Synopsis Drama Mine Episode 15 Part 2 English Subtitle

Synopsis Drama Mine Episode 15 Part 2

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Synopsis Drama Mine Episode 15 Part 2

Synopsis Drama Mine Episode 15 Part 2

Synopsis Drama Mine Episode 15 Part 2 English Subtitle

Jinhee met Jasmin outside. Those who don't know how to talk about the same man reinforce each other. Until when Jinhee saw Jasmin enter her husband's room.

Jungdo told Jasmin to come out because his wife was there. Jasmin admitted that he just wanted to apologize. Jinhee finally entered. Finally, he finds out that Jasmin is his husband's mistress. He was very angry but like what Sister Emma said, he carried his anger on his back and treated him like a baby.

Jinkyung came with Miju. He was worried that Jinhee would grab Jasmin bald. And when they arrived they both looked peaceful sitting next to Jungdo.

The four of them then talked outside. Jinhee told Jasmin to take care of her husband for the rest of her life because Jasmin made her like that. Jasmin has to divorce her husband or else she will tell her husband and Jasmin will be expelled without a penny.

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Jasmine refuses. He doesn't want a divorce. Jinhee got angry and slapped Jasmine. As if they weren't enough, they grabbed each other.

Meanwhile, Seohyun is also cleaning up Jinho's relationship with his mistresses.

The man who was finally chosen to replace Mr. Kim. He shows Juhi what he found in Mr. Kim's former room. Hydrochloric Acid and Phosgene. He wanted to report it but Juhi forbade it. He might be expelled later.

Juhi then showed it to Joo's head. Juhi becomes doubtful if Mr. Kim goes to Monaco. Lest he is killed. Without the two of them realizing that Kyunghyee was eavesdropping outside.

Hiso made waffles for Hajun.

Hiso made waffles for Hajun.

Hiso made waffles for Hajun. Hyejin saw it. He brought up that Hiso likes to make waffles for Hajun first. But Hiso said he made it because there was a machine. But when he was in his room he remembered when Seohyun came to him after he fell and took the tube.

Hyejin accompanied Hajun to eat. He tells that his mother's memory has returned. His mother's memory is the strongest of all.

Hyejin accidentally met Kyunghyee. They talk. Hyejin finally finds out that Ji Young is taking the sleeping pills prescribed to Kyunghyee. He didn't even care if it was deadly.

Jinho burned all the photos of Ji Young's mother. He was so thinking about what Mr. Kim said. He didn't kill her. He just opened the door.

Chief Joo gives what the new maid found in Mr. Kim's room. Previously he had also caught Mr. Kim looking for poison gas on his cellphone.

Seohyun then told Joo's head to call Juhi and Mr. Jang who saw it.

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Hyejin finally finds out that Ji Young has been taking the sleeping pills prescribed for Kyunghyee. Ji Young doesn't even care if it's deadly. Hyejin is sad to hear that.

Chief Joo walks in and catches them. Hyejin argued that she just wanted to check something. Chief Joo warns that Hyejin has to pass him first if she wants to ask the maids. Hyejin cynically doesn't want to be ordered.

After Hyejin left, Chief Joo asked what they were talking about. Kyung Hye is honest. About sleeping pills. Chief Joo asks him to sort out the dos and don'ts.

Kyunghyee is sure that Ji Young died not because of sleeping pills. He was killed by someone who could order Mr. Kim. Chief Joo immediately slaps him and mentions the theft.

Seohyun met Mr. Jang and Kyunghyee. He returned the bottle they had found and told them to clean it up. Otherwise, their lives will fall apart very painfully. Besides that, Seohyun also told them to re-read the contract they signed before going there.

Hyejin went to Hiso and asked him to tell him what really happened that night. He already knew that Hiso hadn't really lost his memory. Her gaze at Hajun was as warm as a real mother's. Hiso told him to pretend he didn't know so he could be safe. Hyejin even suspects that Hiso killed Ji Young. Hiso relaxed. Even if it's true Ji Young will not come back. Hyejin just wanted to know the end.

Detective Baek returns to see Sister Emma and tells her that the one lying with Ji Young is Hiso. Sister Emma is also still in touch with Hiso. Suddenly the detective asked what Sister Emma chose regarding Kwak Hyeondong, Kwak Suchang's younger brother.

Sister Emma asked Ji Young to turn herself in but Ji Young was silent. Sister Emma then came home in the rain. And the night at the party he came to look for Ji Young. The next morning Ji Young called. It is all over. He will go.

Hiso talked to Seohyun in the dining room.

Hiso talked to Seohyun in the dining room.

Ji Young's party is not there. Mr. Kim said Ji Young is at Cadenza. His face looks pale.

Detective Baek rushes off. On the way, Mr. Kim calls him and emphasizes that he didn't kill Ji Young. He just opened the basement door.

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Hiso talked to Seohyun in the dining room. Ji Young's mother's things in the basement were burned and replaced with Ji Young's things according to her father's wishes. Seohyun also knew that Hiso didn't lose his memory. Both of them want to protect something.

Hajun and Hyejin are leaving. He will go too. Hiso remembered today's tea was the same tea that Seohyun served to entertain him when he first came to Cadenza.

On the way, Hiso met with Kyunghyee and asked to be escorted to the basement. There he saw a photo of Ji Young riding a horse.

Detectives came to Cadenza with the excuse of wanting to see the dungeons. Case closed tomorrow. Jinho forbids it because Detective Baek doesn't bring a search warrant but Seohyun allows it. There detective Baek meets Hiso who is sitting in a rocking chair. He said he was looking for fresh air. There has the most oxygen.

Detectives believe that Hiso remembers everything. He doesn't lose his memory. He also asks that Hiso killed Ji Young. Unexpectedly, Hiso confirmed. Come to think of it, he killed Ji Young. But he doesn't remember. The detective smiled bitterly.

Head Joo wants to go quietly but instead gets caught by Seohyun.

Haha, only one episode left. No can no.

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