Synopsis Drama Mine Episode 12 Part 2 English Subtitle

Synopsis Drama Mine Episode 12 Part 2

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Synopsis Drama Mine Episode 12 Part 2

Synopsis Drama Mine Episode 12 Part 2

Synopsis Drama Mine Episode 12 Part 2 English Subtitle

Secretary Ji Young came back and conveyed what Seohyun said. But Ji Young just laughed. Meanwhile, at home the servants are confused. Don't know who they should listen to. And suddenly Mr. Kim came bringing Juhi back.

Arriving at the house, Jinho called Suchang and told him to hide so Ji Young wouldn't find out. After that, the reporter that Hiso met received a news message from an anonymous. Hmm, I think it's from Jinho. Jinho himself feels very confident that he can destroy Ji Young.

Hiso asked Hyejin to take Hajun to America. He will survive and show Ji Young's true face to the world.

Suhyuk mopped the floor with Yuyeon while talking about their plans for the next 5 years. Unlike Suhyuk, who doesn't know what to do, Yuyeon wants to build a foster home after paying off her father's debt and moving to a new house.

Seohyun came. Seeing that Suhyuk really likes Yuyeon, he also supports Suhyuk to introduce Yuyeon to the family and make their relationship official. In addition, he also wants Suhyuk to drag Ji Young.

Hiso told Hajun that he was going to America with his tutor. And how disappointed Hiso was when he heard that Hajun really admired his father and wanted to be like him one day.

Seohyun doesn't want to regret meeting Suzy Choi at the airport. He thanked Suzy Choi for being in his life and asked him to be happy. And the reason Suzy Choi didn't reveal their relationship in her interview is that it's their story. Other people don't need to know. He doesn't need approval from people. And no matter where he is, he will always remember Seohyun's face who couldn't hold back her feelings until she came to see him.

Seohyun gave their painting which she had given wings. He reached out his hand and hugged Seohyun and asked her to wait a little longer.

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Ji Young comes home. Chief Joo mentions what he did which was an order from him and already known to Seohyun. And it turns out that Ji Young was the one who told Seohyun. Joo's head is angry but he knows it's just his wishful thinking.

Ji Young spoke in a high tone to Haso.

Ji Young spoke in a high tone to Haso.

Ji Young meets dad and tells him that he has prepared dad's room on the ground floor. Dad understands how angry mom feels at finding the place she used to meet with Ji Young's mom secretly. That's why dad asked Ji Young to treat her mother Hajun and Hiso well. Don't hurt their feelings. Ji Young just said yes and then said goodbye.

On the way home Seohyun got a photo of the dog kennel from Hiso. I don't know if he called her. At home Jinho also wanted to convey about it but Seohyun already knew. He even praised what Jinho did.

Ji Young mentions the secret room in Cadenza to Joo's head. Seohyun came and wanted to meet dad. Chief Joo offers Ji Young to the secret place.

Arriving at that place Ji Young cried seeing that there were many photos of her mother. Meanwhile, Hiso looked at the sleeping Hajun while stroking his head.

Reporter Yoon calls Hiso regarding the dog kennel ring. Hiso asks reporter Yoon not to report it for Hajun's sake but Reporter Yoon thinks that it's not only his son that matters.

Seohyun went to see their father and urged him to make a decision immediately. Haha, my dad didn't budge at all. Seohyun then met Hiso. He had a dilemma. On the one hand, he didn't want the news to come out. He didn't want to hurt Hajun but he also wanted to get a divorce and leave Hyowon with Hajun. That's why he wanted to send Hajun to America with Hyejin.

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Seohyun thought that it was the right decision. He couldn't even give him advice. But there was one person who could give him advice. Sister Emma. Like he had done before.

Hiso felt that there was one person who had never consulted with Sister Emma. Han Ji Young. Seohyun thinks it's because Ji Young is too b1@dab. Hiso found it strange because Ji Young's mother was actually very close to Sister Emma but why did Sister Emma and Ji Young pretend they didn't know each other???

Hiso took Hajun to school.

Hiso took Hajun to school.

Chief Joo doesn't take Ji Young out of the banker on purpose. He wanted to leave it there but Pak Kim came and opened it. Chief Joo who watched it through his secret camera was annoyed.

Until Hiso's house was angry at Ji Young who had fired Soyoung. He is about to return to acting but Ji Young doesn't want to let him. Hiso threatens to retaliate against him and mentions his hobby of battling people. Like a coward. He doesn't want Hajun to see it so he will send Hajun abroad.

Ji Young is angry. He claims that Hiso can't do it because Hajun is his son. Hiso didn't want to know. He tells Ji Young to stop or else he will kill her.

Suchang walks while drinking. He felt that someone was following him but when he turned around the person was not there. And suddenly someone stabbed him in the front. At home, Ji Young smiled after receiving the call. Hmm, I think it was Ji Young's doing. Meanwhile, dad keeps thinking about what Seohyun said if Ji Young is a destroyer.

And it turns out that previously Ji Young ordered the dog kennel to kill Suchang and gave him a bag of money.

The police called Jinho and informed him of Suchang's death. He was asked to come because Suchang's last call was his number. I'm dizzy. After that, Seohyun came to show the news about Jinho who couldn't be the heir because he was a drinker.

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In the basement, Jinho orders Mr. Kim to kill Ji Young. And in return, he gave her a blue diamond necklace.

Hiso took Hajun to school. He forbade Hajun to view the internet today. Hajun agreed and asked the reason. Hiso didn't have time to answer because he answered a call from reporter Yoon. The witness died.

Hajun crossed because the light was green. Suddenly there was a truck that came crashing down, Mr. Hajun. Hiso hastily pulled him away. He emphasized to Hajun that only Hajun himself can protect him and never be afraid because he will always be behind him.

Ji Young is going to the office. Hiso held him back and introduced him to Hajun's new tutor. Hyejin entered and introduced herself as Hajun's tutor. Lee Hye Jin imnida.

The shareholders started to come to meet Seohyun's lunch invitation. Seohyun herself was waiting in the dining room. Previously he had told Suhyuk he would lead Hyowon. He will protect Hyowon.


Sister Emma saw Ji Young fall down covered in blood. And the person at the top was Hiso. He looks shocked.

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