Synopsis Drama Mine Episode 11 Part 1 English Subtitle

Synopsis Drama Mine Episode 11 Part 1

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Synopsis Drama Mine Episode 11 Part 1

Synopsis Drama Mine Episode 11 Part 1

Synopsis Drama Mine Episode 11 Part 1 English Subtitle

That night, Sister Emma saw that the person who died was Ji Young and there was another person on the stairs.


The trial ended with the decision on custody of Hajun fell on Hiso. In addition, Hiso also filed a divorce suit against Ji Young.

After the trial, Hiso went to the Hawon Gallery to attend a Bible class. On the road his car passed by Hyejin who was watching him.


After losing his baby, Hiso decides to leave Hyowon and get support from Seohyun. Hyejin called Seohyun after Seohyun left Hiso's room. He asked about Hiso's condition but Seohyun refused to tell and asked him not to appear in front of him, Hiso, and Hajun again. While crying Hyejin asked Hiso's whereabouts because there was something he wanted to tell him.

Finally, Hyejin managed to meet Hiso. Even though he was kicked out he stayed there and knelt down crying. Hyejin also took Hiso home from the hospital and cooked food for him.

Hiso didn't want to eat and threw it away. Hyejin didn't give up. He continued to prepare food for Hiso, prepared slippers for him, and made his bed. Until the moment Hiso got fed up and threw him out.

Hyejin begged Hiso to eat a little. While crying he brought up Hiso who couldn't tell anyone about his condition. Just like him before. That's why Hyejin wanted to take care of him. To fight Ji Young, he must become even more sadistic. He must muster his strength so that he can kill him and Ji Young later.

Until Hiso called Hajun. Hajun wanted to go with him but Hiso refused. Hajun even washed his favorite red apple. Hiso cried.

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After that Hyejin poured tea for Hiso while telling her when she was pregnant with Hajun. The first time she found out that she was pregnant, she hid for a month and didn't tell her mother who lived in the village because she didn't want an abortion. He begged while crying for Hiso to save Hajun from the hell-like Hyowon and Han Ji Young.

That's how Hyejin always took care of Hiso and the next day Hiso invited her to eat with him.

Hyejin chatted with Hiso.

Hyejin chatted with Hiso.

Seohyun met Hiso and conveyed his plan. He will make Hyejin file a custody lawsuit against Hajun to gain public sympathy. He promises that Hiso will win the lawsuit. And after that, he was able to file for divorce from Ji Young and bring Hajun out of Hyowon.

After that, he met Hyejin and conveyed what he wanted Hyejin to do. That night the three of them discussed it and devised a plan.

After Hiso got stronger, Hyejin took him to a jewelry store to make a necklace with a date engraved in memory of the child he couldn't give birth to and to the church to pray for the child who had left his body. Finally, they went to Querencia. There Hiso gave Hajun's first tooth that fell out to Hyejin because the root of the tooth was made in him. Hyejin's tears broke for a moment.

After finishing his Bible class, Hiso said goodbye. He will not come again because after that there will be a lot of news about his family. He asked for prayers from all to come back again. Jinkyung and the others expressed their support for Hiso because they always believed in him.

Ji Young keeps thinking about the trial and Hiso's divorce suit. He then ordered his secretary to call the head of the publication team and the head of the legal team. After that, he met with Seohyun. The news about yesterday's trial was deliberately stopped by Ji Young so as not to affect his position as Hyowon's leader.

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In addition, Ji Young confidently asked Seohyun to support her. Seohyun refused. He tells Ji Young to back off before he kicks her. He is not afraid if Ji Young reveals his love scandal. According to him, it is not comparable to his bad ethics which allows the woman who gave birth to her child to live with his wife.

Ji Young thinks that what he does is the same as what his father did but for Seohyun, Ji Young will never be like a father. Slowly the world will understand how trash he is. And because he has accidentally helped Ji Young become the leader then he will be responsible for what he has done.

At home, my mother is very depressed when Ji Young becomes the leader of Hyowon. Jinho who was in the rehabilitation center felt that someone was calling him.

The person sitting next to him shows his cell phone and shows the news about it. Hehe.. the funny thing is that it was only Jinho who handed over his cellphone when asked by the officer. So he didn't know what was going on outside. Finally, after reading the news he ran away from there.

Ji Young is contemplating a divorce lawsuit with Seohyun.

Ji Young is contemplating a divorce lawsuit with Seohyun.

Jinho called Jinhee who was at nurse Emma's place. After knowing that it was the father's decision, Jinhee left.

The doctor reported about Jinho leaving the rehabilitation center. Seohyun didn't make it difficult and asked for the documents to be taken care of immediately to get out of there.

Seohyun calls Chief Joo and tells him about Jinho running away from rehab. It didn't take long for Jinho to come running. He stopped Mr. Kim's car and told him to call Yuyeon to his room.

Chief Joo also told mom that Jinho had returned.

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Jinho changed his clothes and then met with Yuyeon. Oops, he even mispronounced Yuyeon's name. He told Yuyeon to leave but Yuyeon refused. He is not negligent in doing everything that is written in his work contract. Jinho even brought up Yuyeon who teased Suhyuk until he cut off the family ties and denied the right to become Hyowon's heir. He made sure that Yuyeon would make Suhyuk's life suffer.

Mother even went to the extent of cornering Yuyeon. They think that Yuyeon is only after treasure. Yuyeon denied and mentioned how Suhyuk had been lacking love all this time.

Jinho grew bigger when he saw it. He insisted on pushing Yuyeon away and asked Mr. Kim to call Suhyuk to his office.

Jinhee came to the company to meet Ji Young but instead was blocked by Ji Young's person. According to what Sister Emma said, if you are angry, carry your anger behind you and treat it like a baby. And when his guard was off guard he intended to break through but instead came back blocked.

Hiso's plans to report about the trial of his lawsuit over Hajun's custody were not allowed to be released. Likewise about the news of his return to acting. Apparently Ji Young was the one behind it all to keep his name clean. Even if the news is still published then Hyowon will stop being their sponsor.

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