Synopsis Drama Mine Episode 12 Part 1 English Subtitle

Synopsis Drama Mine Episode 12 Part 1

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Synopsis Drama Mine Episode 12 Part 1

Synopsis Drama Mine Episode 12 Part 1

Synopsis Drama Mine Episode 12 Part 1 English Subtitle

Finally Ji Young finds out that the child in Hiso's womb is no longer there. It's dead. He was angry that Hiso had deceived him all this time. Hiso relaxed all this time Ji Young had also tricked him. Furthermore, he wanted them to divorce quietly so as not to affect his position in the company. And instead, he will raise Hajun.

Ji Young refuses. Hiso slapped him. She will sue him because they can't get a good divorce. He felt challenged because his opponent was very strong. So look forward to what he will do.

After Hiso left, Ji Young cried to the point of tearing Hiso's dress while wailing. Why????

Hiso goes to his mother and tells everyone that she miscarried and is going to divorce Ji Young. Just like a mother who takes care of Ji Young who is not her biological child, she will also take care of Hajun. He doesn't want to let Hajun be like Ji Young. And being a mother's daughter-in-law for 6 years is tiring.

Hiso met with the scriptwriter and declared her comeback as an actress. Unfortunately, he can't come back because Ji Young doesn't give him permission. How presses the tv station not to accept it. Hiso is annoyed and immediately goes to find Ji Young.

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Jinho meets Suchang and is taken to the dog kennel, where Ji Young watches the fight from above after dropping a bag full of money. He also told how he beat his own sister until she was unconscious due to Ji Young's screams at that time. Jinho also realized that the photos of several men on Ji Young's secret cell phone had fought there. Wuchang, who is furious, promises to kill Ji Young on the spot so she can feel what her sister feels.


Jinho then called Seohyun.

Jinho then called Seohyun.

In the office, Ji Young is enjoying her new chair. Jinho came to see him and mentioned that Ji Young was not his father's biological son. If he had known from the start then he would not have let him lead the company. Ji Young also shows the photo of the man on her secret cell phone and threatens to publish it. He didn't care that his father's company would be destroyed though.

Ji Young instead smiled and challenged Jinho to do it. He was sure that no one would listen to a drinker. Moreover, Jinho had just run away from the rehabilitation center. People would only think that Jinho was just making up a fake story. Ji Young arrogantly told Jinho to stay in the corner because he would be inaugurated in 9 days. He won't invite Jinho because he feels uncomfortable. Finally Ji Young called his security to take Jinho out of his room.

Jinho then called Seohyun. I don't think that Seohyun already knows that Ji Young is not my father's biological son. He asks Seohyun to drop Ji Young and take the company. Seohyun herself doesn't want to take office just to bring Ji Young down. But he will be responsible for not being able to persuade Suhyuk.

After that Hiso came. Seeing Jinho's messy appearance, he asked what was wrong. Jinho wanted to tell but didn't because Hiso was pregnant. Hiso said no and urged him to say so.

In his room, Ji Young turns out to feel very uneasy. He even ordered his secretary to get someone to watch over Jinho. Meanwhile, Jinho had already told Hiso about the fighting men in the dog kennel. Hiso asked for the address of the place and called Hyejin to accompany him there.

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At home, the servants clean up the dining room and father's secret room because this heart he will go home. Meanwhile, the mother rages in the father's study asking Chief Jung to move all of the father's things that are there. All this time, dad had been keeping Kim Mija's things away so he wanted to do the same. How have you been stressed all this time because of your father? Ji Young, the child he raised wholeheartedly, stabbed him as well as Hiso. That's why mom keeps Nodeok, she's sick of humans.

Hhh, after being angry, mom went to the dining room and asked the chef to cook shark fin soup

Dad finally went home with Ji Young. Mother met him and kicked him out. He ordered his father to live with Ji Young, his favorite child. Dad wanted to protest but mom stopped him by threatening to blow up his basement. I'm confused, how did you know?

Wisely Ji Young invites his father to his house. Besides that, he asks Chief Joo to come with him because the house where his father lives will be the main house. Your mother protested but she couldn't say anything.

Jinho met Suchang at the hospital.

Jinho met Suchang at the hospital.

Arriving at Rubato, my father was warmly welcomed by Hajun. Dad asks Hiso but Ji Young distracts him by telling Hajun to take Dad to rest. He will prepare the father's room on the ground floor tomorrow.

After dad gets up, Ji Young tells Chief Joo to fire Soyoung. He would find a nurse and tutor for Hajun and select them himself.

Seohyun is home. Kwanghee reports that Ji Young fired Soyoung.

On the way to Ji Young's office, she sees Hyejin's video which has already been distributed to all the board of directors. Ji Young is very angry. He called the directors and said that Hyejin was insane.

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Mother is complaining in front of Nodeok. No one can understand his feelings. Even Nodeok is also a male bird. Suddenly, I saw that there was an egg in the Nodeok's cage. I was confused. Whereas Nodeok is a male bird. Chief Joo even thinks that Nodeok impregnated the female bird and brought her eggs to her cage. I don't want to know. He asked Mr. Kim to take it and throw it away but Mr. Kim didn't want to. What will happen if his mother comes and makes trouble. Mother kept pushing so Mr. Kim had to come in. And that's when suddenly Nodeok spread its tail. Oh it's so beautiful

Jinho met Suchang at the hospital and asked him to do an interview with reporters. Suchang doesn't want to because that would put him in jail again. Jinho guaranteed that it wouldn't happen. He asks Suchang to obey him if he wants to destroy Ji Young.

What Jinho did was all known to Ji Young. Meanwhile, Sister Emma does not stop praying for Ji Young.

Hiso came to the dog kennel with Hyejin. There as if he could see people being beaten and Ji Young watching with a smile on the top. My stomach is nauseous...

Seohyun read the document. Ahh, it's too late to eat Kopiko first. Uh, after that, Ji Young's person came. With a message from the main director Han Ji Young, he ordered Seohyun to move her office to the main office. Seohyun doesn't want to. He even teaches Ji Young's person to convey her message. Han Ji Young!!! Be aware!!!

After the people left, Seohyun called Choi Fan's lawyer asking him to schedule a lunch with all the shareholders to immediately bring down Han Ji Young.

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