Synopsis Drama Mine Episode 14 Part 1 English Subtitle

Synopsis Drama Mine Episode 14 Part 1

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Synopsis Drama Mine Episode 14 Part 1

Synopsis Drama Mine Episode 14 Part 1

Synopsis Drama Mine Episode 14 Part 1 English Subtitle

Ji Young returns home. Chief Joo says that dad wants to meet him in Cadenza. Ji Young is angry that the nurse she chose for dad was fired. Chief Joo says that it's dad's decision. Will he be fired too?

Hyejin came. He mentions Ji Young who wants to kidnap Hajun. Ji Young reasons that she wants to keep Hajun away from Hiso and Hyejin. Hyejin said that Hajun would leave tomorrow. He tells Ji Young to say goodbye or else he won't be able to see her forever. Ji Young underestimates that Hiso and Hyejin can't be her mother.

"Shut up! You're not even his father!"

Dad waits for Ji Young while looking at the photo of Kim Mija, his mother. Meanwhile, Ji Young herself is heading there with Mr. Kim. He knew that it was Kim Kim who rummaged through his desk drawer, touched his cell phone, and gave it to Jinho. He knew that they were close and had even bathed together.

Mr. Kim denied it all. Ji Young then asks who hates him the most in the house. Mr. Kim nervously admits he doesn't know.

In front of the detective, Jinho confirmed that not only one person wanted Ji Young's death. The detective then asks about Ji Young's relationship with the servants. Jinho was in charge of the affairs of all the servants. Jinho confirmed but he didn't know and didn't want to know what they were thinking.

Mr. Kim takes Ji Young to the basement through another door and locks it. Remembering Jinho's order to kill Ji Young and he will get 20 billion won.

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The detectives recounted the strangeness that Sister Emma,   the only witness who witnessed. There were two people located there. He panicked and sought help. He met Mr. Kim. Mr. Kim himself didn't seem surprised when Sister Emma told him what she saw. As if he already knew that Ji Young was lying there. Before leaving Mr. Kim asked Sister Emma to stay there and not to follow her.

Jinho relaxed. He ordered the detective to ask Mr. Kim about it. Detectives couldn't contact him because the day after Ji Young's death, Mr. Kim went to Monaco. He can't ask Interpol for help because Mr. Kim is not a suspect.

Hyejin saw Hajun hugging Ji Young and Ji Young crying.

Hyejin saw Hajun hugging Ji Young and Ji Young crying.

Eventually, the detectives got permission to search the Han family's house. Finally, the detective asked the reason why Jinho went to another hospital. Jinho told that his sister-in-law had an accident.

At the hospital, Jungdo cried after being a hit-and-run victim.

The next Detective interrogated Jinhee. Just like Jinho, he didn't know who was lying with Ji Young that night. He drank a lot. She couldn't even leave when she got the news that her husband had an accident. But Jinho's older brother who didn't drink a bit went for him.

The detective mentions Jinho who hates Ji Young so much that he wants to kill him. Jinhee even felt that everyone in the house wanted to kill Ji Young. He had tricked them all. He wasn't even their sibling. And the person who wanted to kill him the most was Hiso.

The detectives were surprised that Hiso was no longer waiting for Hyowon but was still there. Jinhee told her feet that she had memory loss. The doctor said to let it stay there and not to change anything. People who love Hajun so much now don't even remember Hajun at all.

Hajun was about to go to chess class with Hyejin and said goodbye to Hiso. Hiso responded coldly and asked him to come back soon. Even when Hajun was sad his mother didn't recognize him Hiso just said he would try to remember.

The detective approached Hiso. Weird. He even remembers that the detective brushed his hair to the right yesterday but doesn't remember Ji Young from the time she met him until he died. He didn't even remember Hajun.

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Hiso asks detectives to investigate whether her husband died of murder or had a heart attack.

News of Ji Young's death is increasingly a mystery. Moreover, the witness, Sister Emma,   stated that Ji Young was killed when she was about to become the leader. Seohyun remembers when she told dad that Ji Young fell from the second floor.

Yuyeon and Suhyuk got married.

Yuyeon and Suhyuk got married.

Detectives enter Cadenza with a warrant. He saw the scene directly. There were several people he suspected. Jinho, he refused to provide information and asked him to directly ask Mr. Kim. Hiso, who was married to Ji Young for 6 years, has memory loss. Hyejin, Hajun's tutor who seeks revenge for his son who was snatched away by Han Ji Young. Seohyun, Ji Young's biggest rival is also the one who controls everything in Hyowon.


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Mr. Kim is crying in his room with a blue diamond necklace in his hand.

Chief Joo also daydreams in his room.


All the maids are busy preparing the place for the engagement. Yuyeon cut the cake with Suhyuk. They look very happy.

Jinho received the call and left. Mr. Kim whispers something to Ji Young and she leaves too.


The Han family is eating together. Hiso said that he wanted Hajun to return to America with his mother. Everyone was against and wanted Hajun to stay there with Hiso. Mother didn't even agree to what Hiso wanted.

Hiso felt that he had nothing to do with the boy anymore. Jinhee was surprised to hear Hiso calling Hajun the child. Usually, he is the one who will jump if he sees Hajun in the fire. Seohyun reassured that Hiso's memory will come back soon. Hiso himself didn't understand how heavy the memories were that he couldn't remember.

Hyejin came to Hajun and gave him vitamins so that he would be healthy and strong. Hajun wanted to meet his mother and tell him something. Hajun remembers that he promised his mother not to keep secrets from each other. He wanted to say that he cried when Hyejin left. But what he fears the most is that his mother doesn't remember him. His father is gone and his mother has forgotten him. Hajun is crying. He didn't know what to do. Hyejin reassured her that her mother would definitely remember her.

And actually, Hiso was behind the door. He felt sad and then left from there.

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