed down again.

Joo Eun sees Joon Sung getting thinner and he worries about it. Joon Sung says what else he has to do because this is his job. Joo Eun cheers on Joon Sung.

He asks where is Young Ho. They said Young Ho was going to eat not long ago. "Because Ma'am defecated in your bag yesterday," said Ji Woong. Joo Eun asks if Young Ho is sick. Joon Sung calms Joo Eun so she won't be afraid.

Young Ho is sitting reading in his room while warming his feet with the heating lamp. He heard Joo Eun's cheerful voice as she said goodbye to her best friend. He smiled. The novel he read was "The Story of How My Grandfather Was Released from Prison".

Joo Eun sees Joon Sung getting thinner and worries about him.

Joo Eun won the case. He goes down the stairs cheerfully but remembers Young Ho's message to slowly go down the stairs because it's not good for his joints (because of Joo Eun's weight).

Hyun Woo calls and informs us that his mother-in-law is in the hospital. This time he didn't want to give in even though his mother-in-law denied it. He begs Joo Eun's encouragement to do something at Min Joon's school. Her ex-husband cannot be reached whenever she needs him.

Joo Eun knows that the activities at school today are parents talking about their work. How could he explain the work of a lawyer to a kindergarten kid? Moreover, he did not believe what a lawyer's job was.

He became increasingly worried when he heard that the father had to appear in the event. Hyun Woo whines if he can buy dad somewhere. Joo Eun promises to help and tells Hyun Woo to go visit his mother-in-law.

Joo Eun calls Joon Sung and asks for his help. Hehe…the children stared blankly at Joon Sung and Ji Woong standing in front of them. Joo Eun and Young Ho stood with the other children's parents.

Young Ho teases him seeing the resemblance between Min Joon and Joo Eun (like his chubby) and says he misses Joo Eun's old look. Joo Eun pouted.

“I heard you were worried about me this morning,” said Young Ho. Joo Eun reasons that Young Ho is sick so that no one trains him.

Your bag is good, said Young Ho. Women who use it are more charming, said Joo Eun. Young Ho asked if Joo Eun won. Of course, Joo Eun said proudly.

It's Joon Sun and Ji Woong's turn to demonstrate their work. Joo Eun introduces them as Min Joon's uncles. Young Ho says lawyers do know how to lie. Joo Eun argued that her friends meant Min Joon's uncles.

"Friends who are close enough to kiss?" teased Young Ho. Joo Eun quickly covered Young Ho's mouth with his hand. But Young Ho licked Joo Eun's hand in retaliation at that time. Joo Eun wipes her hands on Young Ho's jacket hahaha XD

Joon Sung begins to explain what self-defense is. When he was about to reveal the history of martial arts, Ji Woong quickly cut him off so the boy wouldn't fall asleep. They also passionately demonstrated martial arts…Uhm…fights…Fortunately, the children enjoyed their performance and applauded.

Joo Eun won the case.

Young Ho took the two of them. Min Joon asks Joo Eun who Young Ho is. Joo Eun said Young Ho was a good person despite his method of speaking.

Joo Eun begged Young Ho to take them somewhere. He had promised to take Min Joon there a month later.

They went to the superhero figurine exhibition. Joo Eun asks Young Ho which one he likes the most: Superman, Batman, or Iron Man?

"I live as elegant as Iron Man, secrecy like Batman, and maybe even more handsome than Superman."

The three of them styled to imitate the style of the superheroes. Young Ho observes Joo Eun and Min Joon's close friendship and seems to be impressed.

Young Ho took the two of them.


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Young Ho took the two of them and watched the two of them fall asleep. Hyun Woo called. Her mother-in-law was bruised and her hands were in a cast. Hyun Woo was frustrated because even though it was like that, his mother-in-law didn't want to sue. Not to mention there is no one to take care of it.

Joo Eun understands. He wants to stay with Min Joon to stay. Hyun Woo was very grateful and felt calmer.

Suddenly Joo Eun winced in pain. His leg cramped. Young Ho quickly helped him and his face looked scared.

Joo Eun carried Min Joon who was still sleeping. Young Ho recommends that he just carry Min Joon or wake him up because it won't be good for Joo Eun's joints. But Joo Eun didn't want to. He thanks Young Ho for today. Young Ho said that Joo Eun had been exercising quite a bit today and told him to sleep.

Luckily Min Joon wakes up and begs to go to the toilet. Joo Eun humiliates Min Joon and says goodbye to Young Ho.

Young Ho smiled looking at Joo Eun running around leading Min Joon. And on the return expedition, he looks lonely.

Joo Eun understands. He will stay with Min Joon. Hyun Woo was very grateful and felt calmer.

Soo-Jin tries to relieve her stress by eating chocolate. He remembered his conversation with Joo Eun and it made him sad again. He is stunned when he sees that Woo Shik has been waiting for him. Woo Shik says he wants to drop Soo Jin but he has to hurry back to the office.

Young Ho is changing clothes again when Joo Eun texts him goodnight. Young Ho let it go and continued to change clothes.

"Why didn't you reply when I said goodnight?"

"I can't quickly reply because I'm changing clothes."

Joo Eun asks if Young Ho knows about the promise he made with Ji Woong. Young Ho begs Jon Eun ended the conspiracy because what Joo Eun tried was not for her. All this time he was fussy for the sake of Joo Eun's health.

But Joo Eun didn't give up. He invites Young Ho to go camping if he manages to lose another 5 kilos before the first snowfalls. Young Ho relented and agreed. Joo Eun smiled happily. Good night, he whispered into his cell phone.

“I thank you since the first time we met, Muscular Angel John Kim, Young Hoshi, Coach-nim.”

Young Ho reads the message and looks confused.

Joo Eun asks if Young Ho knows the promise he made with Ji Woong.


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Director Choi (Young Ho's stepmother) tries to gather support. His intention was to collect as many shares as possible on their side. Woo Shik, who is Director Choi's subordinate, also helps by saying he wants to investigate what happened to Young Ho.

Even so, he doubts whether Director Choi's sister is okay with them doing this. Director Choi takes a deep breath and says his sister will never be okay.

Mrs. Choi accompanies Mr. Young Ho to an activity. The atmosphere in the car is predictably very stiff. Especially when Young Joon called his mother and wanted to have a dialogue with his father, Young Ho's father only had a short dialogue: "Is everything okay? Always watch your attitude.” Mrs. Choi also called her husband Director Kim.

Director Choi (Young Ho's stepmother's older brother) tries to gather support.

Joo Eun is passionate about sports to lose weight. And even more so because Young Ho promised to go camping with him. He finds Soo Jin's message to hurry to the meeting room because it's a direct order from the President.

Just before entering the meeting room, he finds a message from Young Ho that he wants to come back late so Joo Eun trains alone. Joo Eun agreed and then entered the meeting room. Inside was Joo Eun and their seniors.

Soo-Jin says there could be a meeting today. Joo Eun quipped that she didn't expect her job to be so known (until she was the one who continued to be assigned). Soo-Jin says they need someone who can protect the secret for this matter.

"You know I'm a very loyal person," said Joo Eun.

Joo Eun is passionate about exercising to lose weight

The door opened. In fact, it was Chief Min who entered with some of his subordinates. Perhaps….

Chief Min introduces Director Gahong of the medical branch. The director stepped in and predictably, Young Ho.

Young Ho and Joo Eun together are shocked. So is Soo Jin. Because of the shock, Joo Eun excused herself for a moment and left the room. He remembered that actually, Young Ho had said that he was a child of a rich family and also his words at the figurine exhibition. Then Young Ho says that Joo Eun is outside the world when she is in the suite with him.

Chief Min introduces Director Gahong of the medical branch. The director stepped in and was to be expected, Young Ho.

Joo Eun pressed the elevator button. Where are you going, Young Ho pulled his hand away. Joo Eun said she didn't know. Young Ho apologizes.

Joo Eun was speechless because she had not recovered from her shock. Young Ho guided him to calm down and take a deep breath. He reached out to check the pulse in Joo Eun's neck.

Joo Eun brushed off Young Ho's hand.

" You…. completely outside of my world…”

Joo Eun pressed the elevator button.

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