Synopsis Drama Mine Episode 16 Part 2 English Subtitle

Synopsis Drama Mine Episode 16 Part 2

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Synopsis Drama Mine Episode 16 Part 2

Synopsis Drama Mine Episode 16 Part 2

Synopsis Drama Mine Episode 16 Part 2 English Subtitle

Mr. Kim and Chief Joo are shocked to see Ji Young's condition. Seohyun's hand was also injured. Seohyun told them that doctor Kim would come soon and asked them to take care of it.

The two clean Ji Young's blood. Chief Joo sees Ji Young as if looking at him and he leaves.

Sister Emma asks about Ji Young's condition. Chief Joo says that he is not allowed to say what happened in the house and tells Sister Emma to come home. Sister Emma immediately got ready to see that there was blood on Joo's finger.

Seohyun drove Hiso to the hospital.

Doctor Kim arrives. Sister Emma was still there. Mr. Kim hasn't finished cleaning Ji Young's blood, but Doctor Kim has arrived.

Chief Joo came to Mr. Kim in his room. Mr. Kim is crying. Both of them know each other's actions blaming each other. To Joo's head, Ji Young died from inhaling poison gas. But for Mr. Kim, Ji Young died from falling down the stairs.

Chief Joo finally accepts that he killed her. He told Mr. Kim to go far away and never come back. And in return, he asked for the blue diamond.

On the way home, Seohyun called Hiso and promised to come back after cleaning the house. Hiso cried.

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Hiso walked with sister Emma.

Hiso walked with sister Emma.

Seohyun tells dad that Ji Young fell from the second floor. His blood vessels burst and he died on the spot. Dad is shocked. Seohyun promised to take care of everything. The mother who saw Seohyun's bloody finger felt suspicious.

Hiso cried remembering that incident.

Hiso walked with sister Emma. Everyone wrote their own answer in life. Sister Emma used to live a luxurious life as an entertainer at Aesanggak but also lived as a nun with a lot of flaws. His life is made up of his heart and the decisions he makes. Hiso was sad to lose his life and heart. He felt like he had nothing.

Sister Emma objected. Hiso once had everything. Even though he's lost, he hasn't actually lost anything.

Hiso remembered what Hajun said that only he could protect himself. Thanks to that Hiso was able to step back.

Head Joo said goodbye to dad. He will stop working but can't say why.

In front of Seohyun Chief Joo knelt down and admitted his mistake. He did it because he saw Hiso was in danger. Seohyun feels that Chief Joo knows too much about his family. He had to go. Chief Joo also handed over his cell phone and secret camera. Seohyun also mentioned the blue diamond necklace. If Joo's head takes him then he is Ji Young's killer. But if he left her then he only wanted to help Hiso. Joo's head is crying.

Chief Joo returns the necklace to dad. My father is confused about how the necklace got on Joo's head. Long story. Goodbye father.

Hiso finally said the reason he pretended to lose his memory to Hyejin who was going to the airport. After marriage, he acted twice. Ji Young had tried to kill him. He couldn't tell the police. He couldn't hurt Hajun who was already very hurt by his father's death.

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Hiso walks into Ji Young's study and sits there.

Hiso walks into Ji Young's study and sits there.

Hyejin thanks. Hiso did it for his own son. Even if he goes to hell for lying he will be happy there. He was grateful that Hyejin had given birth to Hajun. Hyejin emphasized that Hajun is Hiso's son. He will keep his word.

Head Joo said goodbye to mother. Mother news about Ttaksun, the child Nodeok raised. Now make a nest and make a hole in the house. Chief Joo praises the shining mother wearing the necklace.

Jinho bathed with Jang while talking about their respective military experiences.

Hiso walks into Ji Young's study and sits there. In his drawer, he found sleeping pills. After that, it was as if he saw Ji Young smiling at him. Turns out it wasn't all lies. Even though he can't forgive her but he will forget her for his own good.

Hiso meets head Joo who is about to leave. He thanks Chief Joo for what he did that night. Joo's head burst into tears. He grabbed Hiso's hand and said that Seohyun had thought Hiso killed Ji Young but he still tried to protect her until the end.

Seohyun returned home and talked to Hiso. Hiso thought that what Seohyun wanted to protect was him. Seohyun admitted that she didn't cover up her mistakes but she believed in her. Hiso is grateful and will not forget it. Seohyun forbids. Just forget it.


Jinho is now in charge of taking care of the house. He's never even been to the office. He says family happiness is more important. He planned to ask Suhyuk to stay in Rubato after marriage and kick Ttaksun out, as the result of their house becoming a hole in the ground.

He then received a call. Don't know from whom. That's very sweet to say.

Jinho then went and passed several workers who were repairing his house which had a hole in it because of his friend Ttaksun.

The person Jinho met turned out to be Jungdo. Now he can walk even with crutches. He was also divorced from Jinhee. Because they can't really play golf, in the end, they can only play golf games.

Jinhee and the others were still attending Bible class with Pastor Paul.

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Yuyeon came home. He was immediately greeted warmly by Suhyuk and given a hug. And when he received the call, he saw Juhi smiling at Suhyuk and fired him immediately.

Juhi was brought home by Mr. Jang. Very upset. But he was sure that he would return to the house.

Seohyun officially became the main director. He seemed to be enjoying the room. He then saw the news of Hiso returning to acting in a drama series called Mine.

Hiso was reading the script. Soyoung came to tell her the filming schedule which will start on Monday. Hiso felt real who to return to acting. He can do anything now. It's time to meet Hajun.

Sister Emma gardens with the other women. Seohyun came to see him. They talk together. Sister Emma apologizes on behalf of the whole world for forcing her to keep her identity a secret. It wasn't a sin, but he had kept it a secret his whole life as if it were a mortal sin. Stop doing that.

Seohyun thanks. Sister Emma offered him to eat perilla seed Kagaku?

Hiso picked up Hajun who was back with Hyejin. She will cook her favorite galbi-jjim. Previously Hiso and Hyejin had agreed to raise Hajun together.

Seohyun met Hiso on set. Apparently, Hyowon E&M also invested in the drama. Even though Seohyun did it just for business but the drama was good.

Hiso saw Seohyun looking happy. Has he found what is his? He won't ask again. she has learned many things from him.

Seohyun actually learned from Hiso who loves others more than himself. Too bad they couldn't talk for long because Hiso had to continue filming.

Seohyun returned home. He called Suzy. He will visit her next week.

Hyejin taught Hajun to ride.

Hiso and Seohyun walk together towards their respective happiness.

Sister Emma…. Looks like I found the answer. The ability to love yourself even if you have lost everything. That's the answer. Mine.

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