Synopsis Drama Oh My Venus Episode 11 English Subtitle

Synopsis Drama Oh My Venus Episode 11 English Subtitle

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Synopsis Drama Oh My Venus Episode 11

Woo Shik informs Director Choi of the certainty that Young Ho is John Kim. Director Choi says it's better to take the opportunity as early as possible than later. Woo Shik understands and calls PD Go, telling him to broadcast the news.

When Young Ho arrived in front of the house, the reporters were already waiting for him. They surround Young Ho's car. Secretary Min finds reports that the posts about John Kim and Anna Sue have been published. He tells Young Ho and says the most important thing right now is to stay away from all those reporters.

Grandma and Mr. Young Ho also heard the news. Grandma looks angry.

Secretary Min manages to stay away from the reporters. Looking at Young Ho looking calm, he asked if Young Ho had prepared himself for this kind of thing. Young Ho says he has decided to go all out. But people always don't want to pay attention to the truth.

Secretary Min corrects. People just don't care if they know more than the truth. Continue to be a lot of people who know and talk about it until anything can become a reality. Such is this world.

He said the reporters made a fuss not only at Young Ho's house but also at the office. They should go to a quieter place. Young Ho winced at the pain that hit his knee again.

“We don't want to be able to escape for more than a few days. I know very well because I run away a lot,” he said bitterly.

Furthermore, we find out that he appeared in front of Joo Eun's house. Joo Eun asked if Young Ho is okay. Young Ho says there are a lot of reporters at his house, so he doesn't want to go back nor can he go to the hotel. His words were exactly the same as Joo Eun's words after the incident with the infiltration of the person next to Joo Eun

Joo Eun smiled. He said he only had

1 bedroom and 1 bathroom. Does Young Ho still want to enter? Out of Young Ho's world. He hugged Young Ho. “Up…. Leave…"

Young Ho closed his eyes and rested in Joo Eun's arms.

His leg kept getting sore but he didn't want to show it to Joo Eun. He joked today that Joo Eun exudes sexiness. Joo Eun said that only Young Ho can be sexy.

Young Ho pretends to whine over the non-suite room and spring problems. Joo Eun said it was good to have a room. She lashes out at making Young Ho sleep on the floor with the “You Fuck” doll.

"If you don't want to give me a suite, lend me yours and go," he said in pain.

Joo Eun pleads to Young Ho not to think about anything else and sleep. “Save your worries for tomorrow because you will face them tomorrow.”

Young Ho lay his back to Joo Eun. He says he will call Joo Eun if she wants a safe and erotic night. He even asked for a kiss away when Joo Eun was about to leave the room.

As soon as Joo Eun came out, Young Ho silently groaned. Joo Eun is not ignorant. He knows Young Ho is in pain. He remembers Young-ho saying that the pain is psychological and nothing can cure it. He believed that the pain would always be there until it disappeared for a moment or until it was gone.

Joo Eun secretly calls Joon Sung and tells him that Young Ho is at his house so that Joon Sung doesn't get scared. Joon Sung just found out that Joo Eun knew about Young Ho's condition.

Joo Eun started to cry and asked what she had to do. "She's in a lot of pain but there's nothing I can do."

"Pretend you don't know. He will be hurt more if the person he cares about is hurt," Joon Sung replied in a choked voice. "He's kind of a father to me, please take good care of him."

Joo Eun smiled. He says Young Ho is also someone valuable to him and begs Joon Sung to protect Young Ho well.

After the call, Joon Sung remembers his first encounter with Young Ho. At that time he seemed to participate in some kind of gang or mafia in America. Young Ho made it when he was hiding from the pursuit of his enemies and he was seriously injured. His face was bruised, his stomach was injured (like a stab wound), and his leg was broken.

Young Ho immediately gives initial help to Joon Sung. Young Ho is half amazed half nauseous at the condition of Joon Sung's broken leg but Joon Sung is still trying to escape with that leg.

Instead of thanking him, Joon Sung gets angry and says what Young Ho cares about. Hearing the voices of Joon Sung's enemies getting closer, Young Ho brings Joon Sung back and takes care of him.

Joon Sung acts wary and asks who Young Ho is. Is that how you were taught gratitude? Young Ho asked smiling. Young Ho asks Joon Sung's parents. Did they die?

Joon Sung doesn't answer fire. Young Ho says Joon Sung can't be a student if he doesn't have parents.

"Then you were adopted. How about your adoptive parents? Do you have a place to go?” Young Ho kept asking.

Instead of responding, Joon Sung snapped at Young Ho with the harshest possible words. But Young Ho responded calmly but firmly.

He tells Joon Sung to call him “Hyung(brother)”. He says he is weak too weak people especially to people who are in danger. Joon Sung snaps that he doesn't need Young Ho's pity.

" Pity…. It's not pity, but empathy," said Young Ho, holding his knee which was covered in stitches.

He says Joon Sung seems full of anger and wants to keep fighting. “If you want to fight, fight. Not with a knife or a gun, but in a place with conditions."

Joon Sung smiles and sighs remembering it all. He lay down on the floor of the practice ground. It was not strange that Yi Jin suddenly appeared and laid himself down next to Joon Sung. Joon Sung says he prefers to be left alone today.

Yi Jin says he just wants to lie down next to Joon Sung. He only helps lonely people whose winters are colder. And he's a celebrity who's an expert at cheering and entertaining others.

Joon Sung says how can Yi Jin comfort him when he doesn't know what his alibi is. Is there a stipulation that people cannot comfort others if they don't know why that person is sad? Yi Jin asked.

"Sadness is the same no matter what," he said. "Our bond lasted quite a bit. We sleep together after we kiss."

Joon Sung turned his head disapprovingly. But he didn't say anything and lay with his back to Yi Jin. Yi Jin explored his moves.

The next morning, Young Ho leaves the room in his usual state. Joo Eun is preparing breakfast. Joon Sung and Ji Woong were also there.

Ji Woong commented on the sunny weather. Joon Sung clumsily agrees.

“Stop acting,” said Joo Eun.

Ji Woong tells Young Ho that Joo Eun told them to act normal as if nothing happened.

“You said it was natural acting?” said Joo Eun. He told them to have breakfast. Young Ho smiled at them.

At first, I thought it was bibimbap for breakfast. In fact, fried rice and eggs are topped with gochujang sauce and sesame oil. This is Telorbap XD

"I don't think the cooking is that serious to the point where you need to use an apron," said Young Ho. Joo Eun said she had spared her fridge for them so Young Ho should be grateful.

He fed a spoonful of eggplant to Ji Woong. Ji Woong flatters the taste is delicious. Joo Eun was about to eat but Young Ho quickly put a cherry tomato in Joo Eun's mouth.

Seeing Joon Sung continuously looking at the sky, Joo Eun held out a spoonful to feed him. Joon Sung glanced at Young Ho then quickly devoured him.

Young Ho couldn't help but smile looking at them.

Joo Eun told them to quickly eat and use the equipment he had prepared. They want to exercise. But what equipment?” “I want to show you hard training,” Joo Eun said.

Greeting!! They use earplugs as well as face shields from the sun.

"Ma'am ... we are a kind of Robocop," said Ji Woong. Pffft….

Young Ho takes off his face shield and complains he can't see anything (because the glass is a black film mirror). Joo Eun put it back down and said Young Ho's face should not be seen at this time. He hissed while glaring as Young Ho tried to be stubborn. Here.. ma'am coach-nim looks more fierce ^^

Joo Eun told them to walk after him. Young Ho decides to explore and thinks this is a warm-up.

Next, bang your back against the plant.” Why do we do it on this plant? What's wrong with this plant?" said Young Ho while banging his body half-heartedly. Yes, what's wrong with the plant XD

Someone ahjumma nags him that this move is good for blood flow. He had been doing it for decades and had never caught a cold.

“Miss…men are very weak. Can't you do it harder like this?" The Ahjumma gave an example. He compliments Joo Eun for doing it right and tells Young Ho to follow him.

The three robocops backed away in surprise when they saw the next ahjumma exercise. Pat your stomach with both hands. They are also right behind the desire to break up the track.

But the ahjummas caught them and stirred up the fat-melting belly massager. Ji Woong and Joon Sung yelped.

"Ouch my muscles," said Joon Sung.

“What muscle, all that fat lump. We have to make it a good too gentle. Just watch, tomorrow everything will come out like water."

Young Ho secretly wants to run away. But Joo Eun had stood behind him and started massaging Young Ho's stomach despite Young Ho's attempts to complain.

He said whether Joo Eun would take responsibility for her abs. “Your abs are mine, so you can't say no.”

Young Ho grins even if it's only for a moment because Joo Eun's stomach is massaged again.

Next exercise. Joo Eun confronts Young Ho. Ji Woong with Joon Sung. Start! The four of them carried hands.

In fact, playing push. In one push, Ji Woong was blown away. While Young Ho did not budge pushed by Joo Eun.

"Is this your attempt to cheer me up?" Young Ho asked.

"Why am I comforting you? The Gahong affair and the John Kim scandal are your faults. You said that the body must be made tired so that the heart feels light."

Young Ho lowered his hand. Joo Eun runs out of counterweight and bumps into Young Ho…Uhm hugging that anyway; p

Ji Woong and Joon Sung smiled at them.

“Oh my… not in front of the kids… Quickly let go,” said Young Ho.

Joo Eun instead plans to run out of balancer again and hugs Young Ho. Because Ji Woong and Joon Sung have left, he smiles widely and begs Joo Eun to do it again.

At the end of the exercise, Young Ho took Joo Eun to a car like a husband taking his wife to work. What's upside down?

Joo Eun poked her cheek. Young Ho kisses him

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Joo Eun said she wanted to take care of Young Ho if Young Ho became unemployed. Young Ho smiled amusedly. Joo Eun poked her cheek. Young Ho kisses him

"Take good care of my house when I leave, I want to make a lot of money," said Joo Eun blushing. Then he left.

Young Ho turns and sees Secretary Min's car waiting for him. They talk in the car.

Secretary Min said that Anna Sue's side had produced a statement denying the news of the scandal. On the other hand, he has been touring various media offices this morning. They couldn't stop all the news but at least there would be fake news.

Young Ho is even more concerned about Secretary Min who has been up early while not being a morning person.

Secretary Min says Young Ho's grandmother and father are waiting. He had prepared clothes for Young Ho. Young Ho refuses, he wants to leave as is.

Breaking through the crowd of reporters, Young Ho arrives at his family's house.

Grandma says especially Young Ho has returned. He asked who the young woman lawyer was. Secretary Min is shocked. Grandma rebukes Secretary Min for belittling her. Secretary Min apologizes.

Grandma says they have to make sure Young Ho's position is always comfortable and CEO Deokseong's daughter is a suitable companion for Young Ho. He orders Young Ho to move into his house (his grandmother's house) as soon as the renovation ends. Secretary Min looks objected and for a moment doesn't say anything. But in conclusion, he agreed.

Young Ho faces his father and kneels down to apologize for scaring him. His father thinks Young Ho's return means Young Ho hasn't decided to release his post.

" Stand up. Those were the two feet I never got to touch because I had been so worried about them all these years. You must protect your position. You probably don't have that much time."

"Yes, Father."

His father told him not to draw attention to Gahong's 61st birthday celebration and Young Ho's raising event. Mrs. Choi happened to hear those words outside the room.

When Young Ho goes out, he invites Young Ho to eat together. Young Ho politely refuses and asks Mrs. Choi to protect his father and grandmother well.

Joo Eun searches for data on Joon Sung's mother. In fact, Joon Sung's mother killed her husband when he was both old. But she did it to protect the toddler she had because her husband liked to torture her.

In the past, there was no mention of domestic violence and the wife as a victim, so Joon Sung's mother found the optimal punishment. But is currently out of prison. And reportedly Joon Sung's mother gave birth to Joon Sung while in prison.

Joo Eun was shocked when she saw the picture of Joon Sung's mother. Even though in the picture Joon Sung's mother was battered, Joo Eun identified her as Min Joon's guard.

Joon Sung's mother created a bag of warm clothes in front of her house. He immediately knew that it was his son who had left him. She runs to find him and looks at Joon Sung.

While holding back tears, Joon Sung's mother came to Joon Sung. But to Joon Sung, he acts fierce and returns the bag. Joon Sung just looks down and says he looks at his mother like he's cold.

"Do you care whether I'm cold or not," Joon Sung's mother tried not to show her tears? He forbade Joon Sung to do this kind of thing again and never come back.

She left crying. Joon Sung is also crying.

Young Ho is filling Joo Eun's refrigerator with healthy food ingredients when the doorbell rings. Then came Hyun Woo's voice, “Master Radiating Sexiness, please open the door! It's me, Lee Hyun Woo."

Young Ho said the owner of the house was not at home, although he doubted the conclusion he opened the door. Hyun Woo said he didn't know Young Ho was in fact John Kim and the heir of Gahong but instead called him a beggar.

In the end, he left Min Joon to Young Ho. He also calmed Young Ho so he wouldn't be afraid, he didn't want to tell Young Ho's whereabouts to his ex-husband. And Hyun Woo also left without Young Ho ever saying anything.

Min Joon yells from the toilet if he can't get down. Young Ho reluctantly goes into the toilet.

Director Choi meets Young Ho's father and says Young Ho must be currently facing many problems due to scandals and boycotts. Mr. Young Ho said it was not a problem. Director Choi said the directors agreed to disagree with Young Ho.

He handed over a proposal for Young Ho's father to sign. If the proposal is signed before Gahong's 61st birthday, then they can help each other for a long time. It is a proposal to establish a medical center for VVIP.

Mr. Young Ho's men say this problem is not at the base of his power anymore. In other words, Young Ho has the right to decide whether to accept or reject the proposal. director

Choi looks unhappy.

Joo Eun transports Young Ho's video call. Young Ho said Joo Eun really followed her words when he told her to find a place where men could enter safely (when Joo Eun was looking for a new apartment).

Min Joon's face filled the phone screen. Min Joon asked when Joo Eun came back because Young Ho kept telling her to exercise. Joo Eun said that was what Young Ho generally did. He tells Min Joon to stay and he will deliver a snack when he comes back.

“He reminds me of someone I know. He's so charming," Young Ho muttered.

Min Joon goes to the toilet again. Young Ho whined that future generations only know how to go to the toilet but don't know how to go down. Joo Eun suggests that Young Ho think this is an extension of Kang Joo Eun's Day and the sweetness of another life.

Young Ho says he is highly qualified for this kind of task.

Joo Eun said there are times in their lives worrying about things and making good decisions, but there are times when they just need to relax and pass the time.

Min Joon was heard shouting to call Young Ho. Youg Ho ended the call. He sits back down when Min Joon screams this time he's pooping. "Didn't he say the sweetness of another life?" he muttered.

Joo Eun tells Hyun Woo that it happened to Joon Sung's mother. Hyun Woo looked sadly at him. Especially at this time, Joon Sung's mother is still trying to support her husband who likes to beat him. He also understands that Joon Sung's mother doesn't want to see Joon Sung because of the guilt of giving up her son for adoption.

Joo Eun is worried because she can't tell Joon Sung what really happened and she can't convince Joon Sung's mother to want to see her son. Maybe Joon Sung's mother ran away. Hyun Woo says how can he take care of Min Joon without his nanny.

Joo Eun tells Hyun Woo that honestly she is afraid that Hyun Woo will object to Joon Sung's mother's past who was imprisoned for killing. But Hyun Woo didn't mind it at all. He said his nanny who

took care of Min Joon since Min Joon was 1 year old. Mother and mother-in-law did not do it.

"You really are my true friend, Lee Hyun Woo," Joo Eun greeted her friends.

"Well, another friend of yours has arrived," Hyun Woo pouted, looking at the door.

Joo Eun turned and looked at Soo Jin. They are surprised because Soo Jin arrived with PD Go. Joo Eun asked what they met. Soo-Jin didn't want to respond because Joo Eun had a dialogue in an informal language. Hyun Woo is ready to scold but Joo Eun calms him down and invites him to leave.

Joo Eun returns and makes Min Joon and Young Ho fall asleep on the chair. He smiled at them. Young Ho wakes up and smiles in relief.

Ie spread his arms pleading for a hug. Joo Eun obediently sat on Young Ho's lap and hugged him.

"Did you find a lot of money today?"

"You don't know because you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth. I'm just a paid lawyer."

Joo Eun said as long as Young Ho was here, Young Ho didn't think about erotic nights or anything like that. Even after Min Joon returns, Young Ho always has to protect his behavior.

"Wow, this place outside of my world is really beyond estimated and beyond my reach," he said showing a disappointed face.

Joo Eun smiled amusedly. Young Ho suddenly remembered when he looked at Joo Eun's ring in Joon Eun's drawer.

"Is it because you left feelings for your ex-girlfriend or just because you like jewelry?"

Joo Eun admits she threw it away but then takes it back. It was Woo Shik who gave it to him but the ring he had worn for 15 years, so it was his. When Young Ho told him to throw it away, he wanted to throw it away.

Young Ho pulled Joon Eun back into his lap. He said Joo Eun didn't need to throw it away if she didn't want to.

"There's nothing about you that I want to throw away."

Young Ho leaned his head on Joo Eun. Joo Eun did the same thing. Then he remembered and said he didn't allow aged scenes. Young Ho didn't let go.

Joo Eun gave up and leaned back on Young Ho.

Hyun Woo picks up Min Joon. Young Ho insists that Min Joon continue to do the kind of exercise he taught. Okay, Min Joon said.

Hyun Woo smiled happily and asked whether Min Joon would be as sexy as Young Ho. I can't be sure, Young Ho said flatly. Hyun Woo said he was about to leave the two of them.

Before going to bed, Joo Eun again emphasized that Young Ho wouldn't think about the erotic night, especially now people are questioning whether Young Ho deserves to be the new director of Gahong.

On the other hand, she is a simple woman herself. He believed his mind could control his body.

"You believe that happened?" Young Ho asked.

"Over the trust, I'm the expert," said Joo Eun proudly.

" Okay." Young Ho focused his hands on Joo Eun's chest.

Joo Eun immediately crossed her arms to protect herself. But Young Ho just told Joo Eun to button her clothes. Joo Eun smiled shyly.

They sleep in one room. Young Ho sleeps on the floor but he can't sleep because Joo Eun snores.

He browsed the news and heard that Gahong's 61st birthday activities were always carried out according to the agenda, including the appointment of a new director. However, there has been no formal statement until the media is asked not to write speculative news.

Secretary Min calls and tells Young Ho that they are dealing with the media and the directors. He recommends that Young Ho always be humble at this time. He asks how long Young Ho will stay at Joo Eun's house. Instead of responding to Young Ho, he asks if Secretary Min is jealous. He tells Secretary Min to rest.

Woo Shik leaves for Soo Jin's house. He knows Soo-Jin is inside because he looks at his car outside. Soo-Jin ignored him.

“Sorry, but I want to come in,” Woo Jin exclaimed.

Soo-Jin tells Woo Shik to leave. Woo Shik says Soo Jin doesn't want to create such a password if he doesn't want her to enter. The password is to coincide with Soo Jin's birthday. Did he not know it coincided with his own girlfriend's birthday?

But unfortunately, Woo Shik's presence is to talk about the problem of PD Go's revealing Young Ho's evidence. Soo-Jin says he has to deal with any problems for his clients. In this case, Young Ho is the client.

"And how to get an international driver's license is illegal," Soo Jin emphasized. He finds out that Woo Shik dug up data from Young Ho's International SIM and leaked it to PD Go.

He asks Woo Shik to leave. Without waiting, he enters his room leaving Woo Shik behind. Soo Jin was about to take the medicine but she didn't want to. He lies down and asks why his life is like saltwater. No matter how much he drank, it didn't satisfy his thirst. Her tears flowed.

The next day he planned to harass Joo Eun. Although his words usually mock and ridicule Joo Eun, he is actually telling Joo Eun about what PD Go is trying to do. And also Woo Shik.

He said it was Woo Shik who shared the fact that John Kim was Young Ho to PD Go in the form of Young Ho's International SIM. That's why he wanted to apply for certification from both. Joo Eun was shocked. Why did Woo Shik do it? Soo-Jin says he also wants to know why.

Joo Eun is back. He was shocked when he saw Young Ho coming out of the bathroom wearing a kimono until his upper body was exposed. He was mesmerized looking at Young Ho and his heart was beating fast.

In his fantasy, he sees Young Ho blowing a distant kiss and winking at him. In fact, Young Ho scolds Joo Eun for not keeping things in the bathroom in an orderly manner.

Joo Eun didn't pay attention. His thoughts were fixed on Young Ho's chest.

"What's wrong? It's like you're imagining something erotic." Young Ho tightened his kimono.

Joo Eun argues that she is hot.

After taking a shower, Joo Eun enters the room and finds Young Ho sitting on his bed reading various documents. Again he was fascinated by Young Ho.

He tried to act normal and sat up in bed. Well, if it's sitting like this, who wouldn't be fascinated hehe^^

"Tomorrow you have a bed scene, right?" Oops… Joo Eun was shocked to realize her mistake.

"Tomorrow there will be a party scene," Young Ho corrected. Gahong's 61st birthday.

"You're staying here again tonight?" Joo Eun asked.

Young Ho says he must be so hot tonight that Joo Eun can't focus. He checked Joo Eun's pulse and said her pulse was very fast.

Joo Eun said it was not only his pulse that was lightning-fast, but he could also be about to "strike" Young Ho. Hehe… looks like this simple woman has forgotten her own rules. He argued that activities for 7-year-olds had shown kiss scenes. While their age is almost 80 years when combined, right?

He pursed his lips, ready to kiss. But Young Ho said he was tired. Joo Eun gets irritated and tells Young Ho to sleep.

Joo Eun pursed her lips, ready to kiss.

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Young Ho smiled stubbornly and pulled Joo Eun with his feet until Joo Eun fell onto the bed. He confirmed that Joo Eun had started first. Joo Eun smiled happily. Young Ho kisses him.

Ding dong…the doorbell rang. They fell silent. Young Ho decides to ignore it and kisses Joo Eun back.

Ding dong… this time Secretary Min's voice calls out to Young Ho. They are forced to stop their erotic night.

"It's time for me to come back from outside my world," said Young Ho.

“I don't think I can get along with Secretary Min,” said Joo Eun. “You must be coming to tomorrow's event, right?”

“I might not be able to act happy to see you and kiss you there,” Young Ho said apologetically.

Joo Eun understands, it is a matter of work. He is about to leave as a member of Young Ho's legal team. The 3rd bell rings. Young Ho kisses Joo Eun's forehead and leaves.

Gahong's 61st birthday is always held. Director Choi asks if Woo Shik knows what Young Ho is trying to do. Woo Shik says Young Ho might want to be appointed as director. Director Choi asks if the directors are turning around (from refusing to accepting Young Ho).

Woo Shik looks at Soo Jin. He says I think Young Ho's legal team has contacted the directors. Director Choi is confused about where his sister is. Mrs. Choi sits alone at home sadly. It seems that he was abandoned and not invited to the event.

Joo Eun arrives at the venue and joins Soo-Jin at their table. He once waved Ji Woong and Joon Sung who also appeared but sat at another table.

Soo-Jin says Joo Eun looks good. Whether it's sincere or not, it's a compliment. Joo Eun looked at her cellphone to see if there was a message from Young Ho. Soo Jin asks if Joo Eun is nervous.

" Why? You're not the director," he quipped.

Young Ho's grandmother and Young Ho's father entered the room. Joo Eun is afraid because she doesn't look at Young Ho. The invitees also seemed confused about where Young Ho was. The industrial princess Duksung also appears and is placed next to the sofa that Young Ho should have occupied.

Joo Eun sent a message to Young Ho and asked why Young Ho didn't show up. But the message was not read either. He tried to call but the phone was not picked up.

Mr. Young Ho received a report that Young Ho could not be contacted. Father said he already knew. Director Choi guesses Young Ho might not want to arrive.

Joo Eun looks at Joon Sung and Ji Woong, but they don't know where Young Ho is either. Joo Eun decides to go out looking for Young Ho. Ji Woong and Joon Sung followed suit. They split up looking for Young Ho in the building.

He didn't even hesitate to check the men's room.

Joo Eun once looked at Secretary Min and his men looking for Young Ho. He continued to search and create a black room.

In that room, he created Young Ho. Young Ho sits with his legs outstretched as the pain hits him again.

"It's your day, why are you here?" Joo Eun asked.

“What can I do. I… might be very late today,” Young Ho's face was pale with pain.

Joo Eun said everyone was waiting for Young Ho. He told Young Ho to get up and want to help him. Young Ho complains.

“You are fighting pain without wearing anything at this time. You still haven't reached your limit," said Joo Eun.

Young Ho remembers what Joo Eun said when Joo Eun first practiced (when Joo Eun didn't know if Young Ho was John Kim).

"Observe me, If you believe, you will be able to do it. Because you believe you can do it,” Joo Eun emphasized. That's what Joo Eun said at the time.

The audience in the event room began to worry. Instantly the MC announced the presence of Young Ho. The door opened.

Young Ho stands there accompanied by Secretary Min and his men. Joo Eun stood aside without freeing her thoughts on Young Ho.

Young Ho stands there accompanied by Secretary Min and his men.

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