Synopsis Drama Mine Episode 13 Part 1 English Subtitle

Synopsis Drama Mine Episode 13 Part 1

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Synopsis Drama Mine Episode 13 Part 1

Synopsis Drama Mine Episode 13 Part 1

Synopsis Drama Mine Episode 13 Part 1 English Subtitle

The Han family holds a funeral for Ji Young. Hajun was crying but Hiso's expression looked very cold. Sister Emma saw Hajun's sadness. Until that night Sister, Emma ran out in the rain to report that it was a murder case. He claimed to see Ji Young covered in blood.


The police also received Sister Emma's report and will interrogate everyone at the scene. Sister Emma thought it would be difficult to find out the truth about the case. They would all be lying.


Detectives interrogate Hiso but Hiso doesn't remember anything about that night, nor his life after meeting Ji Young. Next, the detective interrogated Seohyun. Hiso experiences memory loss due to the trauma he experienced.

According to the autopsy results, Ji Young died of a heart attack but according to witnesses, Ji Young died from a fall. Seohyun tells that Ji Young had a heart attack and fell. Detectives continued that according to Sister Emma,   there were 3 people at the scene. Ji Young, Hiso, and one more. And when Sister Emma came back the man had disappeared.

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Seohyun asked the detective to immediately find that person because he was also curious.

The next Detective interrogated Jinho. Jinho even said that Ji Young deserved to die. Jinhee also said that everyone in the house wanted Ji Young to die.


Ji Young orders people to kill Suchang. He also assigned the same person to follow Hyejin. Hyejin, who shared the elevator with the man, dropped her bag and then into the parking lot. The person tried to kidnap him but Hyejin managed to escape. He called Hiso and was advised to go to the nearest police station.


Seohyun called Hiso.

Seohyun called Hiso.

Jinho was called by Inspector Hwang who informed him that Suchang was dead and the last person to call him was Jinho. Therefore he was asked to come to the police station. At the same time, Seohyun came to show the newspaper with the news that Jinho couldn't be the heir because he was an alcoholic.

Jinho came to the police station and gave his statement. He really believes that Ji Young ordered someone to kill him. The next day Suchang was supposed to be interviewed. He urges inspector Hwang to arrest Ji Young. Isn't it illegal to complain about people? He even emphasized that Ji Young is not a real descendant of Hyowon. He is of original descent.

The police themselves have not been able to do it because there are no CCTV cameras at the scene. Jinho told him to mrbdatanfi stir Suchang in the hospital but unfortunately, the person is not conscious yet.

Seohyun calls Hiso and tells him that the person who was supposed to be interviewed by reporter Yoon died. He suspects that Ji Young is the culprit. Hiso himself already knew that. He informed that Hyejin was followed by someone yesterday. Not wanting anything to happen, he plans to come back so they can take care of him.

Jinho met his father and asked him not to be fooled by Ji Young who is actually a snake. He's even killed, people. Father even scolded Jinho who he thought was too concerned with his own feelings rather than the company. And it turns out that previously Suhyuk had met his father. He felt that he could not manage the company and appoint other people. Jinho himself doesn't care who the person is as long as it's not Ji Young.

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After meeting dad, Jinho met Ji Young outside. He is increasingly convinced that Ji Young killed Suchang because he was not at all surprised when Jinho said that Suchang was killed.

After that Jinho met with Hyejin. He believed it was better to kill than to be killed.

Hyejin introduces herself to Ji Young as Hajun's new tutor. Ji Young ignores him and leaves. And when Ji Young's car was about to leave, Hyejin suddenly stopped her. He didn't want to leave at all so Ji Young had to come down.

Ji Young unhesitatingly confirms that she killed Suchang and wants to kill Hyejin too. He didn't feel guilty at all. He even shamelessly told Hyejin to kill Hiso so he could be by his side. Just like Hyejin wanted first. Hajun can't have two mothers. Hyejin is shocked. I didn't expect Ji Young to be like that.

Meanwhile, Jinho also ordered Mr. Kim to kill Ji Young. In return, she would help him sell his father's blue diamond necklace. Mr. Kim was doubtful. Jinho told him to flee to Monaco after killing Ji Young. He will also help her settle there. And Mr. Kim will get 20 billion won.

The atmosphere in the Bible class.

The atmosphere in the Bible class.

Seohyun showed what Ji Young did in the kennel ring to the shareholders. The witness against him had been killed. He confidently stated that he would take responsibility and lead Hyowon to get back up.

Suchang's sister suddenly came to her senses. Meanwhile, in his room, Ji Young is cleaning weapons.


Jinkyung and the others miss Hiso so much after he leaves Bible class. And to fill that void, Sister Emma brought someone. That person turned out to be Jinhee. He, who is now a member of Ilsin because he has donated, introduced himself. Thanks to Sister Emma,   he knows that he must respect others if he wants to be respected by others.

After the bible class finished, the four women drank tea together. They even gossip. Jinkyung wants to remarry if there is a handsome and great man who doesn't want his wealth. Hiso wants a divorce and Jasmin really loves his mistress but doesn't want a divorce. He even said that his mistress's wife was crazy and didn't want a divorce.

Hyejin conveyed her plan to Hiso. After that, someone took Suchang's sister away from the hospital. Meanwhile, Ji Young's office has received a divorce suit from Hiso. He then called Choi's lawyer and fired him. Ji Young already knows that it was Choi's lawyer who introduced Hwang's lawyer to Hiso, leaked his father's will, and called an impromptu board meeting with Seohyun.

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After that, the lawyer called Seohyun and told her what had happened. Seohyun herself had already guessed that it would happen. He asks Choi's lawyer to keep the documents he talked about and tells him to be careful.

Ji Young's person comes to the hospital but doesn't find her sister Suchang. Ji Young is angry. Moreover, no surveillance cameras were found there. Even the doctor did not know about the patient's disappearance.

Seohyun intended to publish something but before she met Jinho. He thinks to immediately drop Ji Young. Jinho agrees. Even if he can't he will kill him. In addition, Seohyun also admitted that she likes the same sex. At first, Jinho was surprised. Moreover, Seohyun said that Ji Young also knew about it. But when he found out that Seohyun never met and slept with that woman. He will not divorce her and forbid her from interviewing. Seohyun herself wanted to be honest before starting her plan. He will be the director to bring down Ji Young. he will definitely be responsible for what he holds. Jinho decided to support Seohyun. Then he asked her to eat. They haven't been together for a long time and eat together.

Hiso meets Ji Young at the office and asks her to turn herself in. Ji Young herself feels that she did nothing. He only felt catharsis during the game. Hiso confesses that he is very angry when he finds out that Ji Young cheated on him. But on the other hand, he also felt sorry for him.

Ji Young thinks Hiso is nothing but an accessory in her life, like the blue diamond necklace Dad bought at Christie's Auction Hall. and now he's going to throw it away.

Hiso tells that he will send Hajun to Boston tomorrow night. He didn't want to let Hajun know everything. And if Ji Young doesn't turn herself in, she will reveal everything.

Seohyun had obtained the data of a broker who provided people to fight in the dog kennel ring. He ordered Choi's lawyer to rest on Jeju Island for a while.

Hiso informs that his sister Suchang has regained consciousness and is now with him. She will be a witness and her brother's death will also be exposed. All is over.

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