Synopsis Drama Oh My Venus Episode 10 English Subtitle

Synopsis Drama Oh My Venus Episode 10 English Subtitle

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Synopsis Drama Oh My Venus Episode 10

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After Young Ho and Joo Eun's confession, everyone was shocked, especially Hyun Woo. And they were both on trial by Hyun Woo hahahahaha. This Hyun Woo issue is about Young Ho's house and work. Young Ho says that his house is almost his and his job is not certain. Wkwkwkwk.

Hyun Woo asks Young Ho's last girlfriend, who responds instead to Joo Eun. Joo Eun said that it was not long ago and the woman was a popular Caucasian. Pd Go arrives to meet his ex-wife to distribute the support money in the form of cash again. high iii.

Pd Go looks at Joo Eun and asks his ex-wife, “Is that Joo Eun's boyfriend? he looks good enough."

Pd Go adds that Joo Eun seems to have lost a lot of weight and wonders if Joo Eun wants revenge. His ex-wife told Pd Go to leave, "I go first, I have a busy schedule because of John Kim." Said Pd Go.

Ji Woong said that it was a surprise, Joon Sung said that Joo Eun was good and now Young Ho will smile often. Ji Woong felt it was like his mother made a girlfriend, “Why don't you call your mother?” said Joon Sung.

Young Ho and Joo Eun are intercepted by the guards, Manager Min orders them to leave. Manager Min tells Young Ho to keep an eye on Dir Choi because it seems that Dir Choi has data on John Kim. Joo Eun says goodbye to go first, but Hyun Woo catches up with Joo Eun and then introduces Manager Min that Joo Eun as his girlfriend.

Young Ho told Joo Eun to go in first, then they talked together. Manager Min says that if Young Ho's grandmother knows Young Ho's situation will be difficult, Young Ho says that his father knows that he will be in more trouble than his grandmother. Manager Min warns that Joo Eun's situation is riskier than Young Ho's. Young Ho knows, so Young Ho asks Manager Min for encouragement. Young Ho said that Joo Eun is an extraordinary woman.

Young Ho entered the house, then went to Joo Eun and then asked Joo Eun, “Where do you want to run away?” Joo Eun is even afraid of what if Young Ho's family thinks strange things.

Joo Eun said that she should go to Hyun Woo's house. Young Ho says don't wake the little ones (Ji Woong and Joon Sung), and tells Joo Eun to stay here all the time.

Soo-Jin meets Woo Shik, Woo Shik apologizes because he's been having a lot on his mind lately. Soo-Jin must be annoyed with Woo Shik saying sorry. An irritated Soo Jin tells Woo Shik to say sorry over the phone and then leaves.

Young Ho in his room again thinking about Manager Min's words earlier, Joo Eun arranged 2 pots. Ji Woong and Joon Sung return, Ji Woong says goodnight from outside Young Ho's room.

Joo Eun to Young Ho's room, Young Ho asked about the children. Joo Eun said that they had entered and slept. Joo Eun reasoned that she didn't remember the last part of camping, which was talking all night.

Young Ho is annoyed that Joo Eun is sleeping downstairs. Joo Eun stated that hugs were prohibited, which allowed only hands and feet.

"What about the dimples?" Young Ho asked. Joo Eun also forbids it. Young Ho is annoyed because just after meeting him for 5 minutes he could open his stomach belt and say it was too late. Wkwkwkwkwkwkwk.

In conclusion, Young Ho agrees on hands and feet. Young Ho wonders why Joo Eun became a lawyer. Joo Eun said that her mother said that at least there was a doctor or lawyer at home.

Joo Eun said, "Whatever our work, you must be happy doing it." Young Ho asked about the sound of Ringtone. Joo Eun suggests that Berusaiyu (The Rose of Versailles novel). Young Ho says that starting tomorrow he is full of schedule, and can't help Joo Eun move.

Joo Eun said that it was for the moving service to do it, and told Young Ho not to be afraid. Joo Eun told him to sleep, Young Ho's feet were stubborn and then Joo Eun patted him. Wkwkwkwkwk.

Young Ho looked at Joo Eun who was already snoring,

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Young Ho looked at Joo Eun who had been snoring, then Young Ho tilted Joo Eun's head so as not to snore.

Young Ho wakes up but Joo Eun is gone, Young Ho takes his cellphone and looks at the message from Joo Eun that left gifts for the three of them. Flashback, Joo Eun puts down the gifts while muttering, “I want Joon Sung to meet the superwoman, and Ji Woong to meet the Wonderwoman. Because Young Ho has met the smart and charming Daegu Venus.”

The Doctor Team had breakfast with the food that Joo Eun had made. The bell rings, Ji Woong runs thinking Joo Eun who arrived is actually Manager Min. Joo Eun prepared to leave, Joo Eun saw the plaster, then put it on and left.

Until Joo Eun's office takes her medicine, Soo-Jin arrives at Joo Eun's room. Soo-Jin said that if there was a meeting with Gahong tomorrow, for today he was alone because it was just an ordinary meeting. Soo-Jin mocks Soo Jin and is confused about whether she wants to be Cinderella because Soo Jin doesn't want to stop Joo Eun from leaving the Gahong Legal Team.

Sek shares the requested data about Joon Sung, it appears Jae Soon Ja's name and it seems Joo Eun has looked at him but he doesn't remember where to look. Then Sek notifies if there are clients who want to consult.

The mothers gossip about Young Ho's stepmother, Young Ho's grandmother arrives. Young Ho's grandmother is indifferent, Young Ho's stepmother receives her son's call and says he is at the museum with Grandma.

Young Ho's stepmother prepares, but the maid says that from now on, Young Ho's grandmother will tell her to prepare. But Young Ho's stepmother instead told the waiter to take a break.

Young Ho studies Gahong with Manager Min, then Manager Min reads Young Ho's schedule of activities. Young Ho mumbles, “Aren't you tired of repeating the same words?”

Young Ho arrives at the office, Dir Choi has a meeting to talk about Young Ho. After the meeting ended, Dir Choi told them to leave. Woo Shik tells Dir Choi that Young Ho's Grandmother's shares are going to be given to Young Ho, then orders him to back off and make another plan. Dir Choi said that it was not easy for him to take over without the approval of the board of directors.

Young Ho introduces Soo Jin as Gahong's legal team. Woo Shik shares the file, Young Ho says he will check it again. Woo Shik says this project has been running for several years and has been reported to Mr. Young Ho. Dir Choi and Woo Shik seem irritated by Young Ho's behavior.

Soo-Jin distributes gifts to Young Ho, but Young Ho responds coldly. Young Ho also said that Soo Jin and Joo Eun are close friends.

Woo Shik is angry that Soo Jin didn't have time to talk about this. Soo-Jin says that we just kissed and cuddled a few times and didn't need to tell Woo Shik about his activities.

Young Ho goes somewhere, Manager Min gives flowers. Young Ho enters and it turns out that his grandmother is with the woman who will be matched with him

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Young Ho leads somewhere, Manager Min distributes flowers. Young Ho enters and it turns out that his grandmother is with the woman he wants to betrothed, Young Ho must be annoyed with Manager Min and tries to always smile. Young Ho's grandmother doesn't like the food and tells them both to enjoy it, then Young Ho's grandmother says goodbye and Young Ho takes her. Young Ho invites the woman to drink tea, Young Ho apologizes to the woman.

Young Ho's stepmother asked how his official expedition was, "Nothing special." said Mr. Young Ho. In fact, Young Ho's stepmother knows that Mr. Young Ho has been undergoing cancer treatment for a year.

Ji Woong and Joon Sung arrive at Joo Eun's house, they eat together. Joo Eun and Joon Sung are jealous of Ji Woong because his food is more appetizing. Ji Woong reasons that if you move house you must eat Jjajangmyeon. Joo Eun looked at her cellphone, then Joon Sung said that Young Ho might not arrive tonight.

Joon Sung practices swimming with Ji Woong, there is a drowning woman Joon Sung helps him. And who that woman is actually Yi Jin. Joon Sung performs CPR with chest compressions and artificial respiration through the mouth. Yi Jin wakes up wide-eyed and turns out it was a ruse

cooperation with Ji Woong, Joon Sung must be annoyed.

Woo Shik and Pd Go talk about Young Ho who might be John Kim. Joo Eun at home is still confused, the sound of the bell actually gives a meal brochure. The bell rang again, a worried Joo Eun took an umbrella and in fact, it was Young Ho Joo Eun tidying her hair and then opening the door.

Young Ho brought the flowers he left behind and then hugged Joo Eun from behind. Young Ho is jealous because Ji Woong Joon Sung was given a girlfriend, in fact, Joo Eun gave Young Ho a novel. Joo Eun said that he worked as Gahong's legal team until Young Ho was appointed and told Young Ho not to be afraid. Young Ho said goodbye, Joo Eun kissed Young Ho's lips. Young Ho insists that Joo Eun always practices before going to bed. Joo Eun exercises before going to bed, Young Ho also exercises at home.

In Woo Shik's car thinking about Young Ho, Pd Go calls to tell him he has a picture of John Kim's scandal with Anna.

Everyone arrived, Joo Eun looked at Young Ho but Young Ho was always thinking ahead. They were all waiting, in fact, there were still many who had not yet appeared. Young Ho's father tells Young Ho's grandmother to cancel today and reschedule, then Young Ho's Grandma leaves. and in conclusion, the meeting was canceled.

Joo Eun arrives home, in the car Manager Kim says he doesn't know if Dir Choi influences others, Young Ho tells Manager Kim to share the file they talked about yesterday. Young Ho remembered earlier when Joo Eun bowed respectfully, in fact, Young Ho looked at Joo Eun. Young Ho is about to call his Daegu Venus but hesitates.

Joo Eun is annoyed that Young Ho didn't contact her, then she makes a dark dress, Joo Eun remembers her fantasy. Then Joo Eun tries to dress it up, it turns out to be pretty good, and Joo Eun also makes up. An upset Joo Eun called her mother and after that, she felt better.

Joo Eun finds a call from Hyun Woo about Young Ho who in fact John Kim is currently famous on the internet. Joo Eun checked, then called Young Ho, Joon Sung, and Ji Woong

Young Ho entered and hugged Young Ho.

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but can't. Joo Eun was about to leave when she came out she was surprised if, in fact, Young Ho was outside his house. Young Ho is confused about who this woman is, it's not the wrong address right. Joo Eun asks why and tells Young Ho to stay at the hotel. Young Ho said he didn't want to come back, Joo Eun said there was only one room and bathroom and told Young Ho to come in and then hugged Young Ho.

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