Synopsis Drama Mine Episode 15 Part 1 English Subtitle

Synopsis Drama Mine Episode 15 Part 1

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Synopsis Drama Mine Episode 15 Part 1

Synopsis Drama Mine Episode 15 Part 1

Synopsis Drama Mine Episode 15 Part 1 English Subtitle


Finally, the detectives found a bit of light. The person who fell in with Ji Young was Hiso so it was only natural that he had memory loss. The person who took Hiso to the hospital was Seohyun and Hyejin was indeed in America at that time. The detective also realized the reason Seohyun seemed restless since then.


Seohyun got the personal data of a dog kennel broker. At the same time, Ji Young's inauguration as chief director was postponed. Dih, Ji Young was really frustrated and went to see Seohyun. Seohyun told him to vacate his desk and go to the police station.

Ji Young refuses. He will become eviler and eviler he will avenge them one by one. Seohyun smiled. But he wanted to save her.


Ji Young comes home and meets Hiso. He knew that Hiso and Seohyun had given Hyejin's video to the directors. Hiso shows his cellphone and admits that he still has other evidence that Ji Young killed him. For the sake of Hajun Hiso asks Ji Young to solve the problem like a good father. Admit mistakes and he can take the evidence to the police station. Ji Young wants to take it but Hiso doesn't want to give it.

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Detective Baek interrogates Seohyun.

Detective Baek interrogates Seohyun.

Ji Young brags that they won't be able to take Hajun and Hyowon because it's hers. Hiso is not Hajun's biological mother and Seohyun is a lesbian. They won't be able to retrieve him until he's dead.

Hiso was really surprised to know that Seohyun is a lesbian. He remembers that when he talked to Seohyun he said he didn't have a girlfriend but had a girlfriend. Hiso then saw Seohyun coming home. He took her to Rubato. The dress for the engagement party was ready and she had already chosen one for him.

After seeing the dress that Hiso chose, the two then spoke. Seohyun asked Hiso to be strong. He will always protect her. Hiso also wanted to talk to him. No matter what others say, he will always support Seohyun. Be yourself. He will protect her. Seohyun thanked him and hugged him. The waiter comes and tells Sampek that catering has come.

Chief Joo looks at the maids' phones. Mr. Kim came in. Chief Joo shows what Mr. Kim is looking for on his cellphone. Mr. Kim gets angry and snaps at Joo's head who carelessly looks at his cellphone.

Ji Young continues to feel uneasy. Kyunghyee came to bring sleeping pills.

That night it rained thunder. Mr. Kim is crying in his room. Joo's head is on to something and Hiso and Seohyun are planning something to beat Ji Young. The last way.


Suhyuk was interrogated regarding his engagement party which was held too suddenly. Also the day Ji Young died.

Detective Baek shows a video of Seohyun dropping Hiso off at the hospital. Seohyun confirmed. He took her only to the parking lot because at the same time someone died at home. And the reason why he never mentioned it was because the detective never asked.

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Seohyun was asked to tell about the first time she saw Hiso for the first time. Seohyun started to tell it while imagining. He saw Ji Young lying down. Hiso is in pain. He couldn't see clearly because it was dark. He was standing on the stairs. He called the family doctor and took Hiso to the hospital. Seohyun also informed that there was a maid who came in. Mr. Kim.

Detective Baek relates it to Sister Emma's testimony. And when he asked which way Seohyun took when carrying Hiso, it's impossible for people not to know. And Seohyun calmly said that they have many doors.

Seohyun tells that after Ji Young died, their stock dropped drastically. He is the person in charge of Hyowon who cannot provide clear evidence and considers it a case of suicide. Detective Baek finds it hard to consider it a suicide case. Seohyun felt it was better. Besides that, none of his family members killed Ji Young.

The detectives couldn't ask more questions because Seohyun had a meeting.

After the detective left, Secretary Seohyun reported that Detective Baek was heading to Jin-ho's room.

Jinho is on the phone with Mr. Kim. Mr. Kim felt uneasy there and Jinho calmed him down. The detective then came in. The two of them spoke. The detectives find out that it was Jinho who sent Mr. Kim to Monaco and bought him a ticket. Wow, Jinho could have lied. He said that he and Mr. Kim liked each other. Everyone already knows because they often bathe together. Mr. Kim wanted to go to Monaco and he helped him. Jinho also led the detectives to think that Ji Young died by suicide because she had no hope.

Miju sees a painting in Jinkyung's gallery and buys one. The two then drank tea together. Today's Bible class is off. Jasmine came crying. Her boyfriend had an accident. So when he kisses his girlfriend in the car, he accidentally spills his drink. She also gave a black tracksuit that she had prepared for her husband. Her boyfriend was wearing it for a night jog and was hit by a car. He had an accident on the day Ji Young died. Jinkyung confirmed that his girlfriend's name was Park Jungdo. Right.

Jinkyung, Miju, Jasmin and Jinhee went to see Sister Emma.

Jinkyung, Miju, Jasmin and Jinhee went to see Sister Emma.

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Hiso consulted his doctor. He couldn't sleep and kept feeling restless. She kept remembering the look her husband had when he died. His two eyes stared at him as he died. Do you remember Hiso? He said amnesia. The doctor offers to prescribe sleeping pills for him but Hiso refuses. He will try to fight it. he wanted to do the making of the new sheet.

While in the parking lot Hiso sees detective Hwang watching him. At first detective Hwang denied it. But in the end, he asks why Hiso consulted a doctor and not Sister Emma.

Hiso just smiled. will not succeed if we only rely on one person. Like a detective. Was he the only one at the crime scene? He wouldn't get anything if he just watched him. Detective confirmed. Hiso then left with a smile.

Detective Baek is still thinking about Ji Young's case, which is now considered a suicide case. He then sees Ji Young's funeral. Hajun cried and Suhyuk hugged him. Surprisingly, there was no sadness on Hiso's face even though his husband had just died. He became suspicious. Is it true that Hiso lost his memory or is it just acting?

Detective Hwang then reports that Hiso knew they were following him. Detective Baek tells him to keep an eye on him. He will meet someone.

Jinkyung, Miju, Jasmin and Jinhee went to see Sister Emma. That's definitely the last Bible. Sister Emma would become a commoner after that. The Bible class will be continued by Pastor Paul. What we have now will not be ours anymore after we die. So think about what we will really have for the rest of our lives.

Lawyer Choi returns and serves as Hyowon's legal team. It will solve the problem. Detective Baek meets doctor Kim. Calm. Doctor Kim arrives when Ji Young is dead. He had a heart attack just like his mother.

Mom has no appetite and tells Joo's head to eat his food. He then met Nodeok. The bird eggs in his cage used to be woodpecker eggs. Mother is crying. He told Nodeok to take care of the child wholeheartedly even though it was not his child.

Dad is in the basement looking at Ji Young's photo. He apologizes and hopes Ji Young is born as his biological son in the next life. Meanwhile, Joo's head ate his mother's food voraciously.

Jinkyung and Miju talked about Jinhee and Jasmin. It turns out that Jasmin cheated on her husband Jinhee. And now both of them want to go to the hospital to see Jungdo.

Jinhee read the Bible to Jungdo. She will forgive him. He will take care of Jungdo and become his feet. What do you want to eat? Jungdo wants to eat fried squid made by their maid. Unfortunately, he has stopped. Jinhee then wanted to buy it downstairs.

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