Synopsis Drama Mine Episode 11 Part 2 English Subtitle

Synopsis Drama Mine Episode 11 Part 2

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Synopsis Drama Mine Episode 11 Part 2

Synopsis Drama Mine Episode 11 Part 2

Synopsis Drama Mine Episode 11 Part 2 English Subtitle

Seohyun felt very tired. His secretary then gave him Kopiko candy. The schedule is this week at the SH Museum. In particular, he asked his secretary to provide the best accommodation and food for his artists in need.

And what makes it even more crowded is that Suzy Choi gave him a painting as a gift because he went abroad. After that, he got a message from Hyejin asking to meet.

Suhyuk came home. He went to his father and adamantly refused to comply with his wishes. He doesn't need wealth and power. Instead of talking nicely, Jinho gave him a hard slap. He who feels that he gave birth to Suhyuk thinks he has the right to regulate his life, while Suhyuk himself just wants to live like the average person. He even challenged his father to throw it away. He doesn't need a father like him.

Hyejin who met with Seohyun was asked to follow what he said once again to destroy Ji Young.

Ji Young calls Seohyun and threatens to release news about her boyfriend's interview to stop articles about her lawsuit. Seohyun herself didn't care at all and even challenged her to do as she pleased.

Jinho who lost influence in the office at least wanted to manage the house. After firing Yuyeon he wanted to replace her with Juhi, the maid who was recording her mother's conversation. Chief Joo had already informed that Juhi had worked elsewhere but Jinho didn't care and asked Juhi to return to work with them.

Seohyun is home. Jinho went to him and blamed him for sending him to rehab until Suhyuk looked down on him. He even went as far as to suspect Seohyun of working with Ji Young for letting Suhyuk cancel her engagement and leaving her with a maid.

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Seohyun herself knew the reason why Suhyuk underestimated his father was because Jinho had kicked Yuyeon out. Wonder how Suhyuk's biological father knew what the child wanted. He allowed Jinho to do whatever he wanted but he had to take responsibility for his actions.

Suhyuk who left the house came to Yuyeon's house. He has not eaten lunch and dinner, cooked food, and eats voraciously.

Suzy Choi's painting is a painting of them looking at the beach. As well as the last painting they made together. There are wings on Suzy Choi's back while Seohyun isn't there. He had to make his own wings so he could be free.

Hiso meets Sister Emma.

Hiso meets Sister Emma.

Hiso meets Sister Emma and intends to stay there. Who would have thought that he would even hear about the past of Sister Emma and Ji Young's mother, Kim Mija, who previously worked at Aesanggak, a restaurant as an entertainer there?

Kim Mija falls in love with a young man who often comes there and is pregnant with her baby. Mija also meets a father who loves her half to death. Sister Emma,   who is jealous of it, tells her about her pregnancy and makes Mija expelled from Aesanggak. But the father takes Mija to his house and puts Mija's child in her family card and gives her the name Han Ji Young.

Unexpectedly Sister Emma was able to meet Hiso and bring him to a part of his past.

Jinho accidentally saw the older brother of the man who was in a coma because of Ji Young. He tried to ask who the man was but he ran away.

After that, Jinho met his father and asked him to change his decision. He would persuade Suhyuk to accept the position. He knows that dad can't believe it but Suhyuk is different from him.

Father even told Jinho to love Ji Young. So far, he has done a lot of wrongs. Ji Young is his son.

Yuyeon walked with Suhyuk and confirmed that Suhyuk really likes her? He felt unfair. Suhyuk refuses to be Hyowon's leader but he takes the blame. Maybe if Suhyuk coughs while sleeping he will also be blamed. He really likes Suhyuk but every time he deals with him he always gets hurt. He told Suhyuk to go but Suhyuk hugged him instead of saying Saranhae. Oh sweet

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In the morning Hiso said goodbye to Sister Emma and was given a warm hug. Seohyun tore Suzy Choi's photo and made her wings. After that, he called Suzy Choi and allowed her to reveal their relationship in her interview because now she dares to face other people's views.

Seohyun and Hiso again made plans. Now more people support Ji Young. Seohyun plans to hold a shareholders' meeting. Hiso, who is still Hyowon's son-in-law, tries to use his shares to support Seohyun. And his plan to sue for divorce from Ji Young after winning custody of Hajun is so that he can take Hajun after the divorce and use his shares to support someone.

Ji Young visits Hyejin's apartment. Apparently, he suspected Hyejin and Hiso were working together. He suggested that Hyejin stop immediately or else he would kill her. Hyejin who is different from before even threatens him back while strangling him if he will kill Ji Young first.

On the way home, Ji Young gets a call from Hiso. Ji Young forbids him to go without his permission because Hiso is pregnant with his child. Hiso asked him to go home because he had something to talk about.

Jinho finally found out who the man he saw earlier whose photo was on Ji Young's 2G cell phone. His name is Kwak Wuchang. The police also got his last call which turned out to be nkmir Ji Young. Unfortunately, Jinho couldn't know their conversation because a case was needed to conduct a thorough investigation.

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Even more surprising when Jinho left the police station he received an anonymous message saying that Ji Young was not the leader's biological son. He also remembered what his father said that Ji Young was different from him

Seohyun has a video of Hyejin confessing about Ji Young's treatment of her. Seohyun intends to spread the video at the board of directors meeting tomorrow.

Jinho calls Suchang and finally finds out that Suchang is also Ji Young's enemy. He asked to meet because he was also his sister's enemy.

Ji Young comes home and immediately meets Hiso. He refuses to divorce her because Hiso is pregnant with his child. Hiso had to give birth to her and leave her there before she could leave.

Hiso gives Ji Young her nursery key and tells her to take a look. When they got there, only Hiso's clothes were hung with bloodstains. Ji Young starts to fear that something will happen to her son. And with a smile, Hiso said that his son was gone. It's dead and Ji Young is the one who killed him.

That night Ji Young fell with Hiso. Sister Emma saw someone upstairs. He has short hair.

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