Synopsis Drama Mine Episode 14 Part 2 English Subtitle

Synopsis Drama Mine Episode 14 Part 2

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Synopsis Drama Mine Episode 14 Part 2

Synopsis Drama Mine Episode 14 Part 2

Synopsis Drama Mine Episode 14 Part 2 English Subtitle

Jinho visited Jungdo. He complained about his situation. He will undergo therapy for a year. And if he can't walk during therapy then he won't be able to walk forever. Jinho reassured that it would never happen. But he also blamed Jungdo for having a fight with Jinhee and going to that place.

Jungdo then received a call not knowing who it was from. And when Jinho asked he didn't want to answer.

Hiso meets Sister Emma. Weird. He sat in his usual place. All-day he read messages from sister Emma. He was surprised by the last message that Sister Emma didn't reply to. “Sister Emma. You've met Hajun's father right? Please tell me the truth.”

Sister Emma felt very sorry. He knows Ji Young from when he was in the womb. He who could only see her from afar thought that he was fine. If he had known earlier...

When Sister Emma makes a pilgrimage with Ji Young at her mother's grave. Ji Young always comes there not because she loves her mother but she is afraid that she will forget what her mother did to her. He even showed a scar on his leg made by his mother. His mother broke the glass and threw it at him. His mother hated him so much because he was more like his father. It wasn't his fault.

His mother always tortured him. If there was one person who sincerely loved him then he wouldn't be this bad. Sister Emma took his hand and was about to become his mother. He will listen to all of Ji Young's stories but for Ji Young, it is too late. He didn't know what he had done. He even killed people.

Sister Emma thinks Ji Young is joking but Ji Young says she will someday. He forbade Sister Emma to talk about God because she didn't believe him.

Since then Sister Emma has always been with Ji Young and she also gets to know Hiso. Hiso doubts that Ji Young needs pity. He asked if Sister Emma had seen him that night? Why not report it? Sister Emma confirmed. He was so sure. Until he finds out Hiso's leg suffers from memory loss. He remembered that there was one more person. Maybe Hiso was also a victim.

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Because there are police at home, my mother thinks that Ji Young was killed. He remembered that night seeing the blood on Seohyun's hand. He even became suspicious of Jinhee. Jinhee also became suspicious of his mother.

Mother is upset because there are police in her house.

Mother is upset because there are police in her house.

Kyunghyee goes to head Joo and asks about Mr. Kim. So Joo's head also wants to ask Kyunghyee the same rights. He thought they were dating so they stole the necklace together. Kyung Hye denies. He only went after Mr. Kim stole the necklace. He becomes suspicious that Mr. Kim killed Ji Young. Sir Kim left the day after Ji Young died.

When Kyunghyee was about to leave, Chief Joo told him not to take sleeping pills too often. Unknowingly Kyunghyee told that she wasn't the one drinking.

Hyejin waited for Hiso to come home. He requested that his memory return soon because they had a lot of things to do.

In his place, Hiso browsed through his old manuscripts. At the same time, Detective Baek is also looking at Hiso's list of movies and dramas. Hiso took the lowest script. Night of the Memory.

Hajun suddenly came and immediately hugged him. He tried to remind them of what they had been through there from eating ramyeon to the promise not to keep secrets. Hiso who didn't remember was acting normal. It looks even more confusing.

Detective Baek reads an article about Hiso's debut in the film The Night of the Memory which was not broadcast due to a scandal from his co-star. In the film, he portrays a character who experiences memory loss. Detective Baek then orders someone to check Hiso's medical record.

Dad is fine. Actually, he wanted to entrust everything to Seohyun but Seohyun herself wanted to walk with dad. Finally, the father ordered that all Kim Mija's belongings in her basement be burned and her ashes placed next to Ji Young's grave.

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Seohyun called Hiso and asked him to go to an art auction. Unfortunately, Hiso can't because he already has an appointment with his actress friends. The detective then called Seohyun and asked to meet.

Detectives are interrogating mom.

Detectives are interrogating mom.

Meanwhile, Jinho is selecting employees to replace Mr. Kim. Hehe .. until all the natural elements are calculated.

Jungdo is undergoing therapy for his leg. Jinhee accompanied him and agreed to Jungdo's request for a divorce. Now it's Jungdo's turn to refuse. He wanted Jinhee to stay by his side until he could walk again. Jinhee doesn't want to. When his legs are normal Jungdo really wants to run away from him. Jungdo doesn't want to know. He still doesn't want a divorce. Jelinhee had to stay by his side until he became a zombie. It Jinhee, who was annoyed, became angry with himself.

Hiso meets up with friends and remembers what happened in the past. They also praised him for having a strong memory to easily memorize dialogue.

Detective Baek again asked Seohyun. He is still looking for the person who fell with Ji Young. He suspected that Seohyun was hiding her finger. That's why he asked permission to see it.

The detective then gets a call that the person who fell with Ji Young was Hiso. His medical records were found on the day of the incident and two days later he was examined by an orthopedist. He suffered stab fractures and fractures in the pelvis.

Detective Baek then confirmed it to Seohyun but Seohyun wasn't surprised at all. He even asked the person standing on the stairs. Detective Baek requests permission to look at the scene again.

Hiso just got home. He felt pain and when he saw Hyejin he endured the pain.

Seohyun came and saw the two from a distance.

Detective Baek returns to look at the scene. He seemed to see Ji Young falling with someone and Hiso at the top of the stairs as Sister Emma said. And what mom said that Sister Emma was probably a lie. And it turns out that the person who fell with Ji Young is Hiso.

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The question is who brought Hiso to the hospital. According to CCTV cameras, he came there himself. But with the injured condition, there is no way he can drive. Hyejin admitted that she was the one who brought Hiso's car that night.

Detective Hwang finds out through the dashboard camera of a nearby car. And found. Unfortunately, the detective couldn't see his face right away. Tomorrow.

Hyejin stated that that day she went to Boston with Hajun. Detective Baek doesn't believe it. Hyejin casually told him to check again. He then said goodbye because he had a lot of work to do.

Detective Baek comes to Ji Young's study, accompanied by Kyunghyee. There he sees a gun and imagines that Ji Young was shot by Hyejin. He then imagines a doctor coming to Ji Young who is with Mr. Kim.

Detective Baek is really big because he can't find Kim Songtae. Detective Hwang arrives. They can't do anything. Monaco is not a member of Interpol and he is not a suspect either. After all, he is the key to the case. Detective Baek then asked Detective Hwang to check whether Lee Hyejin was in America at that time. Detective Hwang seems shocked. Lee Hye Jin??

Detective Baek wants to ask Hajun something. He and Hiso then met Hajun who had finished English lessons. Hajun was happy to see his mother and immediately crossed the road without seeing a speeding truck. Hiso panicked and immediately ran to him and pushed him away. Thankful that Hajun is safe. Hiso scolded him and said what he had said before. Hajun is happy and thinks that his mother's memory has returned.

Detective Baek receives a call from Detective Hwang. Previously he had wrongly checked Kang Jakyung instead of Lee Hyejin. And yes he was in America that night. Besides that, the person who took Hiso to the hospital was already seen. And after detective Baek saw it, it turned out to be Seohyun.

In Seohyun's office dropped the pen. He took it and ha…? Under his desk was a tube that was also there at the time of the incident. Hmm…

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