Synopsis Drama Mine Episode 16 Part 1 English Subtitle

Synopsis Drama Mine Episode 16 Part 1

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Synopsis Drama Mine Episode 16 Part 1

Synopsis Drama Mine Episode 16 Part 1

Synopsis Drama Mine Episode 16 Part 1 English Subtitle

Detective Baek finally leaves. The case was closed because a servant said that Ji Young was taking sleeping pills. Even though Hiso said that he killed Ji Young, he doesn't remember anything.

Seohyun allowed Chief Joo to leave after hearing his explanation.

Jinho rubbed the lottery again. He won 5 million won. He then gave it to Mr. Jang. After rubbing the lottery for 18 months he finally made it. Mr. Jang feels bad and asks what he should do to repay her. The lonely Jinho asks Master Jang to take a bath with him as a lonely friend.

Jinho who won the lottery showed it off to Seohyun. Seohyun congratulated him. Finally, he was able to make money with his own hard work. And congratulations he and Mr. Kim didn't kill Ji Young in the end. Jinho confirmed that he had ordered Mr. Kim to kill Ji Young. But who actually killed Ji Young. Seohyun just smiled. It's better if Jinho doesn't have to know like usual.

Jasmin broke up with Jungdo and gave him back to Jinhee completely but Jinhee didn't want him to ask Jasmin to take her husband and she would tell her husband Jasmin.

Unfortunately, their debate had to be stopped because there was a Bible class.

Jinkyung and Miju had arrived first. The four who wanted to drop out of Bible class didn't happen because Pastor Paul was handsome. The four of them couldn't focus because of that.

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Sister Emma packs up. It will go from there. Sister Agatha told her that someone was waiting for her. Sister Emma gave the bag that had been with her for 29 years to Sister Agatha. The one waiting for Sister Emma was Hiso.

Seohyun met Seohyun and presented a necklace for congratulations.

Seohyun met Seohyun and presented a necklace for congratulations.

Sister Agatha posted the bag to the flea market. They were surprised the bag was given away for free. It's expensive.

Yuyeon is back. She will be the mistress there. Seohyun greeted him. Yuyeon's mother had surgery thanks to Seohyun. Besides that, Seohyun also gave some advice because Yuyeon would be the daughter-in-law of the house.

Hyejin gave vitamins to Hajun. Nearby was a horseshoe collar. Actually, it was a necklace given by Ji Young.

Hiso escorted Hajun who was going back to America. Be brave in America. Hajun who already knew that his mother's memory had returned brought up what he had said that only he could protect himself. He also wanted his mother to protect herself.

The Han family ate together. There's Yuyeon too. Yuyeon doesn't like seeing Juhi smile at Suhyuk. My father said he wanted to turn over a new leaf. The mother also advised Yuyeon to be careful with her words and actions from now on.

Suhyuk wanted Hajun's room to stay in Rubato so he could occupy it during the holidays. Hajun is his younger cousin. Others thought the same. Hajun is a member of the Han family and nothing will change. Seohyun even hopes that Hajun can become Hyowon's leader in the future. Of course with Hiso's permission.

Sister Emma can only surrender when Detective Baek informs about Ji Young's case which is designated as a suicide case. After that, he prayed while crying.

Hiso was at the scene. He looked down. Shock. The clock is chiming. Everything seems to be backward. The eggs in the Nodeok's cage hatch.

Songtae felt very uneasy. The two bottles of poison gas were indeed his. Because of that, he couldn't focus while working on preparing everything for Suhyuk's engagement party.

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Suhyuk met Seohyun and presented her with a necklace for congratulations. He even put it on. Suhyuk believes that Seohyun deserves to be Hyowon's leader. Shine in that position. Thank you…for raising me well. Mother. I want to cry

The engagement ceremony begins. Suhyuk entered with Yuyeon. After wearing the same ring they then cut the cake. Everyone claps for their happiness.

Jinho got a call that Jungdo had an accident. Jinhee drank a lot so he went alone.

Ji Young looks tense to see Jinho leave. He even finished his wine in one gulp. Mr. Kim pours her some more wine then whispers that her sister is waiting in Cadenza. Seohyun, Hiso, and mother watched Ji Young leave from there.

Seohyun got a message from Choi's lawyer if there was anything to talk about.

Ji Young entered the basement through the door that Mr. Kim showed. After making sure Ji Young went in there, Mr. Kim immediately closed the door and ran away.

Jinho wasn't there. Ji Young calls him but the phone can't be reached.

Ji Young and Hiso are lying on the ground covered in blood.

Ji Young and Hiso are lying on the ground covered in blood.

Jinho was on the road. He confirmed that he was Jungdo's brother-in-law and asked if he was seriously injured?

Mr. Kim to the oxygen control center. Hiso goes back to watching the video of Suchang's death. Feeling uneasy he then left from there.

Mr. Kim put the two bottles he was carrying into the oxygen cylinder and then opened one of the levers.

Ji Young's basement is getting crowded. He had loosened his clothes.

Joo's head is sad to see Jinhee drinking a lot. He was then called and left from there.

Mr. Kim is feeling restless.

Ji Young calls Mr. Kim and wants to come out but can't.

Mr. Kim put the liquid from the two bottles back into the tube.

Ji Young is dying. Hiso sent the video along with threats to report it to the police if he didn't turn himself in. Ji Young sees the video and calls Hiso. Hearing Ji Young like that made Hiso worried. Ji Young falls and can't reach her phone.

Mr. Kim continues to feel uneasy. Finally, he closed the oxygen lever and left.

Ji Young crawls to the secret door of dad's jewelry room but can't get there.

Mr. Kim wants to open the door for Ji Young but the door can't be opened.

While crying, Mr. Kim opened the door of his father's jewelry and took Ji Young out of there. After that, he then left.

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Hiso reaches Cadenza and sees Ji Young walking out of breath. Worried, he approached her. Ji Young, who thought it was Hiso's doing, instead strangled him and wanted to kill him.

Seohyun who was on the phone with Choi's lawyer in his study heard Hiso and Ji Young's argument and left.

Someone hits Ji Young with a tube. Both fall. Ji Young's head hit the corner of the glass rim. The tube fell too. And the one who did it was Chief Joo. Panic, he left from there.

Ji Young who is still awake looks at Hiso.

Sister Emma arrived. He looks at the location of the party but Ji Young isn't there. The phone is also unreachable. That's why he asked Mr. Kim. Cadenza. Answer Mr. Kim.

Seohyun came out. He was shocked to see Ji Young and Hiso lying down.

Sister Emma arrived. He saw Ji Young lying covered in blood and then ran out l.

Hiso finally came to his senses.

Sister Emma tried to calm herself outside.

Hiso sees Ji Young covered in blood and is shocked. He saw Ji Young in tears.

Seohyun approached him and pulled him away from there. They can't be seen with each other so Seohyun took him to his study on the second floor. He will call doctor Kim.

From above Seohyun saw the tube near Ji Young. He came back again to get it.

Sister Emma is back. Seohyun who was still there then hid. Ough his hand hurt.

Sister Emma confirmed the person. Ji Young. He also saw Hiso above. Panic. Then he came back out.

Outside he met Mr. Kim. He asked Mr. Kim to call an ambulance. Someone got hurt. Mr. Kim calms down. He went there and asked Sister Emma to stay and not to follow him.

Seohyun brought Hiso and the tube to his room. He called doctor Kim again and asked him to come immediately. He then saw the wound on Hiso's neck. He asked Hiso to wait. He'll be right back.

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